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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.68

Engineer Update - Engineer has received an overhaul of skills and received several new ones.
- Nachbeben now behaves differently when triggered by Orkam Drehen and Felsmanege. Instead of triggering on all enemies damaged, it will be triggered on the enemy that took the most damage.
- Install will no longer replace your SAN or APT.
- Stillness, Darkness now gives 1% Darkness resistance per 6 Essence. Light weakness unchanged.
- Wild Grass's duration increase changed to +1 round per 16 Scaled SAN (from 8). Now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Boxer's Geist Schritt skills FP cost changed to 20 (minus 2 per rank) from 10 (minus 2 per rank).
- Boxer's Regenschauer FP cost changed to 15 (plus 1 per rank) from 20 (plus 2 per rank). Now modifies Schwarz Sturm by 2 (from 1).
- Legend extended characters can now trade even if they're under level 10.
- Quest stamps that grant elemental resistance now only grant 1% (instead of 5%.)
* Bug Reports
- Fortune Wind would hit and knockback enemies multiple times.
- Varon had the wrong Retaliate skill in his level list.
- Cleanse Body can no longer remove status effects that are made uncurable due to hexes.
- Fixed a few typos.

- Lance de Lion can no longer be avoided by Cobra Stance's Snake Dancer.
- You can no longer damage enemies who are at 0 HP.
- Crystal Rose (Talvyd) now knocks enemies away from the center of the skill.
- Quaking Roundtrip can now only pull a Player Character 5 tiles in one direction per use.
- Thunder Hooves now gains 1 charge when you inflict Lightning damage (Instead of half the amount dealt.)
- Ghosthand will now ignore status effects that activate on hit.
* Bug Reports
- The character display panel was sometimes showing the incorrect value for elemental defense.
- Electro Shield was applying to ranged weapon attacks.
- Overclock's status overlay was remaining when the status expired.
- Overclock has a duration that was not permanent.
- Overclock was not doing any HP damage to robots.
- Fixed an issue where you could go over the maximum of 12 mercenaries via converting prisoners and ritual scrolls.

- Custom alerts and inputs triggered from the inventory will now properly hide the window until complete.
- Invite Insanity's and Aposemagika's costs are now reduced by the Blessing of Bai Kai.
- Verglas' Insulate now heals and provides immunity to Frostbite.
- Verglas' Icicle Spear can now inflict Frostbite.
- Kensei's Hidden Cut now scales off of Scaled Weapon ATK instead of Scaled STR.
- Bandit Leaders have stolen a shipment of hats to make them more identifiable.
- Made optimization adjustments for certain house related procedures, which were severely outdated and very inefficient.
-- The game will no longer redundantly compile and save the layout of the house if it hasn't changed.
-- The game will no longer redundantly compile and save the furniture of the house if they haven't been changed or interacted with in a way that would require doing so.
-- The game will no longer setup borders redundantly and will simply skip changing border turfs instead of overwritting them afterwards.
-- The game will now cache the location of border turfs for faster lookups/changing.
-- The game will cache the current house the player is in instead of reacquiring it every time it needs to be checked.
-- The game will no longer save border tiles (which it shouldn't have done in the first place, since it wasn't necessary at all, as the wall type was already saved.)
-- Locations like the entrance, exit, etc. are cached for faster lookups.
- Re-enabled automatic house backups.
* Bug Reports
- The Holy enchant was not functioning properly.
- Snake Shot was functioning incorrectly with Ambidexterity.
- Status icons were not showing up after loading your character or leaving a party.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.67

