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SL2 Version 1.39

Post by Neus » Thu Oct 08, 2015 11:36 am

This update marks us nearing the end of the 10* updates. There is only one more update to go, which will include the Undead enemies, as well as the Shadow Guardian. This week, it's jammers! You can expect the usual new 10* items and static dungeon. There's also a few miscellaneous additions and changes that were requested on the forums.

New 10* Equipment - Added 6 new 10* rarity equipment items that drop from level 61 and higher Jammer enemies.
New Static Dungeon - Added 1 new static random dungeon to Kysei; the Damp Depths, a level 65 Caverns dungeon.
New Mirror Shards - Added 4 new Mirror Shards, courtesy of catabur.
Adjusted - All of the Stately DISCer expansion walls now have opaque versions.
Adjusted - Pet Kits now allow you to choose the blend mode for the selected color in the color menu.
Adjusted - Automated Housekeepers can now gain Vanity Mirror functions by scanning Portable Mirrors. The cost to use this function is 25 Murai.
Adjusted - When used for a skill, a weapon's accuracy is now taken into account for determining Evasion instead of a flat value of 100. (This currently only affects Kensei skills. I will be transitioning other class skills after the next update, including the previous update's adjustment to Power calculations that the Kensei skills also have.)
Adjusted - Weapons that are multiple weapon types, such as Violet Varon, etc. now gain most benefits as if they were actually the secondary weapon type. This includes things like Backstab, Talent bonuses (for both weapon types), etc.
Adjusted - Say, whisper, and emote no longer pierce walls. Shout and a new command, lemote, do.
Adjusted - Player doors now have a 'toggle never opaque' verb that lets you toggle if a door becomes opaque when closed or not.
Adjusted - Item information, such as the 'About Daggers', etc text blocks in item descriptions are now collapsed by default and can be expanded by clicking the +.
Adjusted - Several map adjustments for Fort Arjav and Coastal Cove.
* Bug Fixes
- Hands of the Giant now gives its proper STR value.
- Black Beast battle rings are now centered properly.
- Black Beast attacks that take place in the Coastal Cove will no longer cut out the battle map weirdly.
- Fear applied by skills (Bellow, Styx Shout, Black Roar) no longer show the 'X has been frightened' message if no status is actually applied.
- Hexer spells and Ghostwind now take RES into account again, as they deal magic damage.
- Direction display for battle rings now properly updates after movement.
- Self-inflicted damage no longer triggers momentum bonuses or penalties if you resist or are weak to the damage type.
- Extra levels on the same tile as a dense object can no longer be entered.
- Auras now apply their hit modifications properly.
- The name of Spatial Ravager's 10* drop has been corrected (it is called Pillawag).
- Steal can no longer give you duplicates of status effects you already have. (You can still steal status effects you already have, but depending on the level and duration of each status effect, the one your character has at the end will be the better of the two. The stolen status effect is simply thrown away if it's not applied to you, meaning the enemy will still lose it.)
- Sweeper's basic attack should be functioning normally again.
- Pillawag's sub-attack should now work properly.

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