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This is the home site and community forums for games created by me, Devourer of Souls, aka Neus. All of the games mentioned here are free to play, multiplayer, and utilize the BYOND game software, which is also free. If you'd like to check them out, the menu to the left contains links to the game!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.13

1.13 is now upon us! This is a relatively calm update before next weeks, which I intend to possibly (maybe) potentially have a new promoted class in it (maybe?). It features several things, all of which you can read about below, but I will not go into particular detail about because it's all right there and rather short, so get to reading!

Castle Dungeon Revamp - The Castle dungeon theme has been revamped to feature more complicated room designs and be more visually appealing to the exploring adventurer.
Dagger Crafting - You can now craft 8 different Dagger weapons at a forge. The recipes can be purchased from existing recipe books. (More to come when we get some new items added.)
New Page - A new page type, the Storm Page, has been added. This page will affect spells of the Weather domain similar to other pages.
Snowmen - You can now create snowmen out of various piles of snow around Lispool.
Adjusted - Random dungeons now get larger and larger in size the more floors down you go.
Adjusted - Adjusted the spawn rates of monsters in random and permanent dungeons. Previously, the spawn rate was rather high, especially for permanent dungeons. The new rate should make exploring a bit more easy to manage. Furthermore, the minimum and maximum number of enemies increases the deeper you go into a dungeon.
Adjusted - When affected by a knockback effect, the Corpse Hand's Restrain effect will now instantly end.
* Bug Fixes
- Prescribed potions now correctly heal for a percentage of the target's HP.
- Fixed a bug where having multiple shop stalls could cause shopkeepers to be stolen by void thieves.
- Fixed several exploitative bugs. As a reminder, if you find a bug that gives you a noticably unfair advantage and you do not report it, you are an exploiter, and exploiters often end up banned from the game. On the flip side, people who report bugs of this nature are often rewarded, so please contact me in private (either via pager of PM) if you ever discover one of these issues.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.12

Some weeks ago, I mentioned in-game that we might be getting a new town in a few weeks. I'm sure you all thought I was just saying that, but now I have come to prove you wrong with this update, which does in fact add a new town. Lispool is finally coming in this update. I had originally planned to do this in December, but other things took priority, so I decided to do it in January. Not a moment too soon, since there's only a few days left in the month.

Some other minor changes are in this update as well; a fix for the lag spikes that have been happening, and the status infliction rate adjustment that was discussed a while ago.

Added - You can now access the town of Lispool on Lordwain via a Mage's Guild teleporter.
Adjusted - Changed the default layer for Shaitan racial icon parts; they're now the same as the torso items, so you can choose whether you want them to appear above your torso or below it (depending on the order they were added).
Adjusted - The status infliction formula is now SKI+(WIL/2)+LUC. This is a change from SKI*2+WIL+LUC, due to a tendency to go far over the 100% success rate at high levels. You can read more about why this change was made here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=458&start=30
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where associates such as Seeker Flames could get stuck in an infinite loop in Stylish dungeons.
- Fixed a bug where Red Cape and Soul Shot immunities weren't applying properly.
- Fixed a bug where the fishing puddle was being displayed too close to the character if you were facing towards the camera.
- Fixed a bug where outfits weren't saving the new pixel offset options for icon parts.
- Fixed a bug where Maintenance was applying to some non-weapon recipes.
- Fixed a bug where Death Knighting wasn't displaying your health ring until after your HP changed for the first time after casting it.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.11

Neus » Wed Jan 21, 2015 4:19 am wrote:
In the mean time, here's a preview, if you're interested!
Compare to the current castle dungeons, and it's no contest which looks better. But more on that later.

The 'doors' could get more fitting icons though.

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.10

1.10 contains a feature which has been often suggested; the support for in-game player factions (guilds). Currently, the function is pretty basic; you can make guilds, invite players to the guild, change their ranks. Other people can see what guild you're in if they mouse over your character. Things like that. However, I plan to add more features involving guilds in the future, so the basic functionality is quite important!

This update also has some minor updates to Dormeho to reflect the last update's story event; speaking of which, Black Beast attacks will now occur slightly less frequently than before (the rate was quite high before since I wanted everyone to be able to check them out, since they were new. Now that it's been a week, it's time to tone down the rate a bit.) Also, face-icon states have been re-enabled with the footnote that, while the adjustments made should prevent any crashes, that if the unfortunate happens, they will need to be disabled again. But hopefully it won't come to that.

