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SL2 Version 1.37

Post by Neus » Sun Sep 20, 2015 9:45 pm

Week five arrives with 5 new equipment items. This week is a little special because it applies to technically two different dungeon themes; the goblins and the boss of the desert dungeon, Gigas Rex. As such, there's two new level 65 dungeons. There's also some requested balance changes, various improvements, and lots of bug fixes for really annoying bugs. Enjoy!

New 10* Equipment - Added 5 new 10* rarity equipment items that drop from level 61 and higher Goblin Tunnels dungeon enemies, as well as the boss of the Desert dungeon, Gigas Rex.
New Static Dungeon - Added 2 new static random dungeons to the western parts of Sigrogana; the Dragonic Graveyard desert, and the Ancient Village goblin tunnels.
Player Debug - Added two commands that can be used for players to assist in debugging.
  • player-debug; Toggled on and off. While on, players will see certain debug messages in the chat box that may be helpful for bug busting.
  • debug-yenten-check; When used, will generate debug information from yenten tables. Screenshots of this information will be helpful in fixing the disappearing cards bug.
Inventory Improvements - Various aesthetic/readability improvements for inventories have been added.
  • Quantity, Worth, and Power all vertically align properly with the item name.
  • Added an icon behind the Power/Defense display for equipment that indicates whether or not you can equip that item.
  • Added a murai icon behind the Worth value for items (mainly aesthetic).
  • Added a light-blue menu icon behind the Quantity value of usable items, to indicate these items can be right-clicked and used.
  • Added an orange star icon behind the Quantity value of quest items.
  • Added a red sword icon behind the Quantity value of battle items, indicating that they must be put into the Item Belt to be used.
Adjusted - Evasion's damage reduction reduced to 6% per rank (30% at max rank, down from 50%).
Adjusted - Sweet-Swelling enchantment's effect activation rate increased to 30% (from 10%).
Adjusted - Needle now costs 4M (from 3M).
Adjusted - Heavy Tackle has received the following adjustments;
  • Damage now applied before knockdown effect.
  • Damage from BW now capped at Rank*24 (120 damage at Rank 5; note that the bonus damage is added after the cap is applied).
  • Tile knockback is now 1 per 15 BW (from 10).
Adjusted - Battle Weight now reduces your Movement by 1 for every 5 over the maximum you are. (If you are over the limit but below 5 over, you still lose 1 Movement.)
Adjusted - The maximum total Movement you can achieve is now restricted based on your armor type. Heavy Armor = 9 Move. Light Armor =12 Move. Unarmored = 15 Move.
Adjusted - Shop stalls in Cellsvich near the Asago building are now closer to the pathway, improving their visibility.
* Bug Fixes
- Manic Slasher is now properly the Whip weapon sub-type.
- Anchor Edge now has its proper item description.
- Forced Move no longer ignores repeat action penalties.
- Rare instances where you would trigger the 'step on' effect of a tile in your current location when you start a movement command should no longer happen.
- Fortune Feather no longer acts weird when it grants its damage resistance.
- Miniboss enemies with larger-than-normal sizes now have the glow cover the entirety of their body instead of just a small corner.
- Reactive Armor will no longer trigger another person's Reactive Armor.
- Ambidexterity no longer weirdly breaks Ether weapons' self-repairing function.
- Weapons mutated into axes can now benefit from Dark Imbue.
- Camps should no longer have odd edges that can't be exited from.
- Anchor Edge now works with the Gigantic enchantment.
- Bandit dungeon prison cells should no longer spawn in rooms too small to hold them.
- Winged Serpent now has its proper target line length (2-X).
- Dark Calling, Turnover, and Cobra Dancer all update the location of the battle ring now.
- Battle rings now point in the proper direction again.
- Wild Ride should no longer ride you out of the battlefield in the arena.
- Tacticial associate deaths now properly remove the battle ring.
- Mercenaries should now begin the battle with a battle ring.
- You can no longer target yourself or anyone with HP higher than 0 with Sal Volatile.
- A small delay between changing box dialogue pages should prevent some unwanted issues from spam clicking.
- Drop in battles after you change class setups should no longer give you skills from classes you no longer have.

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