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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

Active Projects: Sigrogana Legend 2
Update Schedule: Weekly! (Monday/Tuesday)

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SL2 Version 1.47(a~d)

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


Monk Rework - Monk has received a rework to many of its class skills and gotten several new skills.

- Naga have a new footstep sound effect and no longer leave footsteps in the sand/snow.

- Jammers have a new footstep sound effect.

- Food regen now applies when the hour changes, when it decreases the duration, while outside of battle.

- Battle rings now appear greyed out if the unit is KO'd.

- Dense Thunder's new interaction will now turn you to face the target after teleporting.

- Shaitans are now immune to getting splinters.

- Boxer's Orkam Drehen now requires at least 2 Schwarz Sturm to use, and reduces it by 2 (instead of increasing it).

- Curate's Holy Arrow can now use Bows as casting tools.

- Hexer's Earthbound Vengeance damage increased to 10*Rank (from 5*Rank).

- Hexer's skills, Noskha's Famine, Crippling Muysig, Frailty of Credwa: +1 Duration per Rank.

- Hexer's skills, Plisfa's Masochism, Fellel's Fumble: FP cost now 30 (from 10), 3 round cooldown imposed.

- Hexer's Black Bubble now creates its Dark Water tiles after dealing damage and the Silence check.

- Hexer's Enma's Summons effect changed to deal Dark magic damage to all enemies.

- Lantern Bearer's Fenrir now inflicts Celsius instead of its own unique movement slowing status.

- Made some changes to the movement drawing procedure to reduce its impact on server performance.

- Changed the name of the Abandoned Village to Voilgard to match IC events.

- Leather Material Kits did not exist, and have been added.

- 10* torso items no longer function with Mutation.

- Dispell effects like Null Shell can no longer remove prayer statuses and food bonuses.

- The elemental gi effects (Frosttouch, etc.) now last for 2 rounds.

- Firefall's Cinder LV is now equal to 10 + 10% of Fire ATK.

- Backflip and Winged Serpent now qualify as movement skills.

- Will now grants 1 of all elemental ATKs per 4 points.

- Mythslayer's scaling changed from 15% STR and 85% DEF -> 55% STR and 45% DEF.

- Ensui's scaling changed from 50% STR and 50% VIT -> 75% STR and 25% VIT.

- Riversword's scaling changed from 50% STR and 50% VIT -> 70% STR and 30% VIT.

- Hymn, Well, Blacksand tomes scaling changed from 60% WIL and 60% RES/VIT/DEF respectively -> 80% WIL and 40% RES/VIT/DEF respectively.

- Hymnta, Wellweg, Blackmount tomes scaling changed from 50% WIL and 60% RES/VIT/DEF respectively -> 60% WIL, 10% GUI, and 40% RES/VIT/DEF respectively.

- Lockpicking and trap disarm success EXP rewards increased from 5 * trap/lock level to 15 * trap/lock level.

- Kadouha's scaling changed from 80+5% per Rank Light ATK and 50+10% per Rank Scaled Weapon Attack, to 100+5% Light ATK and 60+10% per Rank Scaled Weapon Attack.

* Bug Reports

- Law's End reputation was not being displayed properly on the reputation panel.

- Newly created player maps that were not modified at least once before being unloaded would cause the floor tiles inside of it to disappear.

- Status effects that stack could be overwritten by lower leveled versions.

- Electro Shield wasn't using the proper display name for the user when activated.

- Terra Strike was not removing special effect tiles. Clarified its wording.

- Arena NPCs would never shut off Ki Awoken.

- Sky Chariot would cause icon displacement errors.

- Setting Sun was having difficulties in size when used by NPCs.

- Serpent Strikes was using the incorrect damage type for its Acid effect.

- Dense Thunder was not using the strict version of knockback (that only lets it move in a specific direction.)

- Golden Glow was not applying when using Power Up.

- Dense Thunder was not knocking back and was applying its Sound damage to the wrong targets.

- Aid could not target yourself.

- Infected wounds were never inflicting fevers.

- Lunar Lunatism inflicted Charm had too high of a status LV.

- Silence immunity wasn't protecting from the Dancing Lantern's Strangle silence.

- Examining monsters and youkai could show the incorrect description.

- White spirits now give bonus scaling to Buster Cannon at max rank.

- Bloodhunt was giving too much Hit.

- Horned Black Beasts weren't counting for 'defeat black beasts' quests.

- Errant pop-ups for chests were still occurring for gold bar chests.

- Those with farming permissions couldn't dig holes in houses.

- Flanking bonus was not being halved if no allies were in range as intended.

- Fixed some typos.

- Negotiate wasn't displaying the name of the targeted enemy in its battle output.

