Unban Request.

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Wooden Sun
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Unban Request.

Post by Wooden Sun » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:01 pm

Game you were banned from:
Sigrogana Legends 2

In-game name (key):
I got Boosted

Reason you were banned:
It said I was spamming and lorebreaking. I'm not sure if there was more. The game closed right after.

The length of the ban, if you know:
I think 3 days. It said something like 4700 minutes.

Who banned you, if you know:
Don't know.

Why we should unban you:
I wasn't spamming. I know people see flooding the chat as spamming but it's called flooding. It's my way to chat to keep a conversation alive. I chat like this in games, facebook, whatsapp. Anywhere really. Not sure how a way you chat is banworthy. Got no warnings about this as well. Some guy that still has problems with me from way back seemed to complain about this however. He was called sarinpa orsomething. That's his key.

Lorebreaking. I'm pretty sure I didn't break lore. I asked for what I did. All things they claimed weren't said by me. Not sure how this gets me banned as well. Nowhere did I receive a warning or any way to tell me I was actually in the wrong aside from maybe 2 players that didn't like my RP style and found it too aggresive for them to handle. Not sure, looked like it doe. So I stopped roleplaying with him/ her.

Even if I don't get unbanned I'd like to know what I actually did wrong here. No clue how and why I'm banned. Got no warnings, got no pointers from any gm. I just got straight up banned out of the blue. Same happened to my mate. Skarz19. He legit didn't do anything however. He didn't type. He just told me on OOC he was back and he got banned. Can you also explain to me why he's banned. Because you left both of us clueless in this matter.

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Re: Unban Request.

Post by Sarinpa1 » Thu Jul 27, 2017 9:15 pm


Pastebin of whole ooc conversation preluding the ban.

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Re: Unban Request.

Post by Dystopia » Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:19 pm

Hi there,

Let's look at what you and your friend did today.



This behavior is unacceptable, and it's pretty clear what your intentions are here.

You've even been banned before for this behavior, and clearly didn't learn.

Honestly in light of that I see no reason why your bans shouldn't be permanent. This thread is now locked.

Additionally, thank you for logs Sarinpa but please next time don't post on someone else's unban request.
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