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To da Community

Post by Skarz19 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:19 pm

Game: Sigrogana Legend 2

Key: Skarz19
Reason: No idea really
Length: negative 6.3072008*10^7 minutes
Who banned me: Dunnou he/she/it lurked in the shadows and instabanned
My plea:

So I within 10 minutes of playing and respecting the rules, I was roleplaying with my friend and i'm suddenly banned for 'disrupting roleplay'. Not sure why the admins are trigger happy in this game, even if I was somehow disrupting role play( Which I wasn't, I kept it IC and talked bracketed as you can see) there are other ways of dealing with a problem without banning.
The first time I was banned was uncalled for but sure I took it and I was unbanned early ( i'm guessing someone realised it was unjust and out damage the face of the community). Second time yeah sure I guess I broke a rule and was unaware of the lore. This time however was quite uncalled for, sure if anyone has any evidence to contradict what i'm saying please go ahead I don't see the rule saying disliking someone is a bannable offence. If you continue with this tyrant like behavior your playerbase will continue to diminish, be rational once in a while, not everyone is 15 year veteran at roleplaying ok.

I don't feel like waiting until negative 6.3072008*10^7 minutes guys :shock: (1995) to play my favourite game on Byond just because a cult group within this community is vindictive for whatever reason and dislikes me. Let's sort it out guys- thanks.
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Re: To da Community

Post by Slydria » Sun Jul 30, 2017 9:37 pm

No, this isn't about what you just did, this is about the stuff from before and if you bothered to read what the GMs said, this wouldn't be a surprise to you and your friend because it was mentioned that your ban times were going to be made permanent.

It's incredible how much of a lack of awareness you and your friend seem to have. Seriously, between ignoring what the ban tells you, repeatedly ignoring the guidelines to making an unban request, repeatedly ignoring what the GMs had to say, not bothering to read rules and not even having the slightest amount of common sense and lacking the realization that this is a roleplaying game and ruining it for other people isn't going to fly.

Yes, this is getting locked. And again, if you guys bother making any more threads about it expect a forum ban because we are done dealing with your utter nonsense.

Thanks for wasting our time.