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SL2 Version 1.64

Post by Neus » Tue Oct 18, 2016 5:06 am

This honestly took a bit too long, but here it is, 1.64. I wanted to do a Halloween-type of update and have had plans to do so in the past, but always ended up skipping them. But this year I said, no, I'm actually going to do it! Then more and more things got piled on top of it and it ended up taking a week longer than I anticipated, but... here it is?

The next update might take two weeks, but I would like for it to be an update that includes a new class, so do look forward to that.

Darkwood Manor - Added the Darkwood Manor.
  • Added 2 new quests; talk to Cartigan to get started.
  • Added new items, including five new 10* items.
  • Added new enemies and areas.
New Item & Recipe - Added a Wooden Katana which can be crafted.
Free Respec - Asha can now be talked to after you receive your Legend Journal to respec your character (as if they had used a Fruit of Fluidity) once per character.
New Preference - Danger Zone. Lets you turn Danger Zone on, on but with a slower activation time, or off entirely.
- Small change to the saving/loading screen; if you crash at the saving/loading screen in this version, please let me know!
- All Alchemy recipes for crafting furniture are now level 1, so you don't have to invest any crafting levels in it to create them.
- Magnetize will now only be overwritten by stronger level status effects of the same type.
- Rogue's Hand Trigger can now trigger bombs and mini-bombs as well as traps.
- Demon Hunter's Bellowing Stag damage is now increased by 100% of your Dark ATK.
- Ghost's Ether Invitation damage cap changed to 100*Rank (from 50*Rank).
- Engineer's Grenade Launcher cooldown increased to 1 round. Momentum cost reduced to 1.
- Magic Gunner's Thunder Drive can now trigger during the effects of Shell Trigger (which prevents multiple procs of Spark Drive in the same round) on critical hits where you already have Charge Shot.
- Priest's Holy Spark range reduced to 5 from 7.
- Youkai skills Ice Jet and Fire Jet no longer require a target to be used.
- Bomb damage changed from 8-16 Fire damage to 50-100 Fire damage.
- Arena battles no longer cause wounds or let spirits escape when defeated.
- Mysterious no longer blocks you from examining yourself.
- 10* items can now drop from monsters that are level 56 or higher, instead of level 61 or higher. (As a result, the chances of dropping for high level monsters are slightly larger.)
* Bug Reports
- Various enemies that shouldn't be able to be captured, such as arena combatants, can no longer be.
- The title screen was sticking around if you created a new character.
- Text styling wasn't being applied to the elemental attack display.
- Mastery for the Maintenance talent was capping at 80% instead of 90% as intended.
- Fishing contests will now defer higher placement when ties occur to the person in the tie who caught the fish sooner. (For example, if you catch a 50W fish first, and then someone else catches one a few minutes later, you will have a higher placement than them because you caught it first.)
- Elemental resistance in the character panel wasn't updating at the proper new totals and it was being calculated mistakenly after the changes to it last update (it was adding SAN-based resistances twice, among other things.)
- Elemental ATK in the battle info window was showing your elemental ATK instead of the examined unit.
- Summoning's Tutor subpath was giving too large of a bonus.
- Reihou was restore 1 HP if a White Spirit pushed its rank above 5; now it restores 300 HP at Rank "6".
- Eviter was not working if you had no sub weapon equipped.
- Fox God's Blessing was not applying its penalty correctly when your fortune level was at 1.
- Ice Skate was teleporting people into the void.
- Cooldown text in the skill description window was the wrong styling.
- Some of the new icon parts were updated to corrected versions.
- Overcharged traps had long delays when triggered.
- An issue with monsters and end turn infinitely repeating in certain cases has been corrected.
- Eviter will no longer trigger against spells cast by spelledge weapons.
- Snake Dancer was checking the wrong hit and evade values.
- Battle watchers weren't seeing the names of skills used in battle.
- Battle scars from Black Beast attacks were able to be cleaned up if you were close enough to them, despite the attack still going on.
- Riagri's rank text wasn't autogenerating, giving the impression that it had no scaling (it was using the normal spell scaling.)
- Wounds that modify stats were applying even when the game was trying to check the base value, resulting in oddities such as traits requiring a certain stat value to be removed erroneously.
- Holy enchant calculation has been moved to the same location as Hunted and similar effects are applied.
- Null Shell could pick the same status multiple times even though it had already been dispelled.
- The typing display was appearing under tables.
- Small adjustment to wound application to help prevent unintended wound levels.
- Personal Wardrobes could not be renamed at blacksmiths.
- Ice Armor can no longer target improper locations.
- The Stakeout quest was not working properly and could not be completed.
- Most line skills were actually 1 tile too long.
- Some item effects of equipped items for mercenaries.
- Food recovery was not applying to mercenaries.
- Copy spells were being removed when changing your subclass.
- Special Armament wasn't being taken into account after you change classes, letting you keep weapons you couldn't normally have equipped active.
- Updated some outdated tips and descriptions.

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