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After a month or so, here's our next update. And it's a big one.

1.61 LIVE
Talent System Rework - The talent system has been reworked.
  • You still receive 1 Talent Point per level.
  • Talent points are distributed to talents (IE: Blade Expertise) via the green arrow, which will give you a number of Subpoints, specific to the talent itself. (This can be confirmed in the description of the talent, by mousing over it.)
  • Talents now have a maximum Rank of 10, instead of 5.
  • Subpoints are distributed to subranks (IE: Balance, Adaptation, etc.), which all contain differing effects, by clicking the empty circles in the subpath's line. (Clicking the subpath's name will remove all currently distributed subpoints; mousing over will give a description of the subpath.)

New Talent Interface - A new interface, pictured above, has been added to help manage talents.
Individual Talent Reworks & Additions - Below is a list of all changed and new talents, including subpaths. (Subpaths without a listed subrank next to them are max SR5.)


Blade Expertise
1.5 SP per Rank
  • Balance - Reduces the Battle Weight of Sword and Dagger weapons by up to SR * 1.5
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Sword weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.
  • Reliability - For Sword and Dagger weapons: increases Hit by SR * 1.5, reduces Durability consumption by SR * 5%.

Axe Expertise
1.5 SP per Rank
  • Balance - Reduces the Battle Weight of Axe weapons by up to SR * 1.5
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Axe weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.
  • Deadliness - For Axe weapons: increases Critical by SR * 1.5, and Critical Damage by SR * 1%.

Polearm Expertise
1.5 SP per Rank
  • Balance - Reduces the Battle Weight of Polearm weapons by up to SR * 1.5
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Polearm weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.
  • Thin Tip - For Polearm weapons: increases Power by SR * 1.5 when attacking an enemy in melee range who is facing you.

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Balance - Reduces the Battle Weight of Bow weapons by up to SR * 1.5
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Bow weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.
  • Close Shot - For Bow weapons: decreases close range Hit penalty by SR * 5%. Doubled for Shortbows.

Unarmed Combat
1.5 SP per Rank
  • Balance - Reduces the Battle Weight of Fist weapons by up to SR * 1.5
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Fist weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.
  • Dizzy - For Fist weapons: basic attacks that hit reduce the target's FP by SR * 1. 50% effective VS Light Armor, 25% effective against Heavy Armor.

1 SP per Rank
  • Volley - For Bow and Gun weapons: Increases attack range by SR * 1. (Max SR: 2)
  • Wind Read - Increases maximum range before Farshot Penalty is applied by SR * 1. (Max SR: 3)
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Gun weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR*2.

2 SP per Rank
  • Self-Service - For yourself: Restores Durability of equipped weapon(s) after every battle by SR * 1, up to 75% max. Durability. If you have two weapons equipped, half the effect is applied to both weapons.
  • Squad-Service - Allows all other party members to receive the benefit of your Self-Service, at SR * 20% of its usual effectiveness. (Note: Only the highest Squad-Service in the party applies.)
  • Mastery - Increases the maximum durability your Maintenance effects can repair up to, by SR * 3%. (90% at SR5.)
  • Emergency Service - Grants a battle skill that can only target those with a broken weapon(s). On use, consumes 2 Murai and restores the broken weapon(s)' Durability to SR * 1 (has a 5 round cooldown).


2 SP per Rank
  • Health - Every 15 steps while out of combat, if you are below 75% of your maximum HP, you recover SR * 1 HP.
  • Stamina - The amount of Physical Stamina recovered every hour is increased by SR * 1.

1 SP per Rank
  • Will - Grants resistance to the effect of Fear by SR * 25% (min. of -1 Hit). Reduces the duration of Fear of Death by SR * 1 rounds. (Max SR: 3)
  • Determination - Unfaltering courage grants resistance to the effect of Hesitation equal to SR * 15%. (Max SR: 3)
  • Heat of Battle - While not at the edge of the battlefield: Power increased by SR * 1, and Phys & Mag Def VS monsters increased by SR * 1%. Bonuses doubled if enemy is at the battlefield's edge. (Max SR: 3)

GUIDE: Fear of Death - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Fear_of_Death

1 SP per Rank
  • Full Swing - While you do not have a Shield nor Sub-Weapon equipped: increases the Scaled Weapon ATK of Swords, Axes, and Spears by SR * 2%. Doubled for Heavy weapons.

