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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.99

- Multiple crafting has been added; you can now queue up to 100 crafts of a single item when crafting. However, all crafting recipes now require 1 Physical Stamina to complete, so there is a limit there as well.
- Wash added to Professor Pink's Tower.
- Winged Spearstrike; Durability reduction changed to -2 (from -6).
- When targetting a skill, if you cancel the targetting, you will reset back to the direction you were originally facing before targetting.
- Maxmimum yield for alchemy plants changed to 2 (from 4).
- Dungeon generation change; when generating new dungeons, the level of the dungeons will be based on the lowest and highest level of all player characters in the game. (Before, it was a random level between 1 and 60, but this change should help make sure the dungeons generated are more suited to whoever is currently active in game.)
- Fray and Revile Fray now have a new animation.
- Vydel no longer gains Charge Mind and Greaper bonuses when cast by Tarnada.
- Tarnada is now a valid casting tool for Vydel.
- Curate's Pray; Divine Lightning bonus damage changed to Rank*15 (from Rank*5). Shine Knight bonus summon level changed to Rank*12 (from Rank*10). Max FP restore changed to Rank*10 (from Rank*6).
- Monk's Kadouha; Base SWA and EATK scaling increased to 120% (from 100%). If Ki Awoken is active, the skill will no longer consume Ki (but will still get benefits as if it did).
- Curate's Invigoration and Quickness; now Enchant category.
* Bug Report
- There were a few issues with Elite Engine.
- Gravity Lock's special status wasn't applying.
- Quicksand can no longer deal damage or inflict Immobilize on defeated units.
- Void Refraction wasn't causing the original projectile to vanish after entering the portal.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.98

- New Item Potentials; Hikage, Tsukikage, Graality, Excel Series, Blacksand
- Animations for 4 Ranger skills, courtesy of Spoops.
- Old Campfires now have a chance to give certain food drops.
- Tsukikage; Changed scaling to match Hikage (75% STR, 40% GUI)
- The weapon-type switching tomes have had their appropriate switching skills changed to 0M (from 1M).
- Rogue's Trap skills; changed the GUI Scaling to 150% (from 100%).
* Bug Reports
- Examining yourself, and then another character, could lead to circumstances where you could clone their biography over yours.
- Being able to use the dblclick macro to examine anyone from any distance has been corrected.
- Mask of the Night's Lord wasn't functioning properly.
- Mask of the Night's Lord wouldn't update your form until you toggled it on and off.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.97

Note that a lot of patch notes got lost and never put on the site, but there have been plenty of updates since this and the last post. Will be trying to do this more regularly in the future! Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Rogue's Dagger Dance can now work from range if both daggers are Shuriken weapons.
- Magic Gunner's Vamp Shell; duration for high effect increased to 3 rounds (from 2).
- Fray projectiles no longer work with Void Refraction.
* Bug Reports
- Ranger Arcane spells didn't have domains.
- Cellsvich's overworld name was incorrect.
- Crash Potion wasn't applying properly to some weapon types.
- Vanishing Strike allowed you to stack units in the same tile.
- Snake Dancer would move you even if the damage instance was not capable of being dodged.
- Yomidori's icon was incorrect.
- Charred Void was not changing Cinders into Dark Cinders.
- Ripple Dimension was triggering even if an enemy wasn't in the range of Impact Call.
- The new Cellsvich Asago building did not have the new Race Board or DISCer Chest in it.
- Several tiles in new Cellsvich were not properly dense.
- Impure Element's visual effect would remain after the battle.
- Non-valid/iconless crafting items could spawn from random chests.
- Chairs didn't line up very well in the Cellsvich Inn.
- Mercalan Mist's healing value was being set incorrectly.
- Weir Konnen's description was incorrectly stating the Scaled WIL ratio as 25% (when it should be 20%).
- Burn wasn't negating many enchant based bonuses to DEF.
- Weapon type swapping effects would persist when changing weapons.
- Domino Resonate wasn't triggering its bonus effect properly.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.91(+b)

Alstalsia - Added a new town, Alstalsia.
- Mage's Explosion; Nerhaven effect now also knocks the enemies it affects airborne before knocking them back.
- Demon Hunter's Chaser; SWA changed to 100%+10% per Rank.
- Demon Hunter's Rising Tide; SWA changed to 100%+15% per Rank.
- Demon Hunter's Elemental Rave; SWA changed to 90%+20% per Rank.
- Custom alert/inputs have been sped up slightly.
* Bug Reports
- Mercalan Mist and Death Knighting were displaying Scaled Weapon Power in their rank text, even though it didn't interact with it in any way.
- Ashe was a little in the way for those trying to get to the free kitchen in Pink's Pub.
- Acid Flower was giving LV 0 poison pools if your shuriken was mutated.
- Evasion's bonus wasn't being displayed on the skill board.
- An animation remnant from a boss fight could stick around after the battle and show up elsewhere.
- Green Scale Tunic's effect wasn't being calculated correctly.
- Ashe's Kagekiri was using Bare Fists as a weapon.

- Added fade-out/in animations for Voidgate and Haunting.
- Added quote that can be displayed upon entering a house/floor to the housing system.
- Duelist's Crystal Rose; Circle size reduced from 3 to 2.
- Evoker's High Speed Divine Words; Now main class only.
- Verglas; Bear and Hare Discipline skills - FP costs changed to 21+1 per Rank. Base scaling for Bear Discipline skills increased to 100% (from 80%). Rapid Kick base scaling increased to 80% (from 70%). Face Stomp per-rank scaling increased from 15% to 20%.
* Bug Reports
- Lispool's Mage Guild couldn't teleport you to Alstalsia.
- Alstalsia reputation wasn't reflected correctly on the reputation panel.
- Zerans had negative reputation with Alstalsia.
- Setting a sign's text and then cancelling could cause immobility in some cases.
- Malmelo was healing for an incorrect amount of HP.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.90

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

Monster Count - Added an indicator to dungeons that shows the remaining amount of monsters on the floor.
Dungeon Floor Clear Animation - Added an animation that plays when you successfully clear a dungeon floor.
Profile Customization - Added some basic profile customization options; you can pick a custom color for the profile border, background, and background border. (More options, including new portrait borders, backgrounds, and background borders will be added later.)
* Bug Reports
- Mercalan Mist was not using the proper value for its healing effect.
- Cherry Blossoms were invisible.

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