SL2 Version 1.04

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SL2 Version 1.04

Post by Neus » Thu Nov 27, 2014 11:16 am

Version 1.04! You know, when I wrote the notes for this update, it felt like a lot less work than it ended up being. Some polishing effects to come, namely animations/etc, but for now, every Promoted Class except Tactician (because they're too new) got 2 new skills! And some other stuff. For example, Battle Weight.

Battle Weight is a new experimental system. Previously, armor weight was very important because it meant the difference between being able to dodge and just tanking everything. Conversely, weapon weight was usually only a positive quality; because people had more than enough Strength to exceed the weight, all weight did was become an additional damage modifier for Arbalests. Now, the total weight of your Main Weapon + Armor + Sub Weapon is now your 'Battle Weight'. Your Strength is your threshold; exceed that threshold, and for every 1 point you exceed it by, you suffer -2 Evade and -2 Hit. (You do not receive any benefits for going under; this may change if the system is successful.)

Some of the subtext here is that certain materials, namely Galdric (which reduces weight), and certain enchantments (namely Floating), have gotten better because they can dramatically reduce your Battle Weight. Rogues and other typically 'dodgey' types that are known for using weapons like daggers now have a reason to do so. Your Battle Weight is displayed below your HP and FP; the number on the left is your current Battle Weight, and the number on the right is your threshold. So 5/12 BW would mean you were under your maximum before you began taking penalties. While 24/20 would mean you are 4 over, meaning you suffer -8 Hit and -8 Evade.

As always, I'm open to feedback on this new system, so let me know if you like it or hate it.

Added - 2 new Arbalest skills have been added.
  • Heavy Tackle - Use your weight against the enemy, getting them away from you and knocking them down if you're heavy enough.
  • Buster Cannon - Don't just shoot your enemy; leave a hole big enough to drive a towncar through.
Added - 2 new Black Knight skills have been added.
  • Crescent Rook - Cut your foes down with the black wind and appear next to them at the same time.
  • Stalemate - Parry your foes and negate their damage... if they're using a martial weapon.
Added - 2 new Engineer skills have been added.
  • Deploy: Metalaegis - Set out a machine whose only job is to make you safe. Laugh at enemies who stand next to it.
  • Bashfix - Beat on your machines to fix them.
Added - 2 new Evoker skills have been added.
  • Highwrath - Invoke the power of anger to increase your lightning critical hit rate.
  • Pure Power - Discard unneeded items to push your arcane power to even greater heights.
Added - 2 new Ghost skills have been added.
  • Dark Imbue - Turn your axe into a scythe, increasing its ability to hit enemies and causing it to deal extra dark damage.
  • Painproof - Hurt yourself to become harder to damage.
Added - 2 new Grand Summoner skills have been added.
  • Aegis Shift - Give the power of the Astral Aegis to one of your youkai temporarily, while losing it yourself.
  • Encourage - Let's positive thinking for a stat boost!
Added - 2 new Kensei skills have been added.
  • Counter Edge - Make your riposte even deadlier.
  • Reflect Shots - Turn deflected bullets back on your enemies.
Added - 2 new Lantern Bearer skills have been added.
  • Bask in Light - Stand still to increase the power of your eternal flame, giving allies protection from its element.
  • Guiding Light - Show an ally the light, curing them of blind.
Added - 2 new Magic Gunner skills have been added.
  • Akimbo - Two guns means twice the fun.
  • One Overload - Boost the power of one-shot guns loaded with magic bullets.
Added - 2 new Monk skills have been added.
  • Terra Strike - Slam the earth to damage nearby enemies and magnetize them.
  • Sun Flare - Blind all your enemies like a certain three-eyed warrior.
Added - 2 new Verglas skills have been added.
  • Chimera Style - Combine the multiple disciplines.
  • Insulate - Protect your friends from the cold.
Added - 2 new Void Assassin skills have been added.
  • Advancing Flow - Take advantage of your ranged opponent's misses to get yourself closer.
  • Obscure - Re-hide yourself from pinpointing status effects.
Adjusted - Training Day bonus experience has been reduced to 25% (down from 50%), due to the recent large base EXP increase.
Adjusted - Shukuchi's Momentum cost now scales as such; 3/3/2/2/1 (instead of 3/3/2/1/0).
Adjusted - Sear and Magaisendo's FP costs have been changed to 40/38/36/34/32 instead of 20/23/26/29/32.
Adjusted - Spatial Cores now give more items. The minimum has been increased to 3 items and up to 7 maximum (for Massive Cores).
Adjusted - Rockdirt's material benefits have changed; it now gives +1 Power, +4 Critical, +2 Accuracy, and +4 Weight.
Adjusted - Coral's material benefits have changed; It now gives +1 Power, +3 Critical, +3 Accuracy, and +1 Weight.
Adjusted - The VIT of boss monsters has been increased slightly to help give them a chance against all of these powerful Legend Authoring adventurers.
Adjusted - Battle Weight has been implemented as an experimental system, replacing the normal effects of weapon and armor weight. (see above).
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed a bug where Rapid Kick was using an incorrect multiplier, resulting in incorrect damage.
- Fixed a bug with Arena Combatants and Sear not using the proper target pattern.
- Fixed a bug where random dungeons wouldn't let you enter unless you approached the right way.
- Fixed a bug where the battle bar text was going supernova.
- Fixed a bug where Arbalest arena combatants would use Oil Chain while wielding guns.
- Fixed a bug where inventory/etc windows weren't closing when you were engaged in a battle.
- Fixed a bug where Great Successes while forging weapons only gave 1 quality instead of a number based on your skill level.
- Fixed a bug where you would sometimes get error messages from random dungeon chests.
- Fixed a bug where using Heavy Armor was still giving benefits for Arcane Tattoo.
- Fixed a bug where Skip and On My Mark were interacting incorrectly.
- Fixed a bug where crafted tomes were using the old weapon qualities.
- Fixed a bug where hidden monster resistances weren't working properly.

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Re: SL2 Version 1.04

Post by Maikito » Thu Nov 27, 2014 2:52 pm

Battle Weight does make sense. rather than, your armor just weighs down your ability to fight. I'm looking forward to testing it out and seeing how it runs in battle. :3

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