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SL2 Version 1.31

Post by Neus » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:34 am

This week we have some random additions, including some new NPCs you can hire to fight with you called mercenaries. These are intended for the folks who just can't seem to find a party around their level, but need some help in order to actually clear anything. They won't be as useful as regular players, of course. There are currently 3; Alma Rorick, Reynes, and Zoria. They're all in Cellsvich. I plan to add a manager interface of some kind in the next update, most likely, so you can dismiss them and such. But for right now, since 3 is the maximum mercenaries you can hire, it wasn't a big issue.

There's a new preference setting for handling how mercenaries will work in a party situation. By default, it will pool everyone in the party's mercenaries together and spawn them at the start of a battle, up to the maximum. You can change this with the preference to only the party leader's, or no one's. Also, mercenaries don't show up in PvP battles no matter what, for a variety of reasons.

You can now upgrade everything! Sorta. Things you can equip. This was a necessary prequel to something that I am working on in the background that you will understand in time.

Mercenaries - You can now hire NPC allies for a fee.
  • Mercenaries will spawn in PvE battles alongside you, at a level equal to your party leader's.
  • Mercenary HP and FP will carry over through multiple battles and can be healed by things like Bandages.
  • If a battle ends with a mercenary at 0 HP, they will leave your service, but you can rehire them in town.
  • You can control who can use mercenaries in preferences (mercenaries will never show up in PvP battles).
New Tomes - Added 11 new craftable tomes.
  • Added a new series of 3 tomes for the lightning element.
  • Added 2 new tomes for each existing element, with increased Power.
  • Blacksand's icon has changed to a more appropriate color.
  • All new tomes added can be crafted via Alchemy.
Quest Indicators - Added quest indicators and a preference for them.
  • New preference; Quest Indicators. While on (default), you will see quest indicators above NPCs who have quests that you have not accepted, are in the process of doing, or have finished and are ready to turn in for rewards.
  • Depending on the status of the quest, the appearance of the quest indicator will change. Once finished, the quest indicator will no longer appear.
Upgrade Everything You Can Wear - All equipment types can be upgraded at a blacksmith now.
  • Hands - Hit and Max. FP can be upgraded.
  • Legs - Evade and Max. HP can be upgraded.
  • Accessories - Fortune and Greed can be upgraded. Fortune gives you a chance to not drop items on defeat, while Greed is a percetange modifier to Murai gained from enemies. (Both accessories can contribute to their effects).
  • This also means that all equipment items can now be renamed!
NPC Mouse-Over Info - Many NPCs that offer certain services, such as shops, inns, etc. now show an icon and that information in the bottom left, next to their name.
Adjusted - Added a description to woodcutting axes' item descriptions that elaborates on how to use them.
Adjusted - Added an item category description for accessories, detailing how you can only equip one of a specific type, and what the new Fortune and Greed upgrades do.
Adjusted - Made a change to AI determining if they should use skills or not that makes them less likely to repeat skills they've used lately. (Please report if any odd consequences occur.)
Adjusted - Guns mutated into Bows no longer ignore defense, but scale with STR.
Adjusted - Cleanse Body can no longer remove status effects with a LV higher than your WIL/2.
Adjusted - When a member of the Illusion race is defeated in battle, its Tactician allies will no longer have their Tactics Rank reset.
Adjusted - The following class skills now have AI for determining good times to use them. (Previously, they just didn't use them.)
  • Steel Mind
  • Steel Body
  • Steel Blood
  • Crescent Rook
* Bug Fixes
- Special Attack 1's skills now have their Momentum cost properly reduced in Stylish dungeons and for Repeat Action.
- Physical damage dealt by guns can now apply Claret Call, but still do not receive the damage bonus from it.
- Situational overlays such as Golden Glow and Afflicted Spectre should no longer stick around after a battle.
- Professor Pink no longer talks about claimining when asked about Recent Events.
- Guns mutated into bows now properly receive their Power upgrade bonus.
- Custom item parts that give damage resistances should now function properly.
- Camera Flash has regained its ability to blind unsuspecting folks.
- Shinken should use a sword of some kind in its basic attack now.
- Momentum-stealing crit effects no longer apply unless they're the thing critting.
- Shops no longer ask you amounts if you're buying or putting back an item with a stack of 1 (or doesn't stack).
- Party leaders can no longer move if their party members are doing things that would prevent movement.
- Walking bosses should properly move around in static dungeons when players re-enter the dungeon.
- Black Beast battles in Tannis will no longer spawn you above the door of the straw-roofed house.
- Lava Slimes spawning as walking bosses in Volcano dungeons no longer pretend to be a Forgery (regardless of how thematic or name-appropriate it was).

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