SL2 Version 1.23

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SL2 Version 1.23

Post by Neus » Tue May 05, 2015 5:42 pm

I'd intended for this update to be out on Sunday, buuuut things never go according to plan. At any rate, this is relatively small, but some new donations and crafting items. I'll let the notes speak for themselves!

See you on the flip side.

New Tool Creation Items - Added new items to tool creation that let you add and remove qualities. These are high craft level recipes, but they let you give all those items you love the nice qualities you want, or get rid of negative ones that otherwise ruin items you want to use.
Character Scaling - You can now adjust the character size scaling at a vanity mirror. This is useful if your character is younger (smaller) or on the big side.
New Donation Items - Added 2 new donation items; the Crafting Manual and the Chaotic Key.
  • Crafting Manual - Doubles all of your crafting experience gained. Cannot be traded. 250 Asagorians
  • Chaotic Key - Lets you create a random dungeon on the world map of your level, up to one at a time. You can also sacrifice a spatial core to the creation of the dungeon in order to increase the multiplier on special title chance by its Rarity. Note that you cannot trade this item, and that you can only have 1 dungeon at a time, even if you have multiple Chaotic Keys. 500 Asagorians
laplaceNET Gift - Added a new laplaceNET gift.
Adjusted - You can now leave arena battles that lost longer than 5 rounds, similar to leaving battles in houses on custom battlefields. This is useful if you get stuck in a battle you can't win or lose.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Sidecut was not registering valid uses as being valid, preventing use of the skill.
- Fixed a bug where leaving a party as the party was engaged in a battle would cause the faded screen to stick until you relogged.
- Fixed a bug where checking for traps would sometimes cause the chest to become marked as 'busy' permanently.
- Fixed a bug where the Chef Holding Iron would forget to take the delivery receipt.
- Fixed a bug where Fluffles could transcend time and space.
- Fixed a bug where cooking recipes that produce multiple items were not applying the effects of the Cooking talent to all of the items created.
- Fixed a bug where enemies stuck at the end of a Run Down or Slider would stack up on the same tile instead of being pushed away (if possible).
- Fixed a bug where ranged enemies would sometimes not move into attack range if the tile they would prefer to move to was occupied.
- Made significant changes to weapon type detection for things like mutated weapons. Please let me know if something is not working as it should be.

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