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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.16

Linked by Fate when?!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.15b Fixes

Clicky Click - You can now click battle bar shortcut icons to activate them.
Adjusted - You are now treated as having a shield equipped if you have Magic Shield, Metallic Aegis, or Magical Aegis status effects active.
Adjusted - Revised Dullahan lore to make it more consistent with its intentions/help prevent players with OCD from having a heartattack.
- Fixed a bug where Detailed Care was applying to yourself in some situations.
- Fixed a bug where Gentle Torrent was dealing unresistable damage.
- Fixed a bug where Protect could activate even if you were incapacitated.
- Fixed a bug where Soul Generator wasn't triggering if you selected End Turn from the battle bar.
- Fixed a bug where you could Legend Extend into a Lich or Vampire as a Dullahan.
- Fixed a bug where build-up furntiure icon layers were not saving properly.
- Fixed a bug where Dark Invasion's damage bonus wasn't applying. (Please retest and mark the topic as corrected if it's fixed.)

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.15

1.15 introduces a new race called the Dullahan. They ain't got no body. It also features some new monster skills; well, they're not so much new as some monsters will generate new skills that exist for classes. So, for example, you might see those Goblin Shamans and Jammer Deltas start casting spells of different elements, and other goodies. I'll leave the details at that, however.

Dullahan - A new Other race, the Dullahan, has been added.
Monster Schooling - Some monsters will now gain level-up skills from a random selection based on a specific category fitting them thematically. Simply put, they get new skills from existing classes.
Mirrors - Added vanity mirrors to different places on the continents that did not have them.
Adjusted - Summoners now get dropped inside the Cellsvich Summoning House from character creation, in order to make it very simple for them to understand how to get Youkai.
Adjusted - Racial skills, even those that must be equipped in the skill pool, no longer show up in the double-click examination menu, even if effects such as Setsuna would let you see skills they have equipped.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the attack range of Alondite-upgraded Shine Knights wasn't increasing.
- Fixed a bug where Divine Shower wasn't getting its rank-based bonus damage.
- Fixed a bug where Holy Arrow wasn't receiving the proper bonus damage from God Rod.
- Fixed a bug where Shizumare had a redundant weapon sub-type.
- Fixed a bug where you couldn't reset Item Mount's offsets to 0.
- Fixed a bug where Earthbound Fog was not properly removing other active Mist skills.
- Fixed a bug where God Rod was granting its bonus even if you didn't have a Staff-weapon equipped.
- Fixed a bug where Dark Water was not applying its penalty to Faith.
- Fixed a bug where Sear would fail to deal damage to those inside of a Sanctuary.
- Fixed a bug where Demonsilk wasn't granting its +1 bonus to Defense when used as a material for torso items.
- Fixed a bug in the text of Anti-Toxin items that was not reflecting what the item actually does.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.14

Yes. I'm a priest. Do you need a priest? I don't think I'll be much help to you. I'm having trouble understanding the gods right now. If all this is part of a divine plan, I'm not sure I want to have anything to do with it.

1.14 contains a new Curate promotion called the Priest, which is basically to the Curate what the Evoker was to the Mage; a similarly themed 'upgrade'.

Priest - A new Curate promoted class, the Priest, is now available.
Lore Blurbs - 2 new lore blurbs have been added.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where build-up furniture wasn't behaving properly with layer changes made to them.
- Fixed a bug where Vorpal Strike's text was not spaced properly.
- Fixed a bug where you could flee from arena matches.
- Fixed a bug where you could walk up the walls in a specific Dormeho shop.
- Fixed a bug where bookcases in castle dungeons would only slide in one direction.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.13

1.13 is now upon us! This is a relatively calm update before next weeks, which I intend to possibly (maybe) potentially have a new promoted class in it (maybe?). It features several things, all of which you can read about below, but I will not go into particular detail about because it's all right there and rather short, so get to reading!

Castle Dungeon Revamp - The Castle dungeon theme has been revamped to feature more complicated room designs and be more visually appealing to the exploring adventurer.
Dagger Crafting - You can now craft 8 different Dagger weapons at a forge. The recipes can be purchased from existing recipe books. (More to come when we get some new items added.)
New Page - A new page type, the Storm Page, has been added. This page will affect spells of the Weather domain similar to other pages.
Snowmen - You can now create snowmen out of various piles of snow around Lispool.
Adjusted - Random dungeons now get larger and larger in size the more floors down you go.
Adjusted - Adjusted the spawn rates of monsters in random and permanent dungeons. Previously, the spawn rate was rather high, especially for permanent dungeons. The new rate should make exploring a bit more easy to manage. Furthermore, the minimum and maximum number of enemies increases the deeper you go into a dungeon.
Adjusted - When affected by a knockback effect, the Corpse Hand's Restrain effect will now instantly end.
* Bug Fixes
- Prescribed potions now correctly heal for a percentage of the target's HP.
- Fixed a bug where having multiple shop stalls could cause shopkeepers to be stolen by void thieves.
- Fixed several exploitative bugs. As a reminder, if you find a bug that gives you a noticably unfair advantage and you do not report it, you are an exploiter, and exploiters often end up banned from the game. On the flip side, people who report bugs of this nature are often rewarded, so please contact me in private (either via pager of PM) if you ever discover one of these issues.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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