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SL2 Version 1.43

Post by Neus » Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:15 pm

Surprise! First update in a while that didn't take 2 weeks, eh? This week, we are continuing the additions to the base class skills, and it's Archer's turn.

Archer was a little more average than Rogue in terms of skill count, with a previous total of 11. Most of the other base classes have around that amount. So, bringing them up to 19 this update, the Archer class got 8 new skills, including 2 main class only ones (all base classes will have 2 main class only skills when all is said and done). One of the main things I'm trying to do with these new skills is expand both the variety of the class, as well as giving it good opportunities to synergize with other base classes well. When you read the skill descriptions of these new skills, you'll probably get a better idea of what I mean by that.

Archers didn't just get new skills, though. A lot of skills have been buffed or adjusted, given new effects, and/or received animation effects. There are also some balance changes, including an adjustment to the new knockdown evade penalty and Demon Hunter's Snake Dancer. Enjoy!

New Archer Skills - The Archer base class has received 8 new skills, including 2 main class only skills.
Archer Skill Adjustments
  • Starbow
    • Updated to the new Power formula.
    • New animation effect.
  • Snake Shot
    • FP cost reduced.
    • Bonus damage scales higher.
    • Poison LV scales higher.
    • New sound effect and animation.
  • Aerial Razor
    • Updated to the new Power formula.
    • Now scales with 100% STR.
    • Bonus damage scales higher.
    • Defense reduction scales higher.
    • New animation and sound effect.
  • Pulling Shot
    • FP cost reduced.
    • Bonus damage scales higher.
    • Range increased to 6.
    • New animation and sound effect.
  • Longdraw
    • FP scales less.
    • Momentum cost reduced at higher ranks.
    • Range buff increased to 4.
    • Now also affects all Archer Offensive skills, excluding Aerial Razor.
  • Warning Shot
    • Range is now equal to your weapon's attack range.
  • Nest
    • Defense bonus increased.
    • Now includes a priority reduction versus monsters while inside the Nest. (Previously did nothing, despite the description.)
    • Now reduces the FP cost of all Archer skills by 25% while inside the Nest.
    • New animation when placed.
  • Fortune Wind
    • New status and secondary activation animation.
Adjusted - Changed the default arrow icon for bow attacks.
Adjusted - Dagger Dance no longer reduces the durability of the other weapon during the secondary attack.
Adjusted - Dagger Dance now only applies within melee range, and the description has been updated to include its incompatibility with mutated guns.
Adjusted - Charm's 'throw yourself in the way' effect will no longer trigger when the causer takes status damage.
Adjusted - Knockdown's penalty to Evade has been lowered to 37/25/12%, based on armor type.
Adjusted - Snake Dancer will no longer trigger if you are Knocked Down or Blinded.
Adjusted - Thick Vines now cause movement impairment similar to ice sheets (except they don't break when stepped on).
* Bug Fixes
- Mortissimo and Corvis Cannon's bonus damage are not unresistable, as stated in the description.
- Gust traps now deal damage before knocking enemies away.
- Weapons mutated into axes should now properly benefit from Berserker Shell.
- Dagger Dance's damage reduction percentage was off by 5% at all ranks.
- Charm will no longer cause you to throw yourself in the way of damage for anyone but the causer.
- Dark Invasion should no longer break if you have Ambidexterity enabled.
- Iahsus will no longer refuse to be orange during Motivated moods on the laplaceNET menu screen.

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