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SL2 Version 1.27

Post by Neus » Wed Jun 03, 2015 10:35 am

This one ended up taking me a few days longer than I anticipated and illustrates well why I don't add minigames more often. They end up being a rather surprising amount of work, but ah well. I had fun making this one and I think it turned out nicely, and maybe it'll make any future minigames I add involving cards that much easier.

Oh, right, you don't know what I'm talking about. Yenten! Yenten Noten, by default. You can play it at the Casino in Oniga, which now has a second floor dedicated to it, or you can play it at one of the many decks of cards in various inns and Pink's Bar.

Yenten - A new minigame has been added; Yenten.
  • Yenten is a simple card game for 2 players, where the goal is to make a hand that totals 10.
  • Each round, players are dealt one card; if they have 10, they win, but if they have more than 10, they must discard card(s) until they have less than ten. Then, repeat.
  • You will need 10 Casino Coins to play.

Fishing Contest Improvements - Fishing contests now have some improved rewards.
  • Treasure Maps and several other items have been added to the prize chest.
  • You now receive Experience Points and Murai rewards for participating.
  • The maximum weight of caught fish dynamically increases so that you always have a chance to catch a fish heavier than 1st place's.
Chaturanga Teleports - There is now a teleport platform that takes you from the far east wall, with the Mage's Guild and other buildings, to the far left wall, near the city's exit.
Adjusted - Several large Youkai changes have been made.
  • You can no longer gain the effects, including Sync-Mind, Install, Summon, etc. of Youkai contracts exceeding your maximum contracts.
  • There is now a hard cap on how many Youkai effects you can gain at once; 12. (Even if your maximum contracts would be higher.)
  • So, if your Faith is 10, you can only gain effects, summon, install, and so on Youkai up to the 7th one in your contracts manager.
  • You can now rearrange the order of Youkai in the contract manager by dragging and dropping them.
Adjusted - The battle ring now displays the direction indication as blue for allies and purple for enemies to help differentiate between friend and foe.
Adjusted - Furniture items with other items inside of them can no longer be traded.
Adjusted - Lore blurbs and game tips that are displayed will be the same for every player.
Adjusted - You can now check the time until the next reboot with the 'check-reboot-time' verb. (This function may receive an aesthetic upgrade eventually, but since it was requested, here you go for now.)
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Fortune Feather was behaving incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug where Performance Rating would take effect in some cases where you did not have SP invested in the skill.
- Fixed a bug where Fleeing Spectres was not waiting for the projectiles to finish before turns changed, making it possible to dodge them with certain skills if you were quick.
- Fixed a bug where Glykins protecting allies from Banquet was not triggering the Golden Blood skill's effect on the vampire.
- Fixed a bug where left-click mouse movement would cause you to move while you were trying to build tiles with Build Mode.
- Fixed a bug where Bloodhunt was not increasing its enchanted weapon's Hit value properly.
- Fixed a bug where Magnetic Shield was not redirecting attacks properly.
- Fixed a variety of bugs involving mutated weapons, tomes, and Tactician skills.
- Fixed a bug where your Momentum and skill lists, among other things, would be incorrect when you joined a battle in progress.
- Fixed a bug where Winter's Bite (and similar effects that negate resistance to elements) was working incorrectly with item effects that grant resistance to that element.

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