2 SP per Rank
  • Honor - Recover SR * 1 FP when hitting an enemy with a basic attack from their front. (Does not apply if target is knocked down or your party outnumbers them.)
  • Smite - Increases Hit by SR * 3 when attacking an enemy from their front. (Does not apply if target is knocked down or your party outnumbers them.)

First Aid
1 SP per Rank
  • Healing - At the end of a battle, all party members are healed for SR * 2 HP, up to a maximum of 90% maximum HP.
  • Treatment - At the end of a battle, you automatically treat afflictions party members are suffering from, up to a certain severity based on SR. 1 = Minor, 2 = Moderate, 3 = Major. (Max SR: 3)
  • Prevention - Decreases the chance of everyone in the aprty from suffering afflictions in battle, by SR * 10% of the normal chance. (Only the highest Prevention in the party takes effect.)

GUIDE: Afflictions System - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Afflictions_System

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Take Prisoner - Grants access to the Capture skill, which attacks an enemy in 1 Range with penalties to hit and damage. If it successfully reduces the target to 0 HP, they are captured. You can have a maximum of SR * 1 prisoners at once.
  • Restrain - Grants access to the Grapple skill, which inflicts Immobilize on you and a target within 1 Range if successful. Success rate is equal to SR * 17%, plus 2% for every character level you exceed the target by.
  • Convert - Monsters can be sold to interested parties such as arena masters. However, this talent allows you to convert monsters you have captured into mercenaries by paying a small Murai fee to them. Success rate is equal to SR * 20%; upon failure, you must wait 3 in-game hours to renegotiate.
  • Seize - If prisoner space is available, there is a SR * 1% chance of automatically capturing defeated non_CPs after a battle, if the enemy's level is equal to or less than 1.25x of your level. (Rolled for each potential prisoner).

GUIDE: Prisoners - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Prisoners

Combat Drilling
1.5 SP per Rank
  • Experience - Increases the amount of experience points gained from battles for the entire party by SR * 2%. (Note: Only the highest Experience in the party applies.)
  • Training - Lets you train certain NPCs and other characters (by selecting the Training option from PvP menu.) EXP gained increases with SR.
  • Tools - Lets you set up Training Tools in your camps, crafted with Tool Creation, up to a maximum of SR * 1. Refer to the individual tools for more details.

GUIDE: Training - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Training


2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Fire ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Nerifian domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Scorch - Increases the duration of all Cinder tiles you create by SR * 1 round(s).
  • Ignis - Increases the success rate of you applying Burn status effects by SR * 3%.

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Ice ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Aquarian domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Freeze - Increases the duration of all Ice Sheet tiles you create by SR * 1 round(s).

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Earth ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Isespian domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Magnet - Increases the duration of Magnetize status effects you apply by SR * 1 round(s).

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Wind ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Sylphid domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Air Shaft - Increases the duration of all Air Shaft tiles you create by SR * 1 round(s).

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Water ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Aquarian domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Dark ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Huggessoan domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Black Sea - Increases the duration of all Dark Water tiles you create by SR * 1 round(s).

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Light ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Mercalan domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Eternity - Increases the duration of all Light Shaft tiles you create by SR * 1 round(s).

2 SP per Rank
  • Potency - Increases your Lightning ATK by SR * 1.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Nature domain spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Lowrath - Increases the chance of Lightning criticals by SR * 2%.
  • Ampage - Increases the damage of Lightning criticals by SR * 3%.


1 SP per Rank
  • Depth - Increases your maximum FP by SR * 5.
  • Absorption - Absorbing focus from the air increases your FP Regeneration by SR * 1. (Max SR: 3)
  • Recycle - In battle, spells cast by other restore your FP by SR * 4% of its cost, or 3 FP, whichever is higher.

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Whimsy - Increases your Status Infliction by SR * 2%.
  • Efficiency - Reduces the FP cost of Enchant-class spells by SR * 3%. (Only the highest applicable Efficiency applies.)
  • Prolong - Increases the duration of Enchant-class Spell status effects by SR * 1 round(s); half effective on enemies.

2 SP per Rank
  • Basics - Allows you to read and write where appropriate. (Max SR: 1)
  • Stamina - Long nights of reading have trained your mind, increasing the amount of Mental Stamina you recovery every hour by SR * 1.
  • Spellbook - Use your book as storage space, increasing your maximum Skill Pool size by SR * 1, but only if you have a Tome equipped.
  • Balance - Heavy books get less heavy the more you carry them around. Reduces the Battle Weight of Tomes by up to SR * 1.5.
  • Adaptation - Allows you to equip any Tome weapon with a Rarity equal to or less than SR * 2.

