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Are you a gifted artist of some kind? Want to help contribute to the development of the game? This forum is for just such an occasion.
Used submissions will likely earn you in-game rewards.
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The Submissions Forum

Postby Neus » Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:00 pm

This is the Submissions forum. If you're created assets for the game, such as enemy or item icons, music, or anything really, you can post it here. Here are some basic guidelines for what I'm looking for in a submission.

1) Please make sure the icons you submit are original work or so heavily modified that they might as well be. You can also submit free/open-use graphics. Things I don't want to see are, for example, Suikoden 2's tileset, or Oath to Felghana's enemy sprites, because if the copyright owner complained to me about their use, I'd have to remove them. Which is a bad thing.
2) Quality is important. Submitted things will probably only be used if they're appealing to look/etc at, so try and put forth your best effort.
3) Please do not ask me if or when I will be using something you submitted. I use submitted assets as I find uses for them, so it's normal for your submissions to not show up in-game for a little while.
4) If you'd like to be rewarded for your work, please include your BYOND Key. Rewards will probably come in the form of Asagorians. Note that you're not guaranteed to get anything, but you probably will. If you can't donate to get Asagorians normally, but have some artistic talent, this is a good way to get them!

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