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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.81

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Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Item Materials - Added several new item materials of the Remains type.
New Material Kit Recipes - Added several new material kits to be crafted.
New Tool Creation Recipe (Bonesaw) - Added a new tool that is used with a new system.
New Cooking Subpath (Butcher) - Added a new subpath that is used with a new system.
Enemy Corpses - Enemies will spawn a corpse when defeated. You can use Bonesaws to collect remains from these corpses. (There will also be some thematic items added for each monster in a hotfix/next update.)
- Curate's Holy Arrow is now a 4-8 Range line that can be resized.
* Bug Reports
- Alchemy plants had an invisible stage in their growth.
- Tarnell's Power would not show up in item descriptions in some cases.
- Stylish mode's damage reduction modifier was incorrect.
- Fast Offense was applying its bonus momentum for Bonded Youkai to non-Bonded Youkai in some cases.
- Dinosaur Graveyard had a few mapping errors on the bottom level.
- Leporidae ear positioning when facing south has been adjusted a little.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.80 (a~c)

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New Race - A new Ancients race, the Reaper, has been added.
Soul Mass - Sometimes spirits now spawn as a mass of souls that have several unique properties and give more EXP compared to their normal versions.
- Added a button to the character stat screen that toggles between showing the distributed value and the scaled value.
- Grand Summoner's Youkai Tamer now changed from 2 Power per Rank to 5 Power per Rank.
- Ghost's Wraithguard cooldown set to 5 rounds.
- Bullet Barrier and Blade Barrier are now Deflection Skills. Only one can apply at a time; if you have both equipped, it will first check Bullet Barrier and try to use that before Blade Barrier.
- Elemental Augment and Elemental Overtime will now apply if either the causer of the elemental status or the person receiving it has the skill; the bonus damage is based on the highest skill level of the two.
- Stylish battles now have a damage reduction of 25% instead of 50%.
- PvP Spars now come with the Leave Battle skill that custom arenas have.
- Increased the life span of fully grown crops by a lot. (2 real time hours -> 20 real time hours)
- Knocking on doors now plays a sound effect (and has a 1 second cooldown to prevent spamming).
- When mousing over a player character, if the player has been idle for 5 or more minutes, it will say they are Idle.
- Changed Jammer Alpha icon to be more obvious which direction it's facing.
* Bug Reports
- Spectre Knight now is properly tagged as having a head.
- Darkwood Manor had no density on the right side of its exterior.
- Some windows could get stuck if you were disconnected/reconnected without closing them.
- Enchantment talent's Whimsy subtalent was giving the incorrect bonus to Status Inflicton.
- Grandovyn's Swordsmith Rain potential skill now functions properly.
- Cinder tiles created by Flame Jetwing and Fire Jet are now treated as being made by the youkai's master regardless of if the youkai is using it or not.
- Fully grown alchemy plants were invisible.
- Made adjustments to the new item belt that allowed you to put the same Staff in multiple slots. (Wasn't really a big deal but it wasn't intended and did give bonuses with a certain skill, so.)
- Slithering Earth's Poison Pools were always level 5 instead of caster's level / 2 or 5, whichever was higher.
- Lunar Lunatism's charm level was Scaled SAN instead of half of that.
- Kilkenny's Cat Claw was reducing FP by its level instead of half of that.
- Reaper's Affinity was checking SAN/8 instead of the correct value of SAN/7.
- Shael has been moved to his proper starting position so he can actually run around the area he's in now.
- Damage instances were showing type paths instead of object instances in some cases.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.79

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Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


I'm doing something a little different with this update. I'll likely be uploading several versions with new additions over the week, maybe every day or every other day. I'll note which version has what with the usual letters, and add to this post as they come out.

New Potentials

  • Paragi Shuriken
  • Ninshi Shuriken

- Increased Rank 1 Scaled Weapon ATK scaling of Kensei skills: Kagekiri, Toiken, Hirazuki, Raijinken, and Sharenzan.
* Bug Reports
- Made an experimental change to the profile display to help restore BGM functionality.

New Preference - Added a HUD display preference that lets you make some HUD elements semi or fully transparent until they are moused over.
New Potential
  • Fuuma, Knightslayer, Needler, Battlepick

- New pet in the Pet Kit, the Floating Duckneck, from Sawrock.
- When taking damage, the name of the skill and weapon used by it (or just the weapon if a basic attack) will be displayed next to the damage indication. (This is mostly for clarity's sake.)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Most consumables in the item belt can only be used once per battle, but now you can put multiple of the same item in your item belt.
* Bug Reports
- Fixed an issue with the new HUD transparency setting and the battle menu.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.78(a~c)

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Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Weapon Potentials - Added weapon potentials for the following weapons:
  • Hisen
  • Rexys
  • Forgrint
  • Grandovyn
  • Monk-Priest's Staff
  • Tamaki Shuriken
  • Touyaa Shuriken
  • Bakaga Shuriken

