Sins of the girlfriend attoned by the boyfriend

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Sins of the girlfriend attoned by the boyfriend

Post by heroshadow » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:25 pm

The game in question is Sigrogana Legends 2.

There are two in-game keys that are of topic, Insanastar and Heroshadow. Insanastar played the role of Insanastar Chaos or Insanity Chaos while Heroshadow donned the role of Michael Sage, the Strange Cloaked Male.

The ban was noticed when Insanastar was playing and she closed the game before I could see what had happened, going with the assumption that the game crashed, for her computer has a tendency of crashing. Because of this, I am left with two possible reasons.

1. We live together, so we share the internet. Therefore, the game considers us as multikeying, preventing us from trading. This one I feel is less likely as I never even saw an admin request for me to unparty with her. If it would make things easier if we did not, I will be sure to let her know.

2. During a trip to Cellsvich, I felt it would help to allow her character a chance to RP, working on developing her character and let her see how the RP aspect of the game is and not just with me, who is rather accepting of her. I figured if there were any issues on an OOC front, someone would say it out loud. During her random antics, I would respond ICly indicating a sense of nervousness about it and it seemed like it was just an awkward character. Considering she was a Pappilion, it would not seem too out of the ordinary to assume acts of insanity that would not make much sense to most. However, there was no indication requesting her to stop her actions on an OOC level.

The duration of the ban is until Fri Jan 14 23:36:55 2000, as posted upon attempting to enter.

The action more likely to trigger the ban took place two hours before the ban. Since I was not logged in during the time of the ban, I was given no opportunity to see the one who banned us.

The reason for this request being made is because of the the possible one who referred to the GM, who goes by the alias of the Silent Redtail. The player in question did not request the actions to stop at an OOC level, leaving it more implied that the acts were more ICly bothersome. I understand if Insanastar needs to change her RPs and character as a whole, and I understand if she herself cannot be unbanned. I figure I should give my side of the story as it affects me as well.

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Re: Sins of the girlfriend attoned by the boyfriend

Post by Dezark » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:40 pm

Hi, I'd like to say this (and I apologize to a GM if this is frowned upon) I'd like to point out some things on this matters. I'm the Silent Redtail player; and yes, I emoted them to step off me. I have no problem with you or your girlfriend and I enjoyed the RP you did, and I'm sure she could do well. The reason her stuff came into question was the 'incarnation of chaos' and being *9 feet tall* and that it was seen in question. She was also informed a few days before that she couldn't be a dimension hopper at the time. There a majority of things that could of been done past this; but between the height having zero sense, claiming to be an incarnation of chaos, and what seemed to be particular was the MS paint attempt for that stuff. I do have hope that in the futures you both will be able to return and hopefully RP without this rage, or at least you cause for the characters I had small interaction with was fun. Until than, have an amazing day and may you both have great RPs in the future where you can roleplay to your heart content! :D

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