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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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SL2 Version 1.86

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


New Potentials - Added potentials for Firthrower, Hunting Bow, Shine Sword, and Claw Gauntlet.

- Glykin's Golden Blood HP regen changed to 1 + 1 per 2 Scaled SAN (with a maximum of half your character level).

- Mechanation's Mechanical Strength now also gives a bonus to Physical and Mental Stamina maximums equal to half of your character level.

- Demon Hunter's Chaser and Bellowing Stag now apply the airborne removal and knockdown effect after the knockback.

- Void Assassin's Fray changed; now reduces Phys. Def instead of DEF. If under the effect of Veil Off when used, it also reduces Mag. Def by the same amount.

- Void Assassin's Cutthroat changed; now costs 20 FP at all ranks. Silence infliction is now a chance-based effect (under the normal status infliction formula). If under the effect of Veil Off, the effect is guaranteed (as it worked previously).

- Void Assassin's Black Bolt changed; it can now be used with Veil Off active. Doing so will consume the status and use its LV as the value for Void Energy.

- Trade windows now use your current face icon state.

- Piercing Blade now changes the damage type of the Sword it is customizing into Piercing damage.

* Bug Reports

- Charge Order's description was incorrect.

- The Open Chest verb for chests was not working.

- Weapon power was being applied twice in some instances.

- Hidden Cut's damage was not being calculated correctly.

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SL Version 1.85

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


New Preference - Info Text Scaling. Controls the size of the text displayed in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

New Race Variations - Added 3 new variations for the Human race; Dormehan, Alstalain, and Hyoyan.

- Marksman sub-points per level changed to 1.5 from 1.

- Made effects that increase HP behave more consistently.

- Utility Belt has a new verb that lets you toggle whether or not the utility belt displays on the map.

- Attack forecast display text made slightly larger.

- Crazy dungeon core fights will now always spawn 2 bosses.

* Bug Reports

- Blessing of Huggessoa was not giving the bonus to essence gained from Banquet.

- Dark Eye was consuming all of your Momentum.

- Good Materials was applying even when not equipped.

- Sheath Sword could trigger Geist Schritt if it targetted a location the Boxer was occupying.

- Retreating Swipe was getting bonus damage per rank.

- Prinny could spawn as minibosses.

- Sayakensa's bonus critical wasn't functioning properly.

- Dungeons could spawn missing a fully functional wall.

- Arena mobs were spawning enemies in different battles in some cases.

- Dragon Gale was using the improper attacker when using the ranged version.

- The tutorial jammer could spawn parasites.

- Hope's shop was giving reputation with Cellsvich instead of Lispool.

- Changing a sign's name or swinging a door wasn't causing furniture to be saved in player homes.

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SL2 Version 1.82 ~ 1.83c

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


New Tactician Spells - Added 10 new Tactician spells.

- Bonded Youkai now have pink names on the companions interface.

- Dungeon floors are now, in general, smaller. They also have less enemies.

- Doors in dungeons that are directly adjacent to other doors now follow the same pattern in regards to being locked/unlocked. (Meaning, a line of doors will all either be locked or unlocked, instead of decided on an individual basis.)

- Randomly generated battle maps now have normalized spawn locations.

- The level of a dungeon is now displayed near it on the map.

- Open chest verb added for random chests in case they get covered by something that prevents double clicking.

- The game will print notifications for timed-out trade/party invites in the chatbox.

* Bug Reports

- Dragon Gale was applying its damage to the wrong enemy when launched from range.

- Healing Discharge was affecting all Youkai, even non-Bonded ones, at all ranges.


Colossal Tower - The path to the large tower on the west shore of Sigrogana is now open.

- New animation for the Ice Lily potential, courtesy of Sawrock.

- Boxer's Asura Fist no longer generates Schwarz Sturm on hit, only on use. Base FP cost increased to 20 (from 15).

- Boxer's Korkenzieher can now be resized between the minimum of 2 Range to the maxmimum of 2+SS level. (Range not changed, only added the ability to alter size.)

- Flying monsters do not trigger field objects that activate when walked on.

- In the item selling menu, you can now right click items; this has the same effect as dragging and dropping them.

