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SL2 Version 1.66

Postby Neus » Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:16 am

Caravans - Added a system for caravans, of which there is only one at the moment. Upon arriving at a location, any NPCs looking to sell goods will be in that town for a little while, until the caravan moves on.
New Religions - Added 4 new religions and the prayer tools to worship them at various shops.
New Quality Changer - Added the Chained Weight, a new Tool Creation recipe that adds acts as the opposite of Metal Shaver.
New Donation Item - Penultimate Bling.
New Tomes - Added 3 Water-based tomes as well as the recipes to craft them.
New Seeds - Added craftable seeds for Zelegrand Leaf, Yama Blind, and Wellwart.
New Lantern Bearer Skills - Added 3 new Lantern Bearer skills.
Gathering - Added alchemy plant nodes to Forest theme dungeons.
- Added a button to the chat bar that lets you toggle the typing notification.
- Added a shortcut to the Argentyle Caverns entrance, as well as a fairy ring near it.
- Geist Schritt triggering now plays the sound effect and does an animation.
- When saving an outfit to the Personal Wardrobe to an existing slot, you have the option to change the name of the outfit.
- Protect will now also redirect skills that function as basic attacks, such as Geldoren, including the status effects they apply. (This will only apply if you are a valid target for that skill; for example, if someone uses Ether Invitation, and you are not marked by Claret Call, Protect will not trigger.)
- Soldier's Mad Chop scaling increased to 80% + 10% per Rank (from 5%.)
- Boxer's Asura Fist changed to 1 SS on use (from 2), but it will give 1 SS if it hits an enemy.
- Magic Gunner's Blaze Shell changed to create Cinder tiles. Reduced to 2 Range from 4 Range.
- Berserk Shell now gives 0.5 Critical per 1% of missing HP (from 1 Critical).
* Bug Reports
- Swaying had some overlap with Rogue's Evasion skill causing it to have incorrect damage reduction values.
- Korkenzeiher and Asura Fist weren't receiving damage bonuses from Schwarz Sturm levels.
- Hour 24 wasn't occurring.
- Nachbeben wasn't working with a lot of skills it should have been.
- Asura Fist was going one tile too far.
- Focus's visual indication was a little off-center.
- Darkwood monsters were not spawning inside of castle dungeons.
- Some Darkwood monsters had icon errors when they became mini-bosses.
- Spells that have been stolen from a target via Spell Snatch/etc will no longer be 're-stolen' during the same battle.
- Marching Band's Play Song to Party command(s) wasn't passing along the custom flag.
- Tome on Tomes I/II/III didn't list a few recipes they gave.
- Grandupper was causing black-screens when the battle ended for players if the removed-from-battle effect was triggered.
- Grandupper was working incorrectly with bosses.
- Grandupper will no longer knock up enemies it defeats.
- Custom parts that granted damage resistance weren't applying.
- Darkwood monsters in random dungeons were scaling to the party leader instead of the dungeon's level.
- Orkam Drehen was using skill points from the wrong class when leveled up.
- Orkam Drehen and similar skills that used the pull effect would sometimes not pull nearby enemies into melee range when applied.
- Corrected a few non-dense tiles in the Goblin Cave and Oniga maps.
- Corrected an issue with traits and legend extends at certain stat values causing it to be removed on login.

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