Trait Icons - Courtesy of Makeshift Walrus, added some new trait icons for the History traits and Skip.
New Caravan - Added a new caravan with two NPCs who sell furniture (along with a small number of new items).
- Status icons can now be clicked outside of battle, and the option to dismiss them has been added. (Only positive status effects with a non-infinite duration can be dismissed.)
- You can now double click on your race, main class, or sub class icon on the character panel to receive information about its bases and/or skills.
- Caravans can now go to Tannis along their route.
- Penultimate Bling's color can now be customized via a few preset colors.
- Your Scaled ATK value with a weapon is now disabled in the item information window beneath the scaling totals.
- Dragon Remains armor effect changed to: +3 Armor, +3 Magic Armor, +8 Weight
- Guard Break now prevents Parry skills from triggering.
- Chaotic Key now requires the turf you spawn it at be in the wilderness (outside of town regions and pathways). It also uses the new custom input interface now.
- Made wilderness checks cache the results instead of looking up every time. (Small performance increase; shouldn't affect anything.)
- Magic Gunner's One Overcharge will now apply to any weapon mutated into a gun.
- Various classes' Elemental Impact Cinder LVs have been adjusted.
* Bug Reports
- Fruits couldn't be removed from storage. (They still can't be put in them, but a few old instances that had them in there behaved this way.)
- Going up the stairs in Darkwood Dungeon wouldn't cause you to exit the map if you didn't use a diagonal direction.
- Yellow fortunes for Redtails were showing up as green.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.66

Caravans - Added a system for caravans, of which there is only one at the moment. Upon arriving at a location, any NPCs looking to sell goods will be in that town for a little while, until the caravan moves on.
New Religions - Added 4 new religions and the prayer tools to worship them at various shops.
New Quality Changer - Added the Chained Weight, a new Tool Creation recipe that adds acts as the opposite of Metal Shaver.
New Donation Item - Penultimate Bling.
New Tomes - Added 3 Water-based tomes as well as the recipes to craft them.
New Seeds - Added craftable seeds for Zelegrand Leaf, Yama Blind, and Wellwart.
New Lantern Bearer Skills - Added 3 new Lantern Bearer skills.
Gathering - Added alchemy plant nodes to Forest theme dungeons.
- Added a button to the chat bar that lets you toggle the typing notification.
- Added a shortcut to the Argentyle Caverns entrance, as well as a fairy ring near it.
- Geist Schritt triggering now plays the sound effect and does an animation.
- When saving an outfit to the Personal Wardrobe to an existing slot, you have the option to change the name of the outfit.
- Protect will now also redirect skills that function as basic attacks, such as Geldoren, including the status effects they apply. (This will only apply if you are a valid target for that skill; for example, if someone uses Ether Invitation, and you are not marked by Claret Call, Protect will not trigger.)
- Soldier's Mad Chop scaling increased to 80% + 10% per Rank (from 5%.)
- Boxer's Asura Fist changed to 1 SS on use (from 2), but it will give 1 SS if it hits an enemy.
- Magic Gunner's Blaze Shell changed to create Cinder tiles. Reduced to 2 Range from 4 Range.
- Berserk Shell now gives 0.5 Critical per 1% of missing HP (from 1 Critical).
* Bug Reports
- Swaying had some overlap with Rogue's Evasion skill causing it to have incorrect damage reduction values.
- Korkenzeiher and Asura Fist weren't receiving damage bonuses from Schwarz Sturm levels.
- Hour 24 wasn't occurring.
- Nachbeben wasn't working with a lot of skills it should have been.
- Asura Fist was going one tile too far.
- Focus's visual indication was a little off-center.
- Darkwood monsters were not spawning inside of castle dungeons.
- Some Darkwood monsters had icon errors when they became mini-bosses.
- Spells that have been stolen from a target via Spell Snatch/etc will no longer be 're-stolen' during the same battle.
- Marching Band's Play Song to Party command(s) wasn't passing along the custom flag.
- Tome on Tomes I/II/III didn't list a few recipes they gave.
- Grandupper was causing black-screens when the battle ended for players if the removed-from-battle effect was triggered.
- Grandupper was working incorrectly with bosses.
- Grandupper will no longer knock up enemies it defeats.
- Custom parts that granted damage resistance weren't applying.
- Darkwood monsters in random dungeons were scaling to the party leader instead of the dungeon's level.
- Orkam Drehen was using skill points from the wrong class when leveled up.
- Orkam Drehen and similar skills that used the pull effect would sometimes not pull nearby enemies into melee range when applied.
- Corrected a few non-dense tiles in the Goblin Cave and Oniga maps.
- Corrected an issue with traits and legend extends at certain stat values causing it to be removed on login.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.65


Like I said last time, this update adds a new class!