- Verglas' Ice Point Greaves ice magic damage on kick changed to 5 per Rank (from 2 per Rank).
- Effects that remove from battle, such as Grandupper, will now knock away anyone standing on the tile upon returning to battle.
- Improvised Weapon and Weapon Change can no longer be removed by dispell effects (such as Null Shell).
- Graality's on-hit effect property updated to reflect what the status actually does.
- Nighthunt's on-hit effect changed to -20% SKI for 2 rounds (from -10 Hit).
- Huge Blade has gained an additional effect; +5 Power.
- Pink's starting chest now gives 10 Rusty Pickaxes (non-tradeable).
* Bug Reports
- Golden Eyes was still providing unconditional immunity to Blind.
- Overworld scaling wasn't being updated when dropping into a battle on the overworld map.
- Waraji item description wasn't updated.
- You could walk off into the abyss at a certain point in the dinosaur graveyard.
- Shine Knights had an aura that hit everyone on the battlefield.
- Asago's Race Boards could not be used to view races.
- Heron Feather wasn't working against certain special silence status effects.
- Lucky Shell's status level was not being halved upon triggering Lucky Fortune.
- Arcane minibosses were not dealing magic damage with their attacks.
- Winged Serpent range was 1 tile too short.
- Kouenjin's weapon potential skill, Crimson Lotus, was not functioning.
- Lead Storm wasn't respecting Ambidexterity settings.
- Protective Paper Charms were not dropping.
- Weapon shifting tomes were counting as projectile attacks even when changed to a non-Tome form.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.77 (a~d)

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

Black Beast Raid - Added a new event that occurs if a Black Beast attack is finished with at least 60 packs defeated. This event contains high level enemies and a new unique reward; Chimeric Eyes. This raid event may be expanded in the future, and more raid events will be added over time.
Weapon Potentials - Added a new system. Weapon potentials are unique skills that weapon items can have; if it has one, it will be shown in the item description. To unlock this skill, you must first fill up its EXP gauge. Once it is full, you can take it to any Blacksmith for unlocking. To do so, you require a number of Chimeric Eyes equal to its Rarity. The potential skill will then be considered as active in your skill pool if the weapon is equipped in your main hand. Currently, 13 weapons have potentials. More will be added over the next few updates.
- Deadly Smile scaling changed to 50% STR and 50% WIL.
- Priest's Divine Judgment range increased to 8 (from 6).
- Martial Artist's Weathered Body restriction of armor + magic armor now only applies to the base armor and magic armor (so upgrades, etc. no longer count.)
- Martial Artist's Phoenix Talon now does magic damage.
- Boxer's Schwarz Sturm bonus damage per level reduced to 5% per level (from 10%).
- Boxer's Korkenzieher minimum range increased to 2 (from 1). (1.77d)
- Hyattr's Fire Breath now deals additional damage equal to 100% of Fire ATK if you have Destruction Energy active.
- Arbalest's Buster Cannon now reduces Phys. Def to 0% (instead of DEF to 0).
- Verglas's Ice Point Greaves now do magic damage.
- Battles that do not inflict wounds (IE spars) are now designated by battle indicators showing two wooden swords.
- Character Destiny for classes now acts as an unlock condition for all promoted classes of that base class. (Meaning, at class level 20, you'll unlock all promoted classes for it without needing to do anything else.)
- Raijin stat scaling changed to 30% STR, 30% SKI, 40% LUC (from 60% SKI, 40% LUC)
- If your player debug is turned on, you can now fight a prinny at the Statue of Memories. (This option added to make it easier to test certain things, at request.)
- Black Beast's defeat animation sped up.
* Bug Reports
- Aerial Razor's Defense reduction LV was incorrect.
- Eviter can no longer be used with bare fists.
- Weapons could fall below 1 durability minimum.
- Non-category religions weren't resetting upon praying to a new god.
- Cinder LVs were not being boosted by Hyattr's blessing.
- Hikari's quests could be unlocked in parties without completing the previous quests.
- Caravan speed was messed up.
- Danger zone displays were only showing one tile.
- Ankle Bite, the Sliding Zombie monster weapon, was dealing Blunt damage instead of Pierce damage.
- Quickness was a little too quick, giving more Move than intended.
- Negotiate wasn't checking to make sure the status effects it removed were negative, only if they were caused by an enemy.
- Ice Point Guard's changes didn't stick.
- Horned Black Beasts weren't counting for defeat black beast requests on lnet.
- Rare red treasure chests were a bit too easy to unlock and detrap.
- Staff of Forging wasn't showing the name of the target in chat.
- Max HP was being determined by your base SAN rather than your scaled SAN.
- Withdrawing items from banks could cause issues with item use/etc.
- Fox and Bird Coin's prayer description was blank.

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