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SL2 Version 1.60

Postby Neus » Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:14 pm


Small update this week, mainly bug fixes and small requested features and such. Perhaps we will have something bigger to talk about soon?

Strech to Fit - A new preference option lets you choose if SL2 will stretch to fill the entire map control or not, as well as let you use 200% map zoom.
Clicky Battle Interface - You can now click on the battle interface to select options, hopefully with minimal bugs.
Story Replay - You can relive the latest story event at the Statue of Memories.
Stately DISCer Tiles - 5 new tiles have been added to the Stately DISCer Expansion, courtesy of Exxy.
Adjusted - Stillness, Darkness no longer applies to healing given outside of combat.
Adjusted - Base stats in the character panel are now displayed in this fashion; Base: [Racial Base]+[Points Distributed].
Adjusted - LOOC button added. Adjusted the color to help it stand out. Prefence option added to the existing OOC option to show LOOC but not OOC.
Adjusted - Signs can now be read by double-clicking if they are placed on the ground.
Adjusted - Before saving a house file, the game will, at the first save of the day, create a temporary backup file of that file. (This is mainly a temporary preventation measure to help deal with any houses that fail to save and load properly, while I investigate the cause.)
Adjusted - Staff of Eyes base weight increased to 13 to match the number of eyes it has on average.
Adjusted - Charm no longer reduces damage caused by status effects.
Adjusted - Checkmate Momentum cost reduced to 3M, but it now has a 5 round cooldown between uses. Scaling FP cost reduced.
Adjusted - Metal Gauntlet and Metal Greaves changed to give +2/+3 Armor instead of +2/+3~ DEF.
Adjusted - Elemental Rave is now elemental compatible; being one of the elements of the rave will lock it into that element during its Bloodshed Bonus.
Adjusted - Gigantic enchanted armor no longer increases your character size.
Adjusted - Debug tab added for debug messages.
* Bug Reports
- Rising Game wasn't receiving its RES bonus from Rebound.
- Elemental leavings (IE, Cinders) created by Peddling Wheel and Heaven Kick had a LV of 0.
- Third tier Lightning tome was scaling with CEL instead of LUC. (Existing items may or may not update.)
- Create Shade can no longer be cast if it targets a tile you are already in.
- On-hit magical damage wasn't actually magical damage.
- Vorpal wasn't updated to play nice with the new stat system.
- Detogate should no longer be able to teleport people into your location.
- Negotiate's negotiations should no longer try negotiating for status effects that don't exist.
- Special arrows should no longer be consumed twice per basic attack.
- Biter should no longer trigger unless you're within 1 range of the Critter you kicked.
- Non-weapon/armors should no longer display their material twice.
- Mutated subweapons should now be using the proper sub-attack skill based on its weapon type.
- Instinct effects for Lupines and Felidae should give the right bonuses at the different HP tiers now.
- Fixed some typos.

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