- Replaced the Spatial Core requirements for enchantment catalyst crafting with various amounts of Magic Mud.

- EXPERIMENTAL: Turn order is now determined only by base CEL.

* Bug Reports

- Cryomancy's Efficiency talent was not functioning properly.

- Vydel was using up too much momentum when cast without HSDW.

- Good Materials wasn't actually doing anything.

- Guest lists let you kick users who were not actually in the house anymore.

- Skill pool limits could be exceeded with certain items equipped/unequipped.

- Nightflower will no longer apply silence effects if the target is already silenced.

- Bushes could spawn on the battlefield spawn locations.

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SL2 Version 1.81

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Item Materials - Added several new item materials of the Remains type.
New Material Kit Recipes - Added several new material kits to be crafted.
New Tool Creation Recipe (Bonesaw) - Added a new tool that is used with a new system.
New Cooking Subpath (Butcher) - Added a new subpath that is used with a new system.
Enemy Corpses - Enemies will spawn a corpse when defeated. You can use Bonesaws to collect remains from these corpses. (There will also be some thematic items added for each monster in a hotfix/next update.)
- Curate's Holy Arrow is now a 4-8 Range line that can be resized.
* Bug Reports
- Alchemy plants had an invisible stage in their growth.
- Tarnell's Power would not show up in item descriptions in some cases.
- Stylish mode's damage reduction modifier was incorrect.
- Fast Offense was applying its bonus momentum for Bonded Youkai to non-Bonded Youkai in some cases.
- Dinosaur Graveyard had a few mapping errors on the bottom level.
- Leporidae ear positioning when facing south has been adjusted a little.

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SL2 Version 1.80 (a~c)

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Race - A new Ancients race, the Reaper, has been added.
Soul Mass - Sometimes spirits now spawn as a mass of souls that have several unique properties and give more EXP compared to their normal versions.
- Added a button to the character stat screen that toggles between showing the distributed value and the scaled value.
- Grand Summoner's Youkai Tamer now changed from 2 Power per Rank to 5 Power per Rank.
- Ghost's Wraithguard cooldown set to 5 rounds.
- Bullet Barrier and Blade Barrier are now Deflection Skills. Only one can apply at a time; if you have both equipped, it will first check Bullet Barrier and try to use that before Blade Barrier.
- Elemental Augment and Elemental Overtime will now apply if either the causer of the elemental status or the person receiving it has the skill; the bonus damage is based on the highest skill level of the two.
- Stylish battles now have a damage reduction of 25% instead of 50%.
- PvP Spars now come with the Leave Battle skill that custom arenas have.
- Increased the life span of fully grown crops by a lot. (2 real time hours -> 20 real time hours)
- Knocking on doors now plays a sound effect (and has a 1 second cooldown to prevent spamming).
- When mousing over a player character, if the player has been idle for 5 or more minutes, it will say they are Idle.
- Changed Jammer Alpha icon to be more obvious which direction it's facing.
* Bug Reports
- Spectre Knight now is properly tagged as having a head.
- Darkwood Manor had no density on the right side of its exterior.
- Some windows could get stuck if you were disconnected/reconnected without closing them.
- Enchantment talent's Whimsy subtalent was giving the incorrect bonus to Status Inflicton.
- Grandovyn's Swordsmith Rain potential skill now functions properly.
- Cinder tiles created by Flame Jetwing and Fire Jet are now treated as being made by the youkai's master regardless of if the youkai is using it or not.
- Fully grown alchemy plants were invisible.
- Made adjustments to the new item belt that allowed you to put the same Staff in multiple slots. (Wasn't really a big deal but it wasn't intended and did give bonuses with a certain skill, so.)
- Slithering Earth's Poison Pools were always level 5 instead of caster's level / 2 or 5, whichever was higher.
- Lunar Lunatism's charm level was Scaled SAN instead of half of that.
- Kilkenny's Cat Claw was reducing FP by its level instead of half of that.
- Reaper's Affinity was checking SAN/8 instead of the correct value of SAN/7.
- Shael has been moved to his proper starting position so he can actually run around the area he's in now.
- Damage instances were showing type paths instead of object instances in some cases.

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