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SL2 Version 1.25

Post by Neus » Sun May 17, 2015 8:05 pm

This week, a new race. Prepare for an influx of rabbits!

The Leporidae are the newest addition to the Kaelensia race category. They like to jump and kick and such. Also the server's down as I'm typing these notes so rather than try and be witty, I'll just get on with the patch notes so I can put the game back up.

Leporidae - A new Kaelensia race, the Leporidae, has been added.
  • Added 3 new racial skills for this race.
  • Added a new trait exclusive to this race.
Adjusted - Automatic Shopkeepers with items in the shop cannot be traded.
Adjusted - Reaper Scythe's damage is now increased by your Axe's Power.
Adjusted - Guard now reduces Evade by the percentage it reduces damage by.
Adjusted - From The Ashes now triggers at any FP total above 0 (but still retains its 10 round cooldown).
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where the sun and planets on the new premade Space dungeon battle map were not dense.
- Fixed a bug where certain menus could be accessed in combat via macros.
- Fixed a bug where Range Runes were not increasing the range of the Sub-Attack skill.
- Fixed a bug where weather effects would stick around when entering buildings in Dormeho, and when entering player houses.
- Fixed a bug where someone forgot something in the conversation with the arena master.
- Fixed a bug with the silver chainmail icon part facing the wrong direction.
- Fixed a bug where Preparation was causing food effects to last forever instead of being replaced with the emergency food supply.
- Fixed a bug where back-attacks weren't triggering if done from a diagonal direction.
- Fixed a bug where pull effects (such as Forced Move) could set you in a diagonal direction, causing issues.

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