(TLOV) - The Darkness In Your Heart

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(TLOV) - The Darkness In Your Heart

Postby Zeke » Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:20 am

From: zeke@l-net.grm

Do you seek power? Does the allure of infinite power appeal to you? To pass the judgement of death on all of those beneath you? To have legions of soldiers swear their loyalty to you? Would you surrender your mortal flesh if it meant gaining what you desire? The League will provide.

Do you seek glory? There is no greater glory than victory in battle. To watch opponent after opponent fall beneath your superior skill. The greatest knights trembling before your overwhelming presence. The League will provide.

Do you seek revenge? Have you been wronged by someone who believed they were your better? Have you ever had something precious to you stolen? Your honor? Wealth? A lover? Even your child? Have others insisted for you to accept this great injustice while you wish for nothing more than to reclaim what is rightfully yours? To rip the still beating heart out of the one who wronged you in such a cruel way? The League will provide.

Do you seek fortune? You deserve to be wealthy, don't you? Why should others so far less deserving than you hold all of the worlds riches? The League will provide.

If any of these appeal to you, then you belong with us.

We are the darkness that is in every heart, no matter how pure one claims to be.

We are a brotherhood that transcends racial or mortal bindings.

We oppose all who would brand themselves a White Knight.

Death is our eternal companion, smiling down upon those who would oppose us.

Contact me directly if you wish to join our ranks.
((PM me for a Discord invite if you want to be EVIL and do EVIL things with other EVIL people.))

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