23 Feb

SL2 Version 2.00.06 Update Notes

Post by Neus | 02/23/2019 | Views: 41 | Comments: 0

Skill Quotes
  • You can now use the win quotes page to add quotes that will be displayed when you use skills.
  • Each quote has a Skill Name and a Skill Tag; Skill Name should be the same as the skill...




23 Feb

SL2 Version 2.00.05 Update Notes

Post by Neus | 02/11/2019 | Views: 157 | Comments: 0

  • New holiday that lasts from Feb. 10 to March 1 (real time).
  • During this holiday, all minibosses that spawn also gain the exclusive Chocolate miniboss tag.
  • Chocolate minibosses drop...




23 Feb

SL2 Version 2.00.4 Update Notes

Post by Neus | 02/02/2019 | Views: 230 | Comments: 0

New Mage Skills
  • Whispering Cant - Passive. Allows you to use the simple spells offered by the Mage base class even while you are Silenced, but increases their FP cost by 50% while under that...




23 Feb

SL2 Version 2.00.2 Notes

Post by Neus | 01/14/2019 | Views: 222 | Comments: 0

Note: This is a WIP since my notes vanished somehow.

- New Jammer Skills - Added new skills for Jammer Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Epsilon.
- Monster Armor - Eventually all monsters, but currently,...




23 Feb

Finalizing the Trait Rework

Post by Neus | 12/23/2018 | Views: 519 | Comments: 0

Since the Trait Rework is winding down, I wanted to go over the final changes that will be implemented for it soon.

Removed Traits
Old Stat Traits - These are the traits that give +1 to a...




23 Feb

Test Article

Post by Neus | 11/14/2018 | Views: 592 | Comments: 0

This is a test article for testing articles. Here's some text from old announcements.

The trait rework has been underway for a couple weeks but I wanted to make a front page post just to make...