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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.20


Still working out the issues with crashes, but in the mean time, here's what we added this week. Apologies for the boring looking notes.

Farming - You can now plant things and harvest the results. The process to plant things usually goes like this:
  1. Get seeds. These can be created at a Chopping Board.
  2. Get a shovel, bucket, and a hoe. All of these can be created at an Anvil or Alchemy Station.
  3. Find a grassy tile away from NPCs and use the shovel to dig a hole.
  4. Use the hoe on the hole to turn it into farming soil.
  5. Use the seeds on the hole to plant them.
  6. Use a bucket at a well or water source to fill it up; then use it on the planted seeds to water them. You'll want to water them often.
  7. Once they reach maturity, double click the plant to harvest it.

  • Notes:
  • There is a limit to how many crops you can plant outside of player houses (10 max).
  • Once matured, if the plant is not in a player house, anyone can harvest it unless you have a scarecrow nearby (also crafted at the anvil/alchemy station).
  • If you have a treasure map that leads to a tile where a crop is planted, you can receive the treasure by double clicking on the farm soil.

Story Updates - Many NPCs are now willing to talk about a new topic; Recent Events, giving their thoughts or opinions on the recent IC event that occured.
Adjusted - Inns now save when you use them.
Adjusted - The Church Expansion has received some new tiles and tiles it was missing.
Adjusted - Missing stamps are now auto-delivered on login.
Adjusted - Jammer Beta's Acidic Reaction skill will now deal 1 Acid damage to you when it's triggered.
Adjusted - Some trees now drop food items when you chop at them.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where books could get an empty name until relog if you cancelled the prompt to rename them.
- Fixed a bug where Magaisendo could cause weird icon offsets if you were Airborne.
- Fixed a bug where tiles added as overlays or underlays were not being saved and loaded properly.
- Fixed a bug where the HUD would sometimes display even if you were just sitting on the title screen.
- Fixed a bug where Shared Joy would reduce HP healing effects equal to 1 to 0 instead.
- Fixed a bug where you had to be standing on the appropriate hole in order to receive Treasure Map rewards, instead of just searching the hole.
- Fixed a bug where Akimbo wasn't taking into account weapon modifications of the sub-weapon when determining how many shots to fire.
- Fixed a bug where Air Pressure was missing a good portion of its active space when used by a monster.
- Fixed a bug where houses could unload if the only inhabitants were inside of a battle.
- Fixed a bug where Recklessness and Steel Mind weren't removing all instances of Fear (they were only removing one instance).

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.19


Here we are, episode 1.19 on this long-standing show. What do we have this week?

Just read the patch notes.

Attack Forecast Improvements - The attack forecast has been improved in several ways.
  • Rather than showing up in the text box, the attack forecast will appear over the enemy (or enemies, if multiple targets).
  • Only you will see the attack forecast, as it currently functions. You will also see your weapon's icon next to the expected damage/hit/critical.
  • Click the spoiler below to see a screenshot of it in action.


Iahsus Mood Tracker - laplaceNET now has a section dedicated to showing you what Iahsus' current mood is.
  • The layout of laplaceNET has received some visual changes as well.
  • Click the spoiler below to see a screenshot of the changes. (Note that the Iahsus icon will 'glow' in-game.)


New Dungeon Title - A new dungeon title has been added; Accel.
  • Accel is a new battle style, similar to Stylish.
  • In an Accel Battle, your turn comes based on your CEL, and everyone takes their turns independently of each other.
  • This means that monsters can move while you are deciding which skill to use, or even attack you.
  • Rounds will 'trigger' every 5 seconds; so a 3 duration skill will last about 15 seconds.
  • Click the spoiler below to see a screenshot of an Accel battle. (Although it doesn't capture what it's like to be in one very well!)


Church DISCer Expansion & Housing Improvements - Added a new DISCer expansion and some functionality to use with it.
  • Added the Church DISCer expansion, featuring tiles from the Mercalan Church in Lispool.
  • Contains about 43 tiles and a handful of new furniture craftables, including one that doesn't require an expansion.
  • Tiles can be inserted as overlays on an existing tile by using Shift+Click.
  • Tiles can be inserted as underlays on an existing tile by using Ctrl+Click.
  • Note that the above effect is purely visual, and the original tile will retain its density/opaqueness.
  • To see a preview screenshot, click the spoiler!


New Crafting Skill - A new crafting skill has been added; Tool Creation. You can use this to... create... tools... Can be accessed at anvils and alchemy tables for convenience.
  • Moved Woodcutting Axes to Tool Creation.
  • Added 12 new items, including 4 types of Shovels and 8 types of traps.
  • Now take a look at this! If you want to see a preview.


