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SL2 Version 1.59

Postby Neus » Mon Jul 04, 2016 2:41 pm


Hello again. This week, we have some story progression, a new area, and about 60 posts worth the bug fixes corrected. I had expected around 100 unread posts when I checked in on the forums... instead, I had around 159. And I haven't even read them all yet. Hoorah.

Shrine of Bai Kai - The Shrine of Bai Kai has made its way out of the sands, holding new enemies, items, secrets.
Story Progression - Those who have played up to the last story entry should check in at Lispool if they wish to continue the adventure.
Adjusted - Clicking on the 'item get' display message will show you a description of the item acquired.
Adjusted - Bloodhunt changed to grant +1 Hit per 1% of target's missing HP.
Adjusted - Vampiric item effects now count as Silvermists healing for vampires, allowing them to get the full amount.
Adjusted - Cerron Scepter now boosts Aquarian spells instead of Nature spells. (Existing versions of this item will probably not update to this change, however.)
Adjusted - Sanctity now gives 1% to its appropriate elemental resistances per 6 points.
Adjusted - Critter's Biter skill no longer activates if you are behind them.
* Bug Fixes
- Going back in NPC conversations now properly displays the correct name, face image, etc.
- When used by monsters, skills with no custom target selection should no longer target anyone outside of the battle in the arena.
- Screamer now properly deals its increased damage when used with an offhand Screaming Tome.
- Snatch Spell bluffs should play the correct sound effect now.
- Murai gains in the results screen now properly uses your displayed name instead of your character name.
- Stats no longer drop below 0 if reduced to below that amount.
- Aptitude now properly gives its bonus EXP and crafting EXP.
- Gun attacks weren't having their attack damage spread properly.
- Attempting to edit the equipment display in the examine profiles no longer freezes the window.
- A few instances of layers being too high and causing interfaces to draw under the map have been corrected.
- Argent Charms can no longer be dropped upon defeat.
- Mare Wing had an outdated description.
- Bamboo Bo now properly treated as a Staff weapon.
- Staff battle items have been updated to use the scaled values of the stats they utilize.
- Luck item drop bonus wasn't working properly. (Note: Only the highest value in the party contributes.)
- Starbow, Jackhammer, and Firthrower weren't behaving properly when used by NPCs.
- Firefall granted by Fox Paw was not taking effect.
- The character description dump was happening every login instead of only the first one when logging into the new version.
- Riagri was doing nothing upon hitting an enemy.
- Die Hard should work normally for vampires now instead of leaving them dead.
- Invisible Weapon can now target allies as intended.
- Fruit of Fluidity now properly resets your traits and removes skills exceeding the maximum SP size you have.
- Equip item no longer works in battle.
- There is now a maximum of 10 butterflies (created by Papilions) in one battle.
- Goblin Shaman's weapon scaling has been fixed to use WIL instead of STR.
- Holy Spark no longer ignores resistances/etc.
- Punching Shot's description has been clarified to say it reduces Armor instead of Defense.
- Reinstated the forced relog when you change your face-icon due to the BYOND crash bug still existing.
- Freezing Round has been updated with proper damage scaling and a description for its effect.
- Shujin has corrected some issues with the new goblin icons.
- Dullahans using the soul base no longer run in place.
- GM: GUI, SAN, and APT now display in character examine info and the monster profile editor.

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