SL2 Version 1.42

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SL2 Version 1.42

Post by Neus » Mon Nov 16, 2015 5:41 am

Now we're back! And back into another sort of marathon update, this time aimed at increasing the number of options available for base classes. Currently, several classes have very few options in skill choices, and so the goal of this update series is to bring all the base classes, with the exception of Summoner, up to a total of 19 skills, the total touted by the current base class with the highest skill count, Mage. So, the long and short of it is that all base classes are getting new skills added to their repertoire with the exception of Summoner and Mage.

As for why Summoner gets the short end of the stick here, you can probably guess. Access to Youkai gives them a lot of skills already, which makes it somewhat difficult to come up with skill ideas for summoner based classes that don't overlap or work better as a Youkai. Plus, when new Youkai get added, Summoner classes get new skills too, so they're not missing out on much.

Another thing introduced in this update is the concept of Main Class Only skills. These are marked with a special golden vertical border and two triangles pointing towards the skill. A Main Class Only skill can only be used or applied when the class is your Main Class, or is the child class of your Main Class. So, for example, a Rogue main class skill will only be applied or equippable when your main class is Rogue, Engineer, or Void Assassin. Why even add skills like this? Mainly to give myself a another wedge in the war of balance, as well as help differentiate the existing classes as 'main' classes and 'sub' classes.

Also, by having this restriction, it makes it possible to give certain classes some unique and powerful skills that would be a bit TOO powerful if skills of similar power stacked. Hopefully this will become more clear as we add the rest of the base class skills!

Title Screen Improvements - The game's title screen has received several overhauls.
  • A new title screen graphic has been added.
  • The engineer girl image has been cleaned up a bit.
  • The background of the section boxes has been changed.
  • Added support for guides and added several to the list. (More can be added if requested/written.) This list of guides can be access at any time via the new Help button above the chat bar.
  • Added support for displaying patch notes on the title screen.
New Rogue Skills - 4 new Rogue skills have been added, two of which help introduce the concept of Main Class only skills.
Adjusted - Guilds now have a maximum of 50 members (up from 25).
Adjusted - While you are knocked down, you now suffer a penalty reduction to your Evade equal to 25%, plus 25% for every weight category your torso is. (So, 25% for Unarmored, 50% for Light, 75% for Heavy).
Adjusted - Experimental change where status infliction and status resistance is displayed in the battle log.
Adjusted - Magic Gunner's shell-inflicted Interference is now active for High Shell Power/2, rather than High Shell Power.
Adjusted - Burden Soul now grants 50% Interference resistance (meaning Interference is only half effective on Dullahans).
Adjusted - Hooked Spearhead now divides its damage by the number of times it will be applied during a single skill use.
* Bug Fixes
- Wyverntouched's Absorb Poison now properly absorbs the poison instead of just claiming ownership of it and still damaging the original victim.
- Home CDs no longer drop upon defeat as intended.
- Absolute Pace now properly doubles the effect of Touki.
- Berserker Shell now properly applies to weapons that are treated as Axes, like Red Argus.
- Item effects that trigger when your turn is skipped now properly trigger when the source of the skip if Soul Engine.
- The item count display in the crafting menu now displays the proper number instead of just '1'.
- Elemental Rave's damage calculation was not taking into account the bonus damage given by Rank, nor the defense/resistance of the target.
- Duelist and Soldier skills that perform basic attacks will now use the proper weapon it should.

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Re: SL2 Version 1.42

Post by Soapy » Tue Nov 17, 2015 4:10 pm

Neus » Mon Nov 16, 2015 12:41 am wrote:with the exception of Summoner and Mage.
i just want shock storm already ;_;

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