Black Beasts - The Black Beasts refuse to let up and have set their sights on a different coast this time, beginning their assault on Tannis. Just where are these things coming from?..
  • Black Beasts will now attack Tannis sometimes in addition to Dormeho.
  • Black Beasts that spawn during the raids on towns now have a chance to drop new items called Black Books. The chance to drop these items is higher for high level Black Beasts.
  • Please send help to the location below immediately!


Map-Like Things? - I don't know much about these, but I'm told by a trusted associate of the Asago Corporation that they can drop rarely from B.D.P. bosses that are level 30 or higher... What could the point of these be?

Adjusted - Cleaning battle damage caused by Black Beast attacks now costs 3 physical stamina, because it is exhausting.
Adjusted - Crystalize now imparts immunity to being re-rocked for the rest of the round after shattered by the effect of Crystal Blade.
Adjusted - Hirazuki has been adjusted so that it no longer checks if the line is 'valid'; it will instead check on a per-step basis and end if the next move is impossible.
Adjusted - Breezecloth now gives +5% Wind Resistance for non-torso items.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Ritual Sword was always using your main weapon for its attack, regardless of its type.
- Fixed a bug where Onyx youkai gifts had the wrong icon and name.
- Fixed a bug where you could open up the traits menu in battle.
- Fixed a bug where the battle weight reduction from the Blade Mastery talent wasn't applying to dagger weapons.
- Fixed a bug where Spectre Sword's special enchantment was applying on hit even if it wasn't the thing hitting.
- Fixed a bug where Narcus's bonus damage could be applied by non-Narcus weapons.
- Fixed a bug where the White Bishop Statue furniture item had the wrong name.
- Fixed a bug where houses would not unload while empty.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.18

Another week, another update.

One of the things I see constantly on the suggestions forum is the ability to gather resources from outside of dungeons, but one thing that always held me back from doing so is that, unless those resources are limited in some way, they become overabundant. But if they're limited, some jerk might just go around and collect everything by themself before anyone else has a chance to do so, which isn't nice or fun. So after thinking about it for a while, I decided we might as well add a new resource system to help counter-act such a problem. Which leads us to two new 'stats'; Physical Stamina and Mental Stamina.

These two are resources. As of this update, only one is ever affected; Physical Stamina is drained when you use the new woodcutting axes. Yes, you can now chop down all those lovely trees you see for wood, and get wood depending on the type of tree, as long as you have the stamina, and an axe. I like this solution because it doubles as a roleplaying system, in a way. You'll get tired, and have to take a break, maybe eat a meal, before you can get back to work. Trees won't be immediately chopped down; they can be gathered from so many times until they're reduced to a stump. That stump will regrow eventually, about 12 in-game hours later. I wouldn't think about it too much, honestly.

I imagine these stats could be ported to a number of other in-game activites, like cleaning up the battle scars of a Black Beast attack. If you have any ideas for current or new things to consume this stamina, feel free to post them.

New Equipment Items - 10 new items have been added to the loot table.
  • Rarities of new items are 6 to 9.

Stamina System - Added two new resource statistics; Physical Stamina and Mental Stamina.
  • These are represented by a green and blue circle on the character bar. The more full the circle is, the more you have available.
  • The maximum values of these are equal to your base VIT and base WIL respectively.
  • Both recover every hour and when you eat a meal. The amount recovered of each depends on the food's HP Regen and FP Regen respectively.

Woodcutting - You can now craft woodcutting axes at forges. You can use these axes when facing most trees to gather wood from them. Axes have a certain 'swing speed' and durability that will cause them to break after so many uses. (Note that you can't cut down some trees, usually those in towns.)
  • Cutting down a tree requires a woodcutting axe and physical stamina.
  • After cutting at the tree for a short time, you will collect wood depending on the type of tree it is.
  • Collecting enough wood from a tree will cause it to be chopped down. While in this state, you can't gather wood from it. Chopped down trees will reappear over time.