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Words of Power - Taking damage while invoking can cause the spell to fail, but this talent decreases the chance of your Invocations breaking in this fashion by SR * 10%. (At SR10, they will never break because of damage.) (Max SR: 10)
  • Minor Glyph - While invoking only, a magical barrier will protect you, increasing your Armor and Magic Armor by SR * 1.

2 SP per Rank
  • Tutor - Increases the EXP your Youkai gain by SR * 3%. If the Youkai is lower level than you, this bonus is doubled.
  • Friendship - You have a good relationship with your Youkai, increasing the starting friendship you have with them by SR * 2, and the friendship gained from gifts by SR * 1.


1.5 SP per Rank
  • Delivery - Increases the range of most item skills by SR * 1.
  • Perfect - Increases the effectiveness and/or gives bonus effects to some consumable item skills based on SR.
  • Gatherer - Increases the chance of collecting alchemy ingredients from plants by SR * 20%.

2 SP per Rank
  • Starsign - Adds a Starsign to the occult window in the character status screen. Selecting one grants a small bonus to one statistic and elemental ATK, but this effect is more pronounced during the month(s) the starsign governs. (Note: Once you confirm your starsign selection, it cannot be changed unless you respec your talents.) (Max SR: 1)
  • Guidance - Grants guidance from the stars, increasing your trap detection range in Space dungeons only by SR * 1 tiles.
  • Stargazer - Looking at the stars gives you a good feeling, increases your HP and FP recovery while in a camp with a campfire by SR * 3%, but only during the night.

GUIDE: Astrology - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Astrology

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Divine Sign - Increases chances of successfully enchanting and increases the effects of Exorcism and Blessed enchantments. Success rate is increased by SR * 3%. Blessed bonus to hit is increased by SR * 2. Exorcism damage bonus is increased by SR * 5%.
  • Prayer - Lets you use an altar or religious symbol to pray, granting a Prayer status for SR * 5 rounds that persists through battles. Praying requires some Mental Stamina.
  • Intervention - While a Prayer status is active, grants a SR * 1% chance that any damage you take will be reduced by your Scaled Faith.

GUIDE: Prayer - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Prayer

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Perception - Allows you to sense spirits in the area, the distance of which is based on SR. Spirits will appear as black or white, called 'paging', which shows if they are malicious (black) or not (white).
  • Release - Allows you to release perceived spirits, exorcising them. Requires Mental Stamina. Success is based on SR and the spirit's page, and success grants roleplaying EXP. Failure may result in negative effects if the spirit is black.
  • Possession - Rather than release, you allow a spirit to possess you temporarily, up to a maximum of SR. Depending on the page, the effect differs, which can be confirmed in the occult window. Having a spirit possess you treats you as Possessed race for certain effects. (Spirits will escape when you are reduced to 0 HP.)

GUIDE: Spiritualism - http://sl2.wikia.com/wiki/Spiritualism


1.5 SP per Rank
  • First Move - At the start of a battle, except back attacks, you gain Initiative LV SR * 1 for the first round, which increases your Move by LV, as well as CEL (for the purposes of determining turn order) by SR * 2.
  • Food Supply - You pack emergency food supplies. If you are hungry at the end of a battle, you will automatically eat one. You stock SR * 1 total, whcih refill when resting at an inn.
  • Just In Case - Extra items come in handy sometimes. Increases your Item Belt size by SR * 1. (Max SR: 3)

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Hoarder - Increases your maximum carrying capacity by SR * 5.
  • Hauler - Increases your maximum Battle Weight by SR * 2.
  • Hider - Reduces the total number of items dropped upon defeat by SR * 15%.

1.5 SP per Rank
  • Keen Eye - Increases the range and skill of your ability to detect traps on the ground or on objects, based on SR.
  • Solver - Decreases the Mental Stamina required to recover traps (including your own) by SR * 1, to a minimum of 1. (Max SR: 3)
  • Trenchman - Digging trenches has made you fast at digging in general, decreasing the time it takes to dig holes by SR * 7% of the shovel's base speed.
  • Landmarker - You have a good memory for places. Upon closing a treasure map, the spot the treasure is hidden at will be marked (for only you) with an X for SR * 5 seconds.