Added - You can now purchase a Guild Charter from Guildmaster Vernes in Chaturanga.
  • You can use the Guild Charter to create a guild.
  • Joining a guild lets you display the guild's name, its icon, and your rank in the guild when someone hovers their mouse over you. (You can toggle this function on/off in preferences.)
  • Guilds can communicate via guild-chat as well, which only displays to online guild members.
  • Guilds are a good way to organize existing IC player factions and will have additional features relating to them added in future updates.
  • If you have suggestions for additions to this system, post them in the suggestions forum.

Added - Sigrogana has dispatched a special unit of guards to Dormeho to ensure the safety of the civilans. Ordered to remain indoors, high-ranking officers serving the Empire have suggested that people spend as little time on the streets as possible, in case of a sudden attack by the beasts. It has also stated that it is sparing no expense to see the threat taken care of once and for all, as soon as possible.
Adjusted - Due to an overwhelming response in its defense, it seems the Black Beasts have lessened their efforts to break Dormeho, and will be attacking less frequently. However, many officers speculate that whatever force is behind them is taking this time to devise a new strategy, or perhaps extend their campaign on another target...
Adjusted - You can now use Shift and Ctrl activate commands with WASD mode on random chests (just like how they behave with clicking.)
Adjusted - The Reload status for Magic Gunner's Overcharge skill has been changed to 2 rounds (from 4).
Adjusted - Interference Shell's unsummon effects are now effective against Seeker Flames.
Adjusted - Face Icon States have been re-enabled. However, when you upload a new face-icon file, you will be forced to relog (due to some BYOND crashes caused with this feature).
Adjusted - Moved around some things relating to saving and obsolete mob deletion. Players shouldn't notice a difference, but a note is made here, just in case.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Steel minibosses were taking full damage from physical damage.
- Fixed a bug where you could fish and fix battle damage at the same time.
- Fixed a bug where you could summon Youkai into squares with dense objects.
- Fixed a bug where Interference Shell's Overcharge effect wasn't unsummoning enemy Youkai properly.
- Fixed a bug where Seeker Flame's Kamikaze skill costed 5 FP instead of 0.
- Fixed a bug where you could select Radiant Roa as if it were an active skill.
- Fixed a bug where Ghostwind's 1.5x damage multiplier conditional was applying after resistances were being taken into account, making it deal less damage than intended.
- Fixed a bug where Neverending Story wasn't giving its proper 15% Sound Resistance set bonus.
- Fixed a bug where Farlight was increasing the range of aura effects even if Lantern Bearer wasn't one of your classes.
- Fixed a bug where Radiant Roa was not applying if Izabe was Installed.
- Fixed a bug where Hex skills could not target enemies with the proper status unless the status was caused by you.
- Fixed a bug where the Shell Trigger status from Spark Drive was lasting for 2 rounds instead of just 1 round.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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View the latest post SL2 Version 1.09

The nefarious 'black beasts' have been a rapidly increasing problem in the world of Sigrogana. Beginning as mere annoyances or ghost stories, attacking travellers and merchants from town to town, they have begun to get even more aggressive, going so far as to attack encampments, and now, towns themselves.

The nature of the beasts is completely unnatural, from their movements and targets, to the way they do not leave a corpse; instead, they simply melt into a black puddle, and vanish. There is something far sinister controlling these monsters, with some goal that no one yet understands.

How to handle this threat has been quietly discussed between parties in-the-know for some time, but soon, more will be needed than just plans.

Added - Black Beasts have gotten bold lately. So bold, in fact, that Dormeho is finding itself on the wrong end of their leash.
  • Every so often, Black Beasts will attack Dormeho. A World message will appear in chat when this occurs. (Note that this is an 'OOCish' message for convenience.)
  • Attacks will last for so long; during that time, Black Beasts will roam the town and cause damage to the town.
  • Once the Black Beasts are repelled, all participants will receive XP based on how many were defeated (total).
  • If enough Black Beasts are defeated, a special prize may also be given to all participants.
  • Afterwards, players can clean up the damage the Black Beasts did to the town for even more XP.
  • The threat isn't likely to stop here...

Adjusted - During Doctor Gorri's quest, you talk to him about the Medicine; if you have the proper talents, you might be able to goad more information out of him and earn some extra Experience Points.
Adjusted - The chest that contains the medicine for the above quest can now spawn in one of nine random locations inside of the Goblin Cave.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Silent Prayer could remove Silence even if you were under the effect of Strangling Etacof.

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

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