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SL2 Version 1.63

Posted: Sat Sep 17, 2016 5:16 pm
by Neus
1.63 is me attempting to catch up with the 150 unread forum posts I had after coming off the workload of Great Reckoning. Most of it is stuff that has been submitted or requested since then, and while I still have about 5~ unaddressed topics, I feel much better knowing a lot of it is out of the way. There's also a handful of balance changes aimed at shaking things up a bit and seeing how they help balance some of the outliers that we still have.

* New Preference - Disable Weather Effects. Lets you turn off weather overlays, if you have poor performance (weather is turned on by default).
* Automatic House Unbinding - Houses now unbind automatically if the owner doesn't login for 30 days.
* Stonewall Expansion - Added the Stonewall DISCer Expansion, courtesy of Dys.
* Basic Expansion - Added random dungeon theme tiles to the basic DISCer expansion.
* Bandage Icon Parts - Courtesy of Cerrik.
* Lantern Icon Part - Courtesy of Zakizo.
* New Tomes - Added 6 new tomes, which can be crafted.
* Admin Commands - Added realias_player.
* New Page - Added Heretic Page.
* Page Crafting Recipes - Added Alchemy recipes for Isespian, Storm, Mercalan, and Heretic Pages.
* New Marksmanship Subpath - Added a Balance subpath to the Marksmanship talent that reduces the Battle Weight of Gun weapons.
- You can now adjust the layer of icon parts in the vanity mirror if desired.
- Bashing doors now takes 2 Physical Stamina. If not available, it will instead damage your HP as before.
- The battle info page can now be resized.
- An anvil that can be used for crafting has been added to Chaturanga; the one in Lispool can now be interacted with for the same purpose.
- Murai is now shown in the inventory pane. (Sorry this took so long.)
- Full elemental resistances are now reflected in the character panel.
- Elemental ATK is now shown in the in-battle unit information window if the target is in your party.
- Guild members who are online will now be shown as online in the guild list.
- Duelist's Riposte attack damage is now only 50% of its normal value.
- Duelist's Fleur can now only trigger once on a specific enemy per round. (But can still be triggered multiple times if you critical hit different enemies.)
- Duelist's Elangreve damage bonus is now equal to twice your Momentum.
- Duelist's Eviter damage reduction from successful parries reduced to 50%.
- Black Knight's Stalemate damage reduction from successful parries reduced to 75%.
- Archer's Cripple Arm and Cripple Leg cooldown increased to 5 rounds.
- Demon Hunter's Snake Dancer now requires an evasion check, similar to the Evasion skill, to trigger.
- Arbalest's Reload Accel; Base FP cost changed to 50 FP (minus 10 per Rank.) Momentum cost no longer decreases with Rank.
- Bravery's Will subpath now reduces the effect of Fear by 16% * SR (48% at max Rank.)
- Upon praying, you will now be told your new God Loyalty value.
- Jeweled enchantment updated; now gives +2 FAI and +3 Light ATK.
- Sear's cinder effect level changed to 50% of Fire ATK, or 100% if Charge Mind was in effect.
- Magmic/etc weapon materials that used the old Cinder tile effect to create item icon blending have been changed to use the older version instead of the new one.
- Moved the repeat action penalty. In short, this will change the way things such as High Speed Divine Words spells interact with it, allowing it to take effect instead of treating the spell as 3M on the follow-up cast on the same turn.
- Praying's emote message now has a smaller distance reach.
- Small client edge_limit change for total control situations to prevent eyes getting stuck in walls. (It would be nice if BYOND fixed this, but anyway.)
- Skullcaver's Stun chance changed to UL/2%.
- Redid the way the title screen is displayed to fix some issues.
- Hanging is now classified as a movement skill.
- Elemental Impact effects will no longer overwrite ice tiles if they already exist on the map.
- Clarified a few effects of monster spells in their descriptions.
- New bans given out by admins now follow timestamps to allow more accurate ban durations.
- Traits that give class SP are no longer reset upon effects that would reset your traits, if your available SP is 0. (Meaning you have spent the one given by the skill.)
- Experimental: The skill bar (as in, the bar that shows up when someone uses a skill, at the top of the screen) in battle will only be shown to those who have vision of the location the user.
* Bug Reports
- Changed the way status infliction works. Before, it overwrote old statuses with new statuses. Now it will only do that if the level is greater, or if the level is equal and the duration is longer.
- Sub-Attack targeting was not using the correct size for its target pattern.
- War Cry's target area was off centered.
- Capacity's Recycle subpath was giving FP to the incorrect person(s).
- Mutated armors now show the proper armor type when examined while you have Concealment's Plain subpath affecting it.
- Offensive skills were not showing the Scaled WPN ATK ratio in the skill board.
- Terra Strike was not applying Magnetize even if Ki was consumed.
- Several issues involving religion have been corrected.
- Payback was being triggered by self-inflicted damage.
- Bravery's Will subpath was not reducing Fear's effect by the correct amount.
- Seize was double-printing captured monster messages.
- Class info pop-ups still showed a list of growths, which aren't a thing anymore.
- Religion was busted for people with no previous god prayed to.
- Cripple Arm now properly disables the ability to Guard if you have a shield in your hands slot (but can still do so if Guard is given by another source, such as Guard Order.)
- Quality changing items now show up in the craft tab instead of every inventory tab.
- Wound treating items now show up in the other tab instead of every inventory tab.
- Skip is now treated as an Until-Next-Turn status and should expire properly if used during Round 0 of a back-attack.
- One Punch KO wasn't applying its knockdown effect.
- Boss attack Rampage wasn't triggering Evasion.
- Spellthief's Tricky can no longer spawn you in invalidate battle tiles.
- Wild Ride was firing way too many bullets.
- Gorgons and Sliders no longer bounce away when they run you down.
- Heaven Kick should no longer drop you into dense tiles.
- Sub-Attack with mutated weapons weren't working properly if it changed the attack type.
- Sarashi Gi wasn't comparing mutated weapon types, only the original.
- Zeran's Superiority wasn't functioning under certain conditions.
- Staff of Forging was only applying to the user, even if a different target was selected, and it wasn't repairing any durability.
- Numbers on the character panel could appear with decimal values that caused some slight text overrun.
- Directional input prompts weren't letting you use WASD as they should have.
- Ice Skate was knocking enemies directly away from you, resulting in them interrupting your skate path.
- Palm Strike now properly ignores on-hit effects on targets it hits.
- Prevention Potion and Glykin Prayer statuses were decreasing status resistance instead of increasing it.
- Combatants not in a cardinal direction when a battle starts are now changed to one.
- Magaisendo wasn't doing anything when used by monsters.
- Corrected some typos.

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