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SL2 Version 1.05

Post by Neus » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:04 pm

Version 1.05 contains a bunch of adjustments with Battle Weight in mind to make it more of a fair but strategic system. It also contains the long awaited ability to upgrade armor stats, a way to access and use homes for people who do not have an on-map house, and other neat stuff. Enjoy!

Added - You can now upgrade the Defense, Magic Defense, and Evade of torso items at blacksmiths. Depending on the armor type, there are different max. values for each;
  • Defense - 3
  • Magic Defense - 5
  • Evade - 8
Light Armor
  • Defense - 5
  • Magic Defense - 7
  • Evade - 4
Heavy Armor
  • Defense - 8
  • Magic Defense - 5
  • Evade - 3
Added - All Asago buildings now have a red portal inside of them. These portals can be used by Asago House Ticket owners to access their house if they do not have a claimed on-map house already. (Note: The portal only works for you and party members.)
Added - 6 new furniture items that can be used to display items.
Added - 2 new 'emotes' have been added. Halo (Ctrl+M) and Zawa (Ctrl+Z; I forgot who made this so please PM me your key!). These can only be used by those that have obtained the Mercala Lover and Gambling Junkie medals respectively.
Added - A new player panel for moderators has been added.
Adjusted - World saving has been improved for player houses. The short version; the way the game saves the data is being optimized. This should lead to faster shutdowns and less lag on the hour change (hopefully).
Adjusted - Monsters will now only gain new skills on levels where the rarity of items they drop increases. All existing monsters that get scaled abilities have been adjusted.
Adjusted - Monster AI has been improved when using long range weapons. Now, ranged enemies will try to always keep themselves at maximum range when attacking you, moving if they're too close, etc. (Aside from Ashe, who is happy to fight at either range.)
Adjusted - The following adjustments have been added for Battle Weight;
  • Weapon talents now reduce the Battle Weight of weapons of the same type by Rank, starting at Rank 4.
  • Packrat now increases your maximum Battle Weight by Rank, starting at Rank 2.
  • Special Armament now reduces the Battle Weight of your sub-weapon by 25% (or 50% at Rank 2).
  • Heavy Bow Mastery reduces the Battle Weight of Bow weapons with a weight of 20 or greater by Rank.
  • Indomitable reduces your total Battle Weight (after flat reductions) by the same percentage it reduces physical damage you take.
Adjusted - Fluency now has 5 Ranks total; at Rank 4, it gains the Battle Weight reduction effect of other weapon talents.
Adjusted - At Rank 5, Fluency now grants 5% Will growth.
Adjusted - At Rank 4, Packrat now grants 5% Strength growth.
Adjusted - At Rank 3, Preparation now grants 5% Defense growth.
Adjusted - At Rank 3, Enchantment now grants 5% Resistance growth.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Advancing Flow was teleporting you to the shadow realm if you were too close to an enemy.
- Fixed a bug where Training Day's announcement was saying it still gave 50% EXP.
- Fixed a bug where Akimbo caused normal attacks to not work if you didn't have a second Handgun equipped.
- Fixed a bug where great successes weren't granting the proper number of positive qualities when crafting.
- Fixed a bug where Evasive Strike, Blindness (Oracle ability), and Bow hit penalties were being applied if you diagonal from your target (rather than 1 Range).
- Fixed a bug where Analyze Weakness wouldn't call out Water weaknesses.
- Fixed a bug where Verglas' Ice Point Greaves were not leaving behind Ice Sheets on tiles you walked on.
- Fixed a bug where you were retaining equipped skills, items you couldn't use, etc. on Legend Extend.
- Fixed a bug where selecting 'cancel' when changing your house's sign text could lock up your character.
- Fixed a bug where monsters dying on their own turn caused double turns to occur.
- Fixed a bug where party invites could cause you to be invited to multiple parties, causing silliness.
- Fixed a bug where the Custom Battlefield was showing its area on the wrong floor if used in an Extra Level.
- Fixed a bug where the Custom Battlefield was recreating the battle indicator on the map if battle was begun in its area.
- Fixed a bug where being kicked from a home didn't reset your map limitations properly.

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