Gun Upgrading - You can now upgrade guns at blacksmiths. The Power upgrade of guns applies uniquely; it will spread over multiple rounds, similar to the damage received from your SKI stat.
New Preference Setting - You can now select 'Smart' as an option for Mouse Click Movement. While in this mode, the game will not attempt to move you if you have windows such as character or inventory screens open.
New Trait - 1 new trait has been added; Maneuver: Ambidexterity lets you choose which weapon (main or sub) you will use for various skills, as long as both weapons are valid for that skill.
Bonder Medals - Bonder medals have been added. If you fulfill the conditions for the medals already, talk to Medaru Jiisan in Oniga.
Item Description Improvements - A variety of things about the item description window have been improved.
  1. The window is now a little taller, making it easier to see certain tooltips.
  2. Attack range for weapons is now displayed.
  3. Weapon 'Damage Type' parameter can now be hovered over to show the original damage type, and it now correctly displays the weapon's current damage type (IE, if the weapon's damage type changed due to weapon customization parts.)
  4. Armor 'Weight' parameter can be hovered over for a breakdown of the Base and Mod, as with weapons.
  5. Gun 'Rounds' paramtere can be hovered over for a break down of the Base and Mod, like other weapon parameters.
  6. Set Item names can be hovered over for a breakdown of what the set will do when enough items of that set are equipped.
  7. Weapon-type information (such as About Guns, etc.) is now stored in a more flexible manner.
  8. Updated the weapon-type information for guns to include how they interact with your SKI stat and Power upgrades.
  9. Added weapon-type information for bows that includes how their Hit is reduced in melee range.
  10. Added weapon-type information for daggers to show they can be equipped by all classes.

Trade & Inventory Improvements - Several things have been added or changed to these in order to improve player experience.
  1. Removed redundant updating of the item list when adding or removing items to the Trade Box.
  2. Better item sorting for several categories. (Example; Keys are now in the Home category.)
  3. Added filter buttons to the trade window to help navigate large inventories.

Status Effect Icons - Added a baker's dozen or so new status effect icons to the game, courtesy of Ryu-Kazuki.
Tome Icons - Added new icons for Flamberg, Zeroraid, Fullgust, and Blacksand tomes, courtesy of Cecil.
Adjusted - Yomidori's effect on Hit is now displayed in the attack forecast.
Adjusted - Multifront and Widespin now display an attack forecast for each target it will hit. In addition, Widespin will properly display its Hit penalty in the Attack Forecast.
Adjusted - The following status effects now stack on an individual-causer basis, due to the nature of their effects;
  • Hunted
  • Marked For Death
  • Magnetized
  • Charm
  • Auto-Hit (Soul Shot)
  • Covering Fire

Adjusted - Face-icons displayed in the player bar are now wrapped in the portrait border to make them look prettier.
Adjusted - Redundant recovery messages when an item is used have been removed, since that information is displayed automatically now.
Adjusted - Divine weapon enchantment effect changed to +2 Power, +5 Critical, +5 Accuracy, -2 Weight. (If existing weapons are not affected by this change, please post a bug report after you have made absolutely sure.)
Adjusted - Arena Combatants now use Gravestone only if they aren't within effect range of another one, and only if it's been 2 or more rounds since their last use.
Adjusted - Weapon selection for skills has been changed to a more consistent process; if the main weapon fits the criteria, it will be always be used. Otherwise, the sub-weapon will, if it fits the criteria. So in instances where you are wielding the same weapon type in each hand, put the weapon you want to be used for skills in the main hand.
Adjusted - Restored the game's program icon. It probably also looks nicer on Windows 7 than before.
Adjusted - Toggle skills can now be put into the battle bar; activating turns them on and off, as you'd expect.
Adjusted - Wraithguard now reduces damage by 30% (from 50%).
Adjusted - Painproof's HP cost has been reduced to 15% (from 25%).

