Unban appeal

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Unban appeal

Postby Dr4k0n3i » Sat Nov 18, 2017 3:52 pm

-Sigrogana legend 2
-I used a name against rules
-1000000000000000 hours
-Syldria (i think)
- I would like an unban because i'm very sorry, i was very tilted that day and i didnt want to obey admins, and when my name got changed (cause it was an rp and i used an anime name) i couldnt have a new opportunity to change my own name, and admins put me "ryo" i thought that was unfair, and i got tilter and i put in the description of my characters "i'm jotaro joestar, fuck u admins, iare iare dase, oraoraoraora, i'm a motherfucking jojo reference). ok... i did it bad but i was upset that day (family problems) and i went insane, i would like to play again, thanks for Reading.
i'm very sorry :(

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