SL2 Version