2 SP per Rank
  • Knowledge - Determines the base success rate for opening locks, which is equal to SR * 10%. However, a lock may be more or less difficult depending on the quality of the lockpick you use, as well as the strength of the lock itself. (Max SR: 10)
  • Dexterity - Swift movements decrease the time it takes to attempt to pick a lock by SR * 0.5 seconds.
  • Disarm - Lets you disarm traps and increases the success rate of doing so by SR * 15%.
  • Failsafe - Decreases the chance that failed disarm attempts on a trap will trigger it accidentally by SR * 20%. (At SR5, you will never trigger them by accident.)

2 SP per Rank
  • Miner - Boosts the chance of successfully finding items while mining ore veins by SR * 20%.
  • Scavenger - Boosts the chance of successfully finding wood and food at old campfires by SR * 20%.
  • Fieldworker - Decreases the time it takes to hoe dirt into farm soil by SR * 7% of the hoe's base speed.
  • Lumberjack - Decreases the time it takes to cut down trees by SR * 7% of the axe's base speed.
  • Experienced - Decreases the chance of suffering minor injuries while performing mining, scavenging, hoeing, or woodcutting by SR * 17%.

2 SP per Rank
  • Feast - Allows you to use Feast Table Kits to setup feast tables inside of camps. Feast tables require 10x of a single food item to setup; anyone can eat food off the table. The feast tables you set up will hold 10 + (SR * 2) servings, and the food will be SR * 10% better, and last SR * 1 longer.
  • Camp Meal - Allows you to set up Cooking Pots in camps by cooking something at a campfire. Anyone may eat from the pot, and it serves 1 + SR *1 meals, which are SR * 3% better and SR * 1 more filling.

2 SP per Rank
  • Sneak - When engaging a monster on the map, if they haven't been alerted, you and your party members gain Sneak for SR * 1 rounds. (Only the highest Sneak in the party takes effect.) (Max SR: 3)
  • Plain - Obscures the appearances and names of your equipment when examined by other players, and prevents them from seeing its details. What is hidden depends on SR; SR 1 = Accessories, 2 = Legs, 3 = Hands, 4 = Torso, 5 = Weapons.
  • Moneyboot - You start hiding some money in your boots, decreasing the amount of Murai you drop upon defeat by SR * 15%. (Still effective for Nagas, somehow...) (Max SR: 2)

Companions Interface - Added a new interface for managing mercenaries, youkai, and prisoners.
Health Interface - Added a new interface that shows stamina totals, hunger, and afflictions for the new system listed above.
Custom Alerts - Added a new custom alert system and interface to handle various player inputs.
Custom Selection Input - Added a new custom input system and interface to handle various player inputs.
Adjusted - Snakescale material now grants 5% Poison resistance.
Adjusted - Menov poison damage boost lowered to 1.5x (from 2x).
Adjusted - You can now view your scaled stat values by double-clicking yourself in battle.
Adjusted - Immobilize now prevents most skills that cause movement which aren't teleports, specifically; Heaven Kick, Peddling Wheel, Parting Shot, Crane Hop, Sidecut, Sillcut, Leaping Lizard, Haunting, Snake Dancer, Wild Ride, Chaser
Adjusted - Fleur is now a main class only skill.
Adjusted - Instinct (Leporidae) now applies before Kensei's Quickdraw is checked, letting the skills combo effectively.
Adjusted - Requests that do not give items are no longer blocked from being turned in if you're over-encumbered.
Adjusted - Huggessoan invocation text now shows up as purple.
Adjusted - Ice Skate will now stop if you hit a dense object that isn't a combatant.
Adjusted - Exceptional Skill is now an antiquated trait.
Adjusted - Status effects are saved when you disconnect from the game, so status effects that last through multiple battles will be saved. Please test and make sure nothing went screwy, especially if you disconnect during a battle and it's finished while you are disconnected.
Adjusted - Deleted the old talent interface from the skin file.
Adjusted - Blazing Shinken's Cinders now have a LV equal to 100% of your Fire ATK.
Adjusted - When taking damage, you are told if it is magical or physical in the battle log.
Adjusted - Made an optimization regarding look-up on Youkai summons existing.
Adjusted - laplaceNET requests that require delivery of a certain item now let you pick which one you want to deliver, provided you have more than one of that item type in your inventory. This uses the new custom input interface.
Adjusted - Various image and sound optimizations, reducing the .rsc file size by about 25%.
Adjusted - White spirits can only increase the rank of active skills now.
Adjusted - The following Soldier skills have had their scaling ATK changed to 100%+5% per Rank: Shinken, Turnover, Roundtrip, Retreating Swipe
Adjusted - Martial Artist's Peddling Wheel scaling ATK changed to 100%+5% per Rank.
Adjusted - Duelist's Crystal Rose scaling ATK changed to 80%+5% per Rank.
Adjusted - Duelist's Lance de Lion has received the following adjustments: 1) No longer interacts with Perfect Poise. 2) Can no longer be used during the same turn as basic Movement. 3) Momentum cost reduced to 3. 4) Now has a 5 round cooldown. 5) Area of effect changed from a single tile to a 2-length 3-wide line.
Adjusted - Demon Hunter's Rising Tide scaling ATK changed to 100%+6% per Rank.
Adjusted - Whulf's Shooting Star skill now also scales with 50% of your Light ATK.
Adjusted - Magic Pocket enchantment changed to increase maximum item carrying capacity by 10.
Adjusted - Leviathan enchantment changed to increase maximum HP by 60.
Adjusted - Tannin enchantment changed to increase maximum FP by 60.
Adjusted - Fireheart, Iceheart, Geoheart, Windheart enchantment changed to give +2 to a specific stat and +3 elemental ATK for the appropriate ATK.
Adjusted - Warwalk enchantment changed to +20 HP, +20 FP.
Adjusted - References to talent boosts in other enchantments removed.
* Bug Reports
- Fixed several truckloads of bugs.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.60