- Schwarz Sturm could increase even with 0 ranks in the skill.

- Black Beast defeated animation was playing even if you had the 'skip defeat animations' turned on.

- Movement arrows were sometimes being left behind.

- Naga sound effects for footsteps were not playing.

- Bamboo Bo and Bands of the Chimera had improper material types.

- Battle rings weren't moving when using Aliagmato.

- Several item effects were applying HP/FP regen as separate entries instead of as a lump sum at the start of a round.

- Golden Glow did not have its aura effect active.

- Trades could not be initiated if the target was under level 10, even if they had Legend Extended before.

- Hunted LV increased by special effects such as Prayer status effects were not re-applying the status.

- Setting Sun could be blocked by Sanctuary.

- Fighting Pace wasn't working if the user was a Dullahan.

- Rituals were being consumed even if you selected cancel when selecting a spirit.

- Material kits crafting was all messed up.

- Failsafe wasn't working for random chests armed with traps.

- Kadouha's damaged was not being increased by the ki consumed.

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SL2 Version 1.73

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


New Race Board - Updated the appearance and functions of the race board. Existing characters can click them in an Asago building to see the updated look, or to brush up on their racial knowledge.

- Rogue trap duration changed from 3 rounds to 2+Rank rounds.

- Sarashi Gi's critical bonus is no longer shown on the character screen while out of combat.

- Magnetize now gives a bonus to Hit equal to half of its LV, up to a maximum of 50.

- Bloodhunt's Hit bonus is now equal to 1 per 2% missing HP (instead of per 1%).

- Blessed's Hit bonus is now equal to half of your Scaled FAI.

- Focused Mind's Hit bonus is now equal to 3 per Rank (from 5 per Rank).

- Magnet Shell's basic effect duration changed to 3 rounds, level changed to 3 per Rank.

- Bright Shell's bonus effect now creates a Light Shaft at the target's location for 3 rounds instead of applying a status effect.

- Aerial Attacker's hit bonus changed to 5 + half of your Scaled SAN (from 100% of Scaled SAN).

- Bright Bishop's Glowing status LV changed to 5 * Rank (from half of damage dealt).

- Zugzwang's Hit bonus changed to 3 * Rank (from 5 * Rank).

- Flanking bonus is now halved if no other allies are within in melee range.

- Flanking bonus is also halved if not attacking the enemy from the location directly behind them. (This stacks with the above and vice versa.)

- Distortion's Evade bonus changed to 10 + 5 per Rank (from 10 + 10 per Rank). Duration extended to 5 rounds.

- Green-Scale Tunic's Evade bonus changed from 1 Evade per 1% missing FP to 0.5 Evade per 1%.

- Thousand Stab's scaled stat bonus is now 100% of the scaled stat (from 50%).

- Hirazuki, Kagekiri, and Shukuchi are now classified as movement skills (and are thus prevented by Immobilize).

- Trade requests that time out now say that they do instead of saying the request was denied.

- Added a few missing Darkwood Manor tiles to the DISCer.

- Adjusted the base STR and STR per level of Super Shark enemies (such as Fangs).

* Bug Reports

- The battle bar was showing the incorrect FP cost for skills in some cases.

- Certain items were adding to the incorrect stack when they shouldn't have been.

- Warning Shot could not be used with mutated weapons.

- Biography files were not being removed when a character was deleted.

- Jetpack was letting you land on top of other units.

- Caravan NPCs could spawn on the same tile.

- World events should no longer start if reboot messages have begun showing.

- Only magnet-based pull effects were applying Astral Belt's damage.

- Healing Glow wasn't able to target allies when used by converted Delvers.

- Talents could be increased beyond normally limited values.

- Claret Call was not being reapplied in certain cases.

- Special attacks weren't working when used from the battle bar.

- Teleport traps now cancel your click-based movement.

- The quest inside of Darkwood Manor was causing issues if you already had a certain item by the time you began it.

- Professor Pink's Laboratory is a little bit wider now to help with the new race board interface.

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SL2 Version 1.72

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


Reputation System - Added a new system for reputations with various locations. Currently this has a few effects, most noticeably that you may pay slightly more or less at inns, blacksmiths, and shops depending on your reputation, but may also prevent you from using certain services if your reputation is too low. This system will be expanded in the future.

- Tannis now has a town marshall.

- Hexer's Wretched Oil Earth and Darkness scaling reduced to 20% + 5% per Rank (from 50% + 5% per Rank).

- Ghost's Ghostwind spell FP cost changed to 20 + 1 per Rank (from 12 + 2 per Rank). Swords and axes are now valid casting tools for this spell.

