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by Ranylyn
Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:25 am
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Gun Ripostes
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Re: Gun Ripostes

Alternatively: - "Repel" works with any weapon, and use Str as a modifier regardless of weapon, be it a gun or a tome. - "Repel" is a phyical bash with the weapon, so the above makes sense, but then it still trigger's a Forgery's "Resonance?" Uh, what? - "Hanging" is untested with guns, but still tr...
by Ranylyn
Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:18 am
Forum: Balance Fu
Topic: [Kensei] Die the death!
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Re: [Kensei] Die the death!

100% in favor of limiting what it works with, so long as it makes logical sense.

In combination with the Str+Skill kensei attacks suggestion in the other thread, making it only apply to normals + kensei skills would be neat.
by Ranylyn
Thu Nov 13, 2014 8:13 am
Forum: Balance Fu
Topic: [Kensei Rework]
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Re: [Kensei Rework]

Also as another thing to ponder about; 75% STR and 25% SKI Scaling instead of this, or 50% 50%. +1 approval, completely. This would definitely encourage people to invest in some Kensei attacks (I mean, they have more skill growth than strength) which would mean less points to "maliciously abuse inn...