Small update this week, mainly bug fixes and small requested features and such. Perhaps we will have something bigger to talk about soon?

Strech to Fit - A new preference option lets you choose if SL2 will stretch to fill the entire map control or not, as well as let you use 200% map zoom.
Clicky Battle Interface - You can now click on the battle interface to select options, hopefully with minimal bugs.
Story Replay - You can relive the latest story event at the Statue of Memories.
Stately DISCer Tiles - 5 new tiles have been added to the Stately DISCer Expansion, courtesy of Exxy.
Adjusted - Stillness, Darkness no longer applies to healing given outside of combat.
Adjusted - Base stats in the character panel are now displayed in this fashion; Base: [Racial Base]+[Points Distributed].
Adjusted - LOOC button added. Adjusted the color to help it stand out. Prefence option added to the existing OOC option to show LOOC but not OOC.
Adjusted - Signs can now be read by double-clicking if they are placed on the ground.
Adjusted - Before saving a house file, the game will, at the first save of the day, create a temporary backup file of that file. (This is mainly a temporary preventation measure to help deal with any houses that fail to save and load properly, while I investigate the cause.)
Adjusted - Staff of Eyes base weight increased to 13 to match the number of eyes it has on average.
Adjusted - Charm no longer reduces damage caused by status effects.
Adjusted - Checkmate Momentum cost reduced to 3M, but it now has a 5 round cooldown between uses. Scaling FP cost reduced.
Adjusted - Metal Gauntlet and Metal Greaves changed to give +2/+3 Armor instead of +2/+3~ DEF.
Adjusted - Elemental Rave is now elemental compatible; being one of the elements of the rave will lock it into that element during its Bloodshed Bonus.
Adjusted - Gigantic enchanted armor no longer increases your character size.
Adjusted - Debug tab added for debug messages.
* Bug Reports
- Rising Game wasn't receiving its RES bonus from Rebound.
- Elemental leavings (IE, Cinders) created by Peddling Wheel and Heaven Kick had a LV of 0.
- Third tier Lightning tome was scaling with CEL instead of LUC. (Existing items may or may not update.)
- Create Shade can no longer be cast if it targets a tile you are already in.
- On-hit magical damage wasn't actually magical damage.
- Vorpal wasn't updated to play nice with the new stat system.
- Detogate should no longer be able to teleport people into your location.
- Negotiate's negotiations should no longer try negotiating for status effects that don't exist.
- Special arrows should no longer be consumed twice per basic attack.
- Biter should no longer trigger unless you're within 1 range of the Critter you kicked.
- Non-weapon/armors should no longer display their material twice.
- Mutated subweapons should now be using the proper sub-attack skill based on its weapon type.
- Instinct effects for Lupines and Felidae should give the right bonuses at the different HP tiers now.
- Fixed some typos.