As far as the next update, I'm thinking about a few things and have some on my list that I could get to. I may just go through suggestions and submissions and do an update with those. I am also looking into ways to fix the flash step issue, which may involve programming a 'central' control server to send reboots/etc and launch new dreamdaemons as necessary.

New Class - Boxer, a new promoted class for Martial Artist, has been added.
- Adjusted Moonlight Mercy's bullet animation and added a new instant kill animation, courtesy of Snake.
- Magic Gunner's Magnet Shell's Overcharge effect LV is now equal to High Charge Power * 1 (instead of *2).
- Priest's Malmelo now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Lantern Bearer's Phoenix now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Bonder's Healing Discharge now has a 2 round cooldown.
- Engineer's Deploy Medibot now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Chun's Fire Jet's cinder tiles now have a LV equal to 50% of the user's Fire ATK.
- Darkwood monsters now spawn in Castle themed dungeons.
- WIL granted by Sanguine Crest is now reflected in your maximum FP total both in and out of battle (so your maximum FP doesn't change between the two.)
- Extend stat checks are now cached (doesn't affect players but if you notice inconsistencies let me know).
- The diminishing stat cap is now equal to 40+user's racial base+(1 per every level beyond 60)+(Legend Extension effects that boost the stat).
* Bug Reports
- Superiority was applying to allies.
- Ritual scrolls were worthless, Murai wise.
- Headless Knights had the head monster tag.
- Fire Jet and Acid Jet had an incorrect line length.
- The Darkwood map would let you walk off into the darkness.
- Pumpkins couldn't be gathered from.
- Animated Swords created by players were fighting with their fists.
- Miracle Fertilizer was causing plants to disappear on hour change.
- Inate skills for NPCs were not working properly in some cases.
- Asha's respec conversation topic wasn't being displayed.
- War Cry was not working properly with the War Paint religion status.
- Status effect immunity was not protecting against subtypes of that status (for example, Silence Immunity wasn't protecting from Strangle Silence).
- The crate for the Lost Heritage quest wasn't spawning.
- Dagger Dance wasn't working properly with Crash Potions.
- The letter on the ground in the old iron mine wasn't readable if you double clicked on it.
- Hellspike wasn't doing any damage when used by player characters.
- Toggling your alias was not changing your name for things like mouse-overs or right-click menus.
- An issue where anim datums were being stored indefinitely in certain cases has been corrected. (This necessitated a change to Focus, the monster skill, and the Redtail's Fortune Level mechanic. If an issue arises with those, please let me know.)

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.64


This honestly took a bit too long, but here it is, 1.64. I wanted to do a Halloween-type of update and have had plans to do so in the past, but always ended up skipping them. But this year I said, no, I'm actually going to do it! Then more and more things got piled on top of it and it ended up taking a week longer than I anticipated, but... here it is?

The next update might take two weeks, but I would like for it to be an update that includes a new class, so do look forward to that.

Darkwood Manor - Added the Darkwood Manor.
  • Added 2 new quests; talk to Cartigan to get started.
  • Added new items, including five new 10* items.
  • Added new enemies and areas.

