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SL2 Version 1.61b

Postby Neus » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:06 pm

Adjusted - Portable Kitchen now sells Feast Table Kits and Campfire Kits.
Adjusted - Training a militiaman successfully now grants EXP equal to the amount required to train the militia. (In this case, it's 500 XP.)
Adjusted - Minimum Momentum cost for Demon Hunter stances is now 0.
Adjusted - Disabled auto-backup of house files.
Adjusted - Two-Hand will now apply even if you have a sub-weapon, as long as that sub-weapon are Bare Fists. (Basically a change that makes it compatible with Mixed Martial Arts.)
* Bug Reports
- Wounds weren't healing as time passed.
- Wounds could not be treated.
- Spirits are now released upon respeccing.
- Lockpick animation was lasting too long.
- Balance subpaths were not applying properly.
- Unsummoned youkai were receiving EXP from battles.
- Tutor's effect was not increasing EXP gains for Youkai properly.
- Cooking pots now show up over campfires.
- Spar setting wasn't working properly.
- Monster stats in the companions panel should be reflected properly.
- Corrected an issue where talent-granted skills were shown twice in the skill list.
- Etherium's auto-repair was being overwritten by maintenance.
- Some stuns weren't triggering stun immunity or turn skip effects.
- Greaper wasn't applying to non-Evoker invocations.
- White Spirits no longer sap skill points from the class they boost.
- Blowback Cannon changed to autogen its rank text (it was incorrectly showing the FP cost before.)
- Fluency Basics wasn't applying correctly in a few places.
- Chivalry wasn't applying unless your party outnumbered the enemy.
- Chivalry effects weren't using the correct multiplier.
- Failsafe wasn't always failsafe at maximum SR.

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