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Hello again. This week, we have some story progression, a new area, and about 60 posts worth the bug fixes corrected. I had expected around 100 unread posts when I checked in on the forums... instead, I had around 159. And I haven't even read them all yet. Hoorah.

Shrine of Bai Kai - The Shrine of Bai Kai has made its way out of the sands, holding new enemies, items, secrets.
Story Progression - Those who have played up to the last story entry should check in at Lispool if they wish to continue the adventure.
Adjusted - Clicking on the 'item get' display message will show you a description of the item acquired.
Adjusted - Bloodhunt changed to grant +1 Hit per 1% of target's missing HP.
Adjusted - Vampiric item effects now count as Silvermists healing for vampires, allowing them to get the full amount.
Adjusted - Cerron Scepter now boosts Aquarian spells instead of Nature spells. (Existing versions of this item will probably not update to this change, however.)
Adjusted - Sanctity now gives 1% to its appropriate elemental resistances per 6 points.
Adjusted - Critter's Biter skill no longer activates if you are behind them.
* Bug Fixes
- Going back in NPC conversations now properly displays the correct name, face image, etc.
- When used by monsters, skills with no custom target selection should no longer target anyone outside of the battle in the arena.
- Screamer now properly deals its increased damage when used with an offhand Screaming Tome.
- Snatch Spell bluffs should play the correct sound effect now.
- Murai gains in the results screen now properly uses your displayed name instead of your character name.
- Stats no longer drop below 0 if reduced to below that amount.
- Aptitude now properly gives its bonus EXP and crafting EXP.
- Gun attacks weren't having their attack damage spread properly.
- Attempting to edit the equipment display in the examine profiles no longer freezes the window.
- A few instances of layers being too high and causing interfaces to draw under the map have been corrected.
- Argent Charms can no longer be dropped upon defeat.
- Mare Wing had an outdated description.
- Bamboo Bo now properly treated as a Staff weapon.
- Staff battle items have been updated to use the scaled values of the stats they utilize.
- Luck item drop bonus wasn't working properly. (Note: Only the highest value in the party contributes.)
- Starbow, Jackhammer, and Firthrower weren't behaving properly when used by NPCs.
- Firefall granted by Fox Paw was not taking effect.
- The character description dump was happening every login instead of only the first one when logging into the new version.
- Riagri was doing nothing upon hitting an enemy.
- Die Hard should work normally for vampires now instead of leaving them dead.
- Invisible Weapon can now target allies as intended.
- Fruit of Fluidity now properly resets your traits and removes skills exceeding the maximum SP size you have.
- Equip item no longer works in battle.
- There is now a maximum of 10 butterflies (created by Papilions) in one battle.
- Goblin Shaman's weapon scaling has been fixed to use WIL instead of STR.
- Holy Spark no longer ignores resistances/etc.
- Punching Shot's description has been clarified to say it reduces Armor instead of Defense.
- Reinstated the forced relog when you change your face-icon due to the BYOND crash bug still existing.
- Freezing Round has been updated with proper damage scaling and a description for its effect.
- Shujin has corrected some issues with the new goblin icons.
- Dullahans using the soul base no longer run in place.
- GM: GUI, SAN, and APT now display in character examine info and the monster profile editor.

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It's been a little while since live has seen an update but as you all know, we've been beta testing the Great Reckoning for the past 2 weeks and it's finally ready to hit live. This is Part 1; there are some more reworks for systems to come, although the next update will be something other than that. That said, this update is certainly a Great Reckoning and brings a large overhaul to a number of areas of the game, and was certainly a lot of work for me to put together. That said, the other aspects of the Great Reckoning should not be as time consuming; this one required a lot of attention on many aspects, including monsters and youkai, while everything that comes after this will probably only affect players and require less raw effort. Without further ado...

Great Reckoning - Stat System - The growth stat system has been abolished in favor of a point distribution system. If you want to read about why, please view this topic.
Note: Your existing characters will be fine, but will be required to distribute stat points in the character panel. So please don't worry about that.

