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SL2 Version 1.34

Post by Neus » Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:08 pm

Week two! Hope you like the forest. This week is mostly 10* items, with the first of a few tricks level 61+ enemies will get. As usual, a new static dungeon for the dungeon theme has been added.

10* Equipment - Added 6 new 10* items that drop from level 61+ Forest enemies.
New Static Random Dungeon - The Forgotten Forest, a level 65 Forest dungeon, has been added to Sigrogana.
Aspecting Enemies - Level 61+ enemies now have a chance to become Aspected. You will be able to tell when an enemy is aspected as their name will change, and they may have a slight difference in appearance.
  • Aspected enemies are slightly rare occurrences (slightly more common during Motivated Iahsus mood).
  • There are two types of Aspect for enemies; True Aspect and Fated Enemy.
  • True Aspect gives a small number of bonus stats depending on the aspect chosen (randomly selected).
  • Fated Enemy enemies are treated as having a Fated Enemy of certain player races, meaning they will deal 10% more damage to them. They will also greatly prefer to try and take down their fated enemies first and will stop at nothing from going after them in battle!
  • Enemies who become aspected have a higher chance of dropping randomly generated items of 9* rarity or lower.
Adjusted - Went through all of the animations and shifted forced deletion to the garbage collection. (Small optimization that may increase performance, especially for animation heavy things like the Jackhammer. Let me know if any issues occur.)
* Bug Fixes
- Bandits have stopped the strange head-shaving hazing and now have hair outside of battle again.
- Quest stamp resistances are now properly applying again.
- Know No Pain now grants its bonus Rage Energy regardless of it reduces the total damage taken to 0 or not.
- More Tannis map adjustments to prevent unwanted spawning locations.
- HUDs should no longer be hiding status effects when a party member changes their face-icon state/etc.
- Black Beasts facing or at the edge of battle maps should no longer just stand around and will use Dark Calling more aggressively, and only on alive targets.

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