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Post by pluiebattante » Mon Mar 13, 2017 1:39 pm

Game you were banned from: SGL2
In-game name (key): Pluiebattante
Reason you were banned: "Trolling"
The length of the ban, if you know: 1e+03 minutes
Who banned you, if you know: Don't know
Why we should unban you: Because I wasn't trolling.

The only thing I was, was rude. But then again the same can be said about the admin editing stuff such as my characters name without even alerting me.

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Re: Banned

Post by Slydria » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:38 pm

You were given a warning prior to it, which does alert you.

The warning itself was along the lines of blatantly copying characters is not allowed, you can be a playby (use a character's picture) but you can't use the character's actual name or something similar to it, nor use aliases the character goes by. (In this case that would be Gattsu/Black Swordsman)

I gave you a good ten minutes to respond, you didn't, so I went ahead and changed your name and alias.

A good five hours later, I get a small snippet that you've been complaining about it on OOC.
OOC Pluiebattante: No. My characters name was Gattsu
OOC Yoren: Was probably inappropriate / anime-related / something like that.
OOC Pluiebattante: Nots Guts.
OOC Lobstercrown: gattsu is literally guts' name
Local OOC Fires: LOL
OOC Yoren: ^
OOC Harasura321: No it isn't
OOC Haen Ma-inal: rofl
OOC Harasura321: Not in copyright land it isn't!
OOC Lobstercrown: guts, gattsu, and gatts are all literally his name
Fires's turn.
OOC Pluiebattante: It's not his name you fucking retard
Pink Sniper's turn.
So I logged back in to settle it which resulted in:
OOC Slydria: Doesn't matter. It's too similiar so it's not allowed. If you want a different name, suggest one that doesn't sound similiar.
Fires says "Yeah, thanks a lot."
OOC Yoren: -> to releasing a being akin to a malevolent god, and so on.
OOC Damycles4: Which is why the first thing I am going to do in your game is find as many ways possible to make the world worse.
Fires says "I definitely learnt a lesson from this."
OOC Haen Ma-inal: neat
OOC Damycles4: Because that kind of shit is my jam
OOC Pluiebattante: Here's a name too similar that you'll hear from me
OOC Pluiebattante: Suck my dick fag

OOC MegaBlues: bjarn which one are you, aaaaa
OOC Trexmaster: my own original character
OOC Trexmaster: bluts
OOC Pluiebattante: Bye xd
Lazy Blonde says "Hm."
OOC Yoren: Lmao @ Trex.
Fires says "--Even Fires can be eaten by Fire."
OOC MegaBlues: sl2 is never a boring time huh
OOC KhalidtheGrey: swapped to this alt so i can have peace and white in an undisclosed location
Fires // bah dum tsss (omit)
OOC KhalidtheGrey: ... peace and white
OOC KhalidtheGrey: what the fuck hands
ADMIN: Pluiebattante was banned for 999999 minute(s) for the following reason: See ya.
It didn't seem to stick so I asked the other GMs if they saw you again to reapply it.

- You used names that weren't acceptable so you got warned.
- You didn't respond so they were changed for you.
- You behaved poorly to others when you finally became aware of it.
- You were told again that it wasn't allowed and were given a chance to have it changed.
- You responded poorly.
- You logged out before the ban.
- You then later continued to be rude.
- Another GM comes and bans you.

Frankly, I'm in no hurry to unban you considering how unpleasant you've been, so you can consider this denied.