Chimera Enterprises - Products

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Chimera Enterprises - Products

Postby Stenzio » Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:00 am

From: justbusiness@l-net.grm

These are the items to be sold in the CE Goods Shopkeeper in Cellsvich.
    Egg's - 10 Murai per egg
    Onions - 10 Murai per onion
    Armor and Weapons - Varies in Price with each

These items, however, are sold straight from those in the Marketing Department. If wishing to buy any, put a request below with the requested items and where to bring them.
    Automated Quills - Able to change the color of the ink; able to transcribe, translate, and replicate languages - 300 Murai for Universal model - 100 for a Single Type; Languages it can translate: Onigan, Chataran, Karatynn, and Alstalsian. (Warning, translation is a -literal- translation, not a proper)
    Floating Books (can be custom fitted with spikes) - Standard retail price plus 50 Murai for floating and 20 murai for custom fitted spikes
    Spider Silk Gloves (with real spider eggs!) - 75 Murai a pair
    Duke'Em Nuke'Em's - Small Robots that punch each other until one of their heads explode into a million pieces (infused with Focus) - 200 Murai for a pair
    Prosthetic Limbs - Varies, commission only
    Magic Fireworks - Different types cost different amounts
    Mechanical Melodies which can perform, sing, dance, etc (pre-recorded songs) - 100 Murai a piece, does one instrument
    Hot Sauce Dispensing Watch - 110 Murai

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