  • Characters receive 3.5 stat points per level, a total of 210 at level 60. These points can be freely distributed into any of the 12 statistical points you please.
  • A stat increased beyond racial base + 40 begins suffering from diminished returns, making them less effective. This becomes more dramatic the higher the stat gets.
    (The actual formula for this is a little complex, but I will explain it here. All stats at and below the soft cap are 100% effective; this means your racial base + 40. Points beyond that are affected in this way; base modifier for points becomes 90%. So 3 points become worth 2.7 for in-game formulas. Every 3 points, the modifier lowers by 8%, to a minimum of 10%. So 2.7, then 82% of 3 would be 2.46, and then 74% of 3 would be 2.22. If my base is 5, that means my softcap is 45. If I have 54 in this stat, that means it's really worth; 45+2.7+2.46+2.22 = 51.95.) You won't have to worry about doing complex math because the game will do it for you in the character screen.
  • Most stats are now tied to a type of Element, listed on the character panel. Some (but not all) spells and other skills that had per-rank bonus damage changed to interact with this elemental ATK instead.
  • Traits which gave growth bonuses have been changed to give flat statistical bonuses instead.
  • Talents which gave statistical growths have had that description removed.
  • Lady Luck and Style Blending have been removed from the game.

Existing Stat Adjustments

  • Increases FIRE ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum Battle Weight by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum Encumbrance by 1 per 1 point.

  • Increases maximum FP by 5 per 1 point.
  • Increases Skill Pool size by 1 per 10 points.
  • Mental Stamina is equal to 50 + 1*WIL.

  • Increases ICE ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Hit by 2 per 1 point.
  • Increases Critical by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Skill Pool size by 1 per 5 points.
  • Increases Status Infliction by 2% per 1 point.

  • Increases WIND ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Evade by 2 per 1 point.
  • Determines turn order.

  • Increases EARTH ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Reduces physical damage taken by 1% per 1 point.

  • Increases DARK ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Reduces magical damage taken by 1% per 1 point.

  • Increases WATER ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum HP by 10 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum Encumbrance by 1 per 1 point.
  • Physical Stamina is equal to 50 + 1*VIT.

  • Increases LIGHT ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum FP by 3 per 1 point.
  • Increases Status Resistance by 1% per 1 point.
  • Increases Critical Evade by 1 per 1 point.
  • Reduces amount of Murai and chance to drop items on defeat by 2% per 1 point.

  • Increases LIGHTNING ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Evade by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Hit by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Critical by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Critical Evade by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases item drop rate by 1% per 1 point.

New Stats

  • Increases ACID ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases Flanking bonus by 1 per point.
  • Increases Critical Damage by 1% per 1 point.
  • Increases Skill Pool size by 1 per 5 points.
  • Decreases Farshot Penalty by 1 per 5 points. (IE, at 40 Guile, the penalty is -2 Hit per tile instead of -10).

  • Increases SOUND ATK by 1 per 1 point.
  • Increases maximum HP and FP by 2 per 1 point.
  • Increases Status Resistance by 2% per 1 point.
  • Increases elemental resistance to Fire, Ice, Wind, Earth, Lightning, Light, and Dark by 1% per 4 points.

  • Increases EXP and Crafting EXP by 1% per 1 point.
  • Every 6 points in Aptitude increases every stat except but Aptitude by 1.

New Character Information Panel
  • A new character information panel, pictured above, has been added.
  • Mouse-over various areas to show tooltips about what it does or signifies. (For example, mousing over a stat icon will show you what increasing that stat does.)
  • Click the + or - buttons to distribute points. You can Shift + Click them to distribute multiple points at once. You will see what effect your new stat distribute will have on your character immediately.
  • Click reset to reset your current distribution, or click Confirm to finalize it.
  • The character portrait circle can be clicked to change your face icon as usual.
  • The AKA button now serves as the alias swap button.
  • Click the race or class buttons to change the XP bar and show the appropriate level.


Great Reckoning - Weapons & Items
  • All weapons in the game now have unique statistical scaling that determines the damage they deal with skills and attacks. You can view these in an item description.
  • Weapon scaling damage is now determined as such for non-spells and basic attacks: X% of the Scaled Stat(s; added together if multiple) times 1.5, plus Power + upgrades = Scaled Weapon ATK.
    For example, if I have 100% STR scaling on my 5 Power +5 Sword, and I have 5 racial base STR and 45 additional STR (50 total), my STR is actually: 45 + 2.7 + 1.64 = 49.34.

