SL2 Version 1.36

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SL2 Version 1.36

Post by Neus » Wed Sep 09, 2015 7:30 am

Here's week four! Lots of bug fixes and new 10*s as per your expectations. This time, the complete opposite of last week; a nice hot volcano.

New 10* Equipment - Added 5 new 10* rarity equipment items that drop from level 61 and higher Volcano dungeon monsters.
New Static Dungeon - Added a new level 65 static Volcano random dungeon to the east coast of Sigrogana named Magmic Waterfalls.
WASD Improvements - You can now interact with dungeon doors in WASD mode with the activate keys. See this link for details.
* Various
- Shine Sword's recipe costs have been changed (10 Ore, 3 Pure Water, 3 Sun Stone)
- Flaming Feathers and Flight let you use Movement while Airborne without dropping down.
- Vorpal Strikes made by Gun weapons now have the bonus damage divided by the weapon's rounds. (So a vorpal strike on a single shot gun does DEF as bonus damage, while a 4 shot weapon will do 25% of DEF as bonus damage.)
- Pufferfish Poison is now unresistable damage.
- Status damage can no longer trigger Snake Dancer, Know No Pain, or Evasion.
- Status effects and duration tick down now apply after regeneration effects during the status phase. (For example, you will now benefit from Venom Drive during the last round of poison damage.)
- Seeker Flame Changes
  • Instead of being immune to all damage except Ice and Wind, all damage except Ice and Wind is halved.
  • Max HP is now equal to level.
* Bug Fixes
- Set effects that change your weapon's damage type no longer override skills that have a specific damage type tied to basic attacks. (See: Banquet)
- Breakdown's possible yield box now has a font face and size so it looks less silly.
- Lighting in caves, such as beneath the waterfall or the Chinotoa mine, is no longer pitch black.
- Streetlights now progressively get darker the further away you are from them, as they did in before the new lighting system was added.
- Ocean dungeons can now properly spawn up to level 70.
- Bandits now only get 1 potion instead of a big stack of them.
- Tactical associates no longer leave behind their battle rings when they go (rude jerks).
- Battle rings now scale to the appropriate size for larger enemies.
- Pets no longer stick around when you unsummon them.
- Skills such as Libegrande which target an area but do not require a specific target will skip over allies when trying to automatically determine where you want it aimed.
- Movement now properly gets you down from the sky if you're airborne.
- Vorpal Strikes now announce themselves again.
- Effects that negate resistance (such as Winter's Bite) should now properly negate item resistances instead of item weaknesses.
- Bouncers can now properly bounce and eject people from homes.
- Battle Rings have been fixed for a majority of skills, but please report any more that you find.

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