New Item & Recipe - Added a Wooden Katana which can be crafted.
Free Respec - Asha can now be talked to after you receive your Legend Journal to respec your character (as if they had used a Fruit of Fluidity) once per character.
New Preference - Danger Zone. Lets you turn Danger Zone on, on but with a slower activation time, or off entirely.
- Small change to the saving/loading screen; if you crash at the saving/loading screen in this version, please let me know!
- All Alchemy recipes for crafting furniture are now level 1, so you don't have to invest any crafting levels in it to create them.
- Magnetize will now only be overwritten by stronger level status effects of the same type.
- Rogue's Hand Trigger can now trigger bombs and mini-bombs as well as traps.
- Demon Hunter's Bellowing Stag damage is now increased by 100% of your Dark ATK.
- Ghost's Ether Invitation damage cap changed to 100*Rank (from 50*Rank).
- Engineer's Grenade Launcher cooldown increased to 1 round. Momentum cost reduced to 1.
- Magic Gunner's Thunder Drive can now trigger during the effects of Shell Trigger (which prevents multiple procs of Spark Drive in the same round) on critical hits where you already have Charge Shot.
- Priest's Holy Spark range reduced to 5 from 7.
- Youkai skills Ice Jet and Fire Jet no longer require a target to be used.
- Bomb damage changed from 8-16 Fire damage to 50-100 Fire damage.
- Arena battles no longer cause wounds or let spirits escape when defeated.
- Mysterious no longer blocks you from examining yourself.
- 10* items can now drop from monsters that are level 56 or higher, instead of level 61 or higher. (As a result, the chances of dropping for high level monsters are slightly larger.)
* Bug Reports
- Various enemies that shouldn't be able to be captured, such as arena combatants, can no longer be.
- The title screen was sticking around if you created a new character.
- Text styling wasn't being applied to the elemental attack display.
- Mastery for the Maintenance talent was capping at 80% instead of 90% as intended.
- Fishing contests will now defer higher placement when ties occur to the person in the tie who caught the fish sooner. (For example, if you catch a 50W fish first, and then someone else catches one a few minutes later, you will have a higher placement than them because you caught it first.)
- Elemental resistance in the character panel wasn't updating at the proper new totals and it was being calculated mistakenly after the changes to it last update (it was adding SAN-based resistances twice, among other things.)
- Elemental ATK in the battle info window was showing your elemental ATK instead of the examined unit.
- Summoning's Tutor subpath was giving too large of a bonus.
- Reihou was restore 1 HP if a White Spirit pushed its rank above 5; now it restores 300 HP at Rank "6".
- Eviter was not working if you had no sub weapon equipped.
- Fox God's Blessing was not applying its penalty correctly when your fortune level was at 1.
- Ice Skate was teleporting people into the void.
- Cooldown text in the skill description window was the wrong styling.
- Some of the new icon parts were updated to corrected versions.
- Overcharged traps had long delays when triggered.
- An issue with monsters and end turn infinitely repeating in certain cases has been corrected.
- Eviter will no longer trigger against spells cast by spelledge weapons.
- Snake Dancer was checking the wrong hit and evade values.
- Battle watchers weren't seeing the names of skills used in battle.
- Battle scars from Black Beast attacks were able to be cleaned up if you were close enough to them, despite the attack still going on.
- Riagri's rank text wasn't autogenerating, giving the impression that it had no scaling (it was using the normal spell scaling.)
- Wounds that modify stats were applying even when the game was trying to check the base value, resulting in oddities such as traits requiring a certain stat value to be removed erroneously.
- Holy enchant calculation has been moved to the same location as Hunted and similar effects are applied.
- Null Shell could pick the same status multiple times even though it had already been dispelled.
- The typing display was appearing under tables.
- Small adjustment to wound application to help prevent unintended wound levels.
- Personal Wardrobes could not be renamed at blacksmiths.
- Ice Armor can no longer target improper locations.
- The Stakeout quest was not working properly and could not be completed.
- Most line skills were actually 1 tile too long.
- Some item effects of equipped items for mercenaries.
- Food recovery was not applying to mercenaries.
- Copy spells were being removed when changing your subclass.
- Special Armament wasn't being taken into account after you change classes, letting you keep weapons you couldn't normally have equipped active.
- Updated some outdated tips and descriptions.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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