    49.34 * 1.5 = 74.01, rounded down to 74 + 10 (power and upgrades) = 84. This is my Scaled Weapon ATK, meaning I do this much damage on basic attacks. Skills may use a higher or lower percentage of this value. All of this will be displayed in the character info panel and you can see how additional stats will affect it there.
  • Spells function similarly, but if the element of your Tome differs from the elemental ATK of your casted spell, the Power + Upgrades portion is halved in effectiveness.
  • Critical damage for weapons has been changed; it now displays the modifier on the item description screen.
  • Hands, Legs, and Accessories now contribute to your Battle Weight total. (Weight has been added to their item descriptions.)


New Examine Interface
  • Added a new examine interface to the game for a variety of reasons. Primarily, due to the way it worked previously, it was possible to insert malicious javascript/etc into descriptions.
  • You can customize your profile with up to 10 pages of your Appearance, 10 pages of Character History, and 10 pages of OOC Notes (for what might be public knowledge and isn't, what type of RP you like or don't like etc.).
  • You can set a Youtube video to be the music played upon examining your profile, which will play nicely with the in-game music, turning it on and off when being played.
  • A new preference to play or not play profile music automatically has been added.
  • More customization options and interactions will be added in future updates.

Monster, Youkai, Associate Conversions
  • Converted all monsters and youkai and associates to use a stat build system.
  • Converted relevant monster and youkai skills to use Elemental ATK and Scaled Weapon ATK where appropriate; removed some outdated text from various ones as well.
    For Evoke Skills, where appropriate; (FP scaling costs down, damage formula is now caster's 100% + (Youkai Level/25, *100)% Elemental ATK. At level 60 this is 340% of Elemental ATK.
  • Growths removed from the Youkai affinity skills, as they no longer apply.

Racial Conversions & Updates
  • Converted all races to the new system, with new bases.
  • Racial skills have been updated/changed where appropriate, many gaining scaling effects based on your Sanctity.

Local OOC - Added a new command for local OOC. With the addition of this command, you should no longer use OOC in say or emote unless ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to communicate with someone who has OOC disabled.
New Donation Item - Added the Fruit of Fluidity to the Asagorian Shop. This one-use item will let you redistribute your stat points freely while maintaining your character level.
New Class/Racial Buttons - New backgrounds and borders have been added for class and racial icons. Some racial icons have also been enhanced/changed.
Adjusted - Weapon effects that deal elemental damage on hit changed to scale with Elemental ATK.
Adjusted - Material effects that could deal damage on hit have been changed to give Elemental ATK instead.
Adjusted - Ryeser no longer affects targets with 3 Momentum or less.
Adjusted - Soul Chains now treated as Interference for the purposes of FP recovery prevention, meaning Dullahans can resist it.
Adjusted - Arcanic Potion's effect changed to 'Basic attacks deal magic damage and STR scaling turns into WIL scaling, but weapon power is reduced by 50%.'
Adjusted - Rampaging enchantment adjusted to 25% of Weapon Power, to a maximum of 50% of Weapon Power.
Adjusted - Deadly Arms critical damage bonus changed to 5% per Rank (from 10% per Rank).
Adjusted - Geldoren changed to -1 DEF/RES per Rank.
Adjusted - Aerial Razor changed to -1 DEF/RES per Rank; status power no longer gets boosted.
Adjusted - Shatter Beam changed to 1+1 per 12 Terrasque levels.
Adjusted - Vamp Shell changed to half of High Power for its Overcharge effect.
Adjusted - Noshka's Famine, Crippling Muysig, and Frailty of Credwa now reduce the stats they affect by 2 per Rank (instead of 4 per Rank).
Adjusted - Install's Affinity statistical boosts are capped at +1 for non-Youkai.
Adjusted - Northern Wind bonus critical reduced slightly.
Adjusted - Backstab bonus critical reduced to 2*Rank.
Adjusted - Poise bonus critical reduced slightly.
Adjusted - Fitting Form bonus critical reduced to 2*Rank.
Adjusted - Wazabane bonus hit and critical reduced to 3*Rank.
Adjusted - Keyshot bonus critical reduced to 5*Rank.
Adjusted - Cripple Arm STR/SKI penalty reduced to -1 per Rank.
Adjusted - Cripple Leg CEL penalty reduced to -1 per Rank.
Adjusted - Removed innate status infliction bonus from having Cursed/Doomed weapons equipped.
Adjusted - Minimum status resistance is now 0%.
Adjusted - Clarified the Hexer skill Payback's description and rank text to show it reduces Status Resist instead of giving Status Infliction.
Adjusted - Expanding Ice can no longer hit a single target multiple times.
* Bug Fixes
- Too many to list here!

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