- Demon Hunter's Matador skills now deal magic damage (otherwise unchanged).

- Wound infliction notifications are now in a slightly red text to help them standout.

- Optimizations to skill selection and action list generation/lookup. (Let me know if you experience any issues with battling, skill selection, your skill lists or missing skills, etc.)

- Self-Service in the Maintenance talent now applies fully to the main hand weapon if the sub-weapon has no durability damage.

- Randomly generated battlefields are now slightly smaller to help facilitate faster battles.

* Bug Reports

- Landmarker sub-talent was not applying for the full duration.

- Activating skills from the battle bar was inconsistent with skills like Copy spells and should be have uniformly now.

- Flame Jetwing was behaving incorrectly when used by Jhunn itself.

- Mayelia was proccing way too many times when removed from battle.

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SL2 Version 1.71

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!


New Material - Conduiz, a lightning-themed metal.

New Religion - Added a prayer tool for the Nameless God.

New Youkai - A variation Youkai, Jhunn, has been added.

Black Beast Escalation Part 1 - Once the total number of packs defeated is 50 or higher, a new type of Black Beast will spawn. This version has a chance to drop Magic Mud.

- Boxer's Sturm Shreik base scaling changed to 80% + 10% per rank (from 100%.)

- Boxer's Orkam Drehen base scaling changed to 80% + 7% per rank (from 100%.)

- Boxer's Korkenzieher base scaling changed to 90% + 8% per rank (from 110%.)

- Black Knight's Forced Move FP cost, pull strength, and slow effect LV have been adjusted.

- Razing Salamander's default material is now Firebark.

- Sayakana's material type is now cloth.

- When using Copy Spells from a non-Rogue class, Rogue Destiny characters are now treated as having the maximum rank of that spell.

- Material Change Kits are now a separate option on alchemy devices.

- Set effects now only give bonuses per unique item equipped, meaning you can't get a set bonus by equipping two of the same weapon, for example.

- The contribution to packs defeated made by militia during Black Beast attacks is now shown as a region message.

* Bug Reports

- Darkwood Kitchen Set didn't display its use icon.

- Material Change Kits were still being taken if you selected cancel.

- Vent Petale was working if you had two swords or two spears equipped instead of the actual requirements.

- Darkwood Moon Painting had an icon error.

- Gravestone was not giving its bonus Claret Call damage.

- Flottement will now only move you if the tile you'd move to is a valid battle tile.

- Having your FAI reduced too much could cause a loss of minimum contracts (which should be 5 regardless of stats).

- The level up button was not going away after increasing a craft level to the maximum possible level.

- The footprints in the Darkwood Manor were showing at too high of a drawing layer.

- Having auto-end turn unselected could cause issues with double turns and various other things when controlling allies.

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SL2 Version 1.70

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!

Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Aspects - Added new aspects for Guile and Sanctity.

- Kingslayer's STR scaling increased to 90% (from 75%).

- Lunar Lunatism's status LVs are now equal to half of your scaled SAN (from 100% of it.)

- Archer's Cripple Arm and Cripple Leg will now treat Gun attacks as if they were single-shot.

- Dragon King set now also increases the soft cap for Strength by 3 per piece equipped.

- Reuse and Recycle now applies to Engineer bots which are alive at the end of a battle.

- Respeccing your talents no longer causes spirits to be released; if you begin a battle with an insufficient Possession subrank, however, you will lose spirits above the cap.

- Hanging's range scaling with a white spirit boosting it at max rank is now increased by 1.

- Various PvE Adjustments

-- Lowered the scaling of Kinu 1's weapon slightly.

-- Removed Goblin Giant's additional stats per level (0.5 STR, 1.2 VIT per level).

-- Lowered the scaling of Goblin Giant's weapon slightly at levels 1 - 25.

-- Lowered the story boss Winged Guardian's HP to 600 (from 1000).

-- Lowered the scaling of story boss Winged Guardian's weapon slightly.

* Bug Reports

- Pure Genius was incorrectly applying its old effects as well as the new ones.

- Dragon Remains was not being treated as an Ore-type material for changing materials via kits.

- Material Change Kits were being consumed even if you cancelled the item selection.

- Blade Mastery's Reliability talent subpath wasn't applying unless you had Weapon Discipline active.

- Quickness's description was incorrect in regards to its Move bonus.

- Material Change Kits weren't changing the crafted icon for items when used.

- It wasn't possible to trigger the Argentyle shortcut.

- Campfire Kits weren't working in camps.

- Gain Air was causing sound issues.

- Berserk Shell was giving 50 more Critical than it was meant to.

- Headless Knight's monster weapon was doing Blunt damage instead of Slash damage.

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