SL2 Version 1.67

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SL2 Version 1.67

Post by Neus » Mon Nov 21, 2016 10:23 am

Trait Icons - Courtesy of Makeshift Walrus, added some new trait icons for the History traits and Skip.
New Caravan - Added a new caravan with two NPCs who sell furniture (along with a small number of new items).
- Status icons can now be clicked outside of battle, and the option to dismiss them has been added. (Only positive status effects with a non-infinite duration can be dismissed.)
- You can now double click on your race, main class, or sub class icon on the character panel to receive information about its bases and/or skills.
- Caravans can now go to Tannis along their route.
- Penultimate Bling's color can now be customized via a few preset colors.
- Your Scaled ATK value with a weapon is now disabled in the item information window beneath the scaling totals.
- Dragon Remains armor effect changed to: +3 Armor, +3 Magic Armor, +8 Weight
- Guard Break now prevents Parry skills from triggering.
- Chaotic Key now requires the turf you spawn it at be in the wilderness (outside of town regions and pathways). It also uses the new custom input interface now.
- Made wilderness checks cache the results instead of looking up every time. (Small performance increase; shouldn't affect anything.)
- Magic Gunner's One Overcharge will now apply to any weapon mutated into a gun.
- Various classes' Elemental Impact Cinder LVs have been adjusted.
* Bug Reports
- Fruits couldn't be removed from storage. (They still can't be put in them, but a few old instances that had them in there behaved this way.)
- Going up the stairs in Darkwood Dungeon wouldn't cause you to exit the map if you didn't use a diagonal direction.
- Yellow fortunes for Redtails were showing up as green.

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