* Bug Fixes
- Charm's status effect description has been updated to reflect its new function.
- Fixed an issue where Earthbound Fog and Mercalan Mist were preventing several functions, such as Youkai target declaration and checking statuses. (Checking statues remains forever blocked by Mist skills, however.)
- Fixed an issue where Riagri was completing too quickly, making it possible for AIs to avoid the projectiles.
- Fixed a bug where Fortune Feather's activation was behaving incorrectly when checking if you were Weak or Resist versus certain elements.
- Fixed a bug where Bonder was missing 5% of its FAI growth.
- Fixed a bug where Youkai gifts were failing to drop from ore veins most of the time.
- Fixed a bug where Ritual Sword's ritual summoning was causing cloning.
- Fixed a bug where Ritual Sword was not using the correct weapon when using more than one Sword-type weapon.
- Fixed a bug where Infernal Summon was infernally summoning non-Bonded Youkai.
- Fixed a bug where Youkai were gaining friendship even when they weren't summoned.
- Fixed a bug where equipment items without any special effect properties weren't showing their Customization slots in the item description window.
- Fixed a bug where monsters were aiming Stone Dragon a bit too far away from their intended target.
- Fixed a bug where Combat Text, Window Flash, and Chat Filter preferences were not saving.
- Fixed a bug where Arena Combatants could spawn with items that normally shouldn't generate, such as boss weapons.
- Fixed a bug where Black Bubble was not damaging enemies inside of a Sanctuary.
- Fixed a bug where Skip and other 0 Momentum skills would take 1 Momentum in Stylish mode.
- Fixed a bug where Invocations were not receiving Momentum cost reductions from Stylish mode.
- Fixed a bug where Invocations were not receiving Repeat Action penalties (not that it matters).
- Fixed a bug where Medaru Jiisan forgot to give out medals for Hexer, Priest, and Bonder.
- Fixed a bug where Fruit of Talentlessness wasn't unequipping invalid weapons and itembelt slots.
- Fixed a bug where Warning Shot wasn't receiving Momentum penalties from Repeat Action.
- Fixed a bug where the Show Unusable Skills setting wasn't working properly when set to Off.
- Fixed a bug where Aliagmato was not using the correct range of the skill when enchanted with Galren (due to an issue involving size checking when simulating attack patterns).
- Fixed a bug where AI associates weren't facing towards the target of their skills and attacks.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.17

So, it's been a little while since our last update. The reason, of course, being those woeful computer troubles. But the clouds have parted and now the light shines on another update. A rather plump one, at that!

First, we have a new Summoner promoted class, which brings all existing classes to having two promoted classes each. I think, for the near future, I'm going to shift focus away from class additions, and work on other things. We're in a good spot and everyone's nicely represented. That said, I have every intention of adding many more classes, so class lovers need fear not. To go along with the new class, a large number of changes have been made to Youkai and things surrounding them.

We also have a large number of gameplay related changes, some balance related, and some adding new functionality to existing skills. Balance changes are of course intended to make things that people find frustrating more capable of management and just make things more fun and varied overall. A jewel is more interesting to look at when it has many facets to it.

But with that all out of the way, the notes are below, so read them if you want to know what's up!

Bonder - A new Summoner promoted class, the Bonder, has been added. Bonders, like their name suggests, favor bonding with a small number of Youkai. Though that bond, the Youkai and the Bonder work in harmony, bringing out the potential in each. To a Bonder, Youkai are not only tools of power, but irreplacable friends.
  • Added 12 new skills belonging to this class.

New Preference Settings - Added 2 new settings to the preference menu.
  • Combat Text - While on, all combat related text will be displayed in the main chat box. While off, it will only display in the battle tab.
  • Chat Filter - While on, replaces most curse words with Sigrogana Legend appropriate words. Turn it on if you hate curse words or just want the authentic Sigrogana Legend experience.

Stylish PvP - You can now request that the 'style mode' of a PvP match be Stylish. This is the same as the Stylish mode found in (ahem) Stylish dungeons. Please refer to this topic if you are unfamiliar with what that means.
Sound Effects - Added sound effects for summoning Youkai and for missed attacks.
Adjusted - Charm now behaves differently. Instead of causing those affected to be treated as your allies, you now take reduced damage from enemies you have charmed equal to LV%. (Essentially, it behaves as a reversed Hunted, which increases damage you take from the causer by a percentage.) The following abilities that inflict Charm have changes listed next to them.
  • Wink; No longer has level restrictions. Charm LV is equal to half of Lilu's level.
  • Black Rose; Charm LV is equal to half of Wawa's level.
  • Alluring Beauty; No changes.
  • Rose Whip; Charm LV is 15. (Existing items may not be affected.)
  • Papilion Butterflies; Charm LV, if Charm is inflicted, is 10 instead of 3.

Adjusted - Youkai skills have received a large number of adjustments.
  1. Damage formula now follows this pattern: [Stat] + [half of Youkai LV]. (The only exception to this is Byakko's Thunder Claw, which deals Stat + Youkai LV.)
  2. FP cost now follows this pattern; [Base Cost] + [half of Youkai LV].

The following Youkai skills have been changed into Spells. Note that Evoke skills do not receive damage bonuses from items that would boost Spells, nor do they receieve Power bonuses from Tome weapons. This change simply makes Silence a more dangerous status for Summoner classes and may force them to summon the Youkai in question if they want the skill to be used. Without further ado;
  • Fire Wail (Nerifian)
  • Wink (Huggessoan)
  • Ruby Beam (Isespian)
  • Apodis (Mercalan)
  • Black Rose (Huggessoan)
  • Hunter Wind (Sylphid)
  • Cresyr (Aquarian)
  • Fairy Lance (Mercalan)
  • Frostbite (Aquarian)
  • Whirlpool (Aquarian)
  • Shatter Beam (Isespian)
  • Deathtouch (Huggessoan)

Adjusted - Youkai friendship has received several adjustments.
  1. Chance for Youkai gifts to drop from ore nodes increased to 3% (from 1%).
  2. Friendship gain for gifts the Youkai's race prefers increased to 5x normal value (from 2x).
  3. Friendship now increases by 0.2 if a Youkai is summoned when a battle is won.
  4. Experience points acquired by the Youkai is now increased by 1% for every point exceeding 60 Friendship. (At max Friendship, this is a 40% increase.)
  5. The friendship bar in the Youkai Contract Manager now changes colors depending on if you are below or above the threshold with which they can ignore orders. (This is also the indicator for if a Youkai is a Bonded Youkai.)

Adjusted - Changed something in the attack power calculation to simplify something. If you notice any irregular damage values with skills that require specific weapon types, please report it.
Adjusted - Dullahans no longer have to fulfill the armor type requirement to unlock the Kensei and Evoker classes (namely because they can't).
Adjusted - Elemental enchant spells now convey a 25% weakness, instead of a 50% weakness. Badges remain the same.
Adjusted - Galren now causes Earth damage you deal to inflict Magnetize for 2 rounds (LV = half of damage dealt).
Adjusted - Sacred Art now also causes the skill it benefits to scale with 100% of your STR instead of only 75% (Wazabane is unaffected by this change because it is not an autohit.)
Adjusted - Heaven Kick's Earth Impact effect has been changed. Damage is still increased by 2 per Rank if you are counted as being enchanted with Galren, but the Knockdown effect will only occur if you have the Galren status effect active. The minimum range has also been increased to 6 (from 5).
Adjusted - Wretched Oil can now only poison enemies within 5 Range.
Adjusted - Exgalfa now fires an additional 2 fireballs if you are enchanted with Nerhaven. The +/- damage effect has been increased to 3*Rank (from 2*Rank).
Adjusted - Bombs can no longer be blocked by the effects of Sanctuary.
Adjusted - Upgrade, while active, gives Bombs the user places a bonus to damage equal to twice its Power bonus, and causes the explosion radius to be doubled.
Adjusted - Using Voidgate on a Frayed Voidgate now causes it to fire and reduces its duration by 1. (Since you do not teleport, there is no Momentum reduction or cost refund.)
Adjusted - You can now use Absorb Veil while Veil Off is active. Doing so will end the status and restore FP equal to half of its LV.
Adjusted - Rapid Kick now only applies half of Ice Point Greaves' damage each kick (instead of 100%).
Adjusted - Ice Point Guard now increases Resistance as well as Defense.
Adjusted - Claret Call, Unmarkable, and Fear can now stack on a per-person basis (so if you inflict Fear and an ally inflicts Fear on the same target, they both apply).
Adjusted - Sun Flare now has an animation.
Adjusted - Board Shaker's Range has been increased to 4 (from 2).
Adjusted - Shatter Beam now deals Earth physical damage equal based on the caster's VIT instead of STR.
Adjusted - Immolate now deals Fire damage equal to the caster's WIL + half of their level (down from 100% of level).
Adjusted - Critical Evade is now increased by half of your DEF.

* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where you could Blink and Haunting into battlefield tiles occupied by dense objects.
- Fixed a bug where Frosttouch's damage wasn't unresistable.
- Fixed a bug where walking through focus butterflies would give the message to the same person multiple times, and corrected a small typo in the message.
- Fixed a bug where Burning Bracers' damage wasn't unresistable.
- Fixed a bug where Miu would fail to do damage inside of a Sanctuary.
- Fixed a bug where Air Pressure would not give bonus Momentum when hitting a weakness.
- Fixed a bug where Sanguine Star was not receiving the Power bonus from your Sword weapon, and clarified that it does deal damage based on your STR.
- Fixed a bug where Stone Dragon would always appear in front of you instead of the location you targeted.
- Fixed a bug where Needle's detonation was damaging the causer instead of the victim of the status effect.
- Fixed a bug where Black Bolt's bonus effects were being applied even if you didn't have the proper skill ranks.
- Fixed a bug where Youkai friendship wasn't updating when you selected a different contract in the Youkai Contract Manager.
- Fixed a bug where Arena Combatants of the Ghost class could use Death Gaze on targets that were not marked by Claret Call and Feared.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.16

Linked by Fate when?!

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