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The laplaceNET Forum

Postby Neus » Wed Nov 12, 2014 5:03 pm

This is an In-Character forum for the laplaceNET system that you see in-game. You can use this forum as a way to do player requests, or post as if your characters in-game were using a forum; albeit with a few rules.

1) No images or smilies. laplaceNET is more akin to something like a telnet BBS, and it likely doesn't support images. It certainly doesn't have any interface or code for its users to use them, nor would the users have any idea how to store them or edit them or anything like that.
2) No real life net lingo. I don't want to see characters rofling about how someone is a noob for not knowing something, or asking that catgirl her a/s/l. This is your opportunity to reimagine a limited 'internet' in a much more fantastical setting than the real world. Be creative.
3) You should probably tag the top of your posts as From: yourusernamehere @ l-net.grm, for clarity, and because it's a good idea. You are only permitted to use the l-net handle you have in-game and you should not try to impersonate others' handles, unless you want to feel my wrath.
4) Other general roleplaying rules apply.

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