Rune Eater's Requests

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Posted to Death
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Rune Eater's Requests

Postby Soapy » Sat Jul 04, 2015 10:54 pm

From: itsblairebitch@l-net.grm

hey what's up so like going into caves to fight monsters isn't really my thing but i like cool stuff so find me some in one and we can trade or whatever since i don't really know where to find a market for this stuff

i can probably pay in murai or those asago things since i haven't been in trouble lately but i have a bunch of old stuff lying around in my room that i don't use anymore too so whatever works for you

i read you can find some kinda rare item on giant goblins and jammers and they sound pretty cool but i haven't seen them yet so hit me up if you find one, i guess i'll try to be around in sigrogana more for the people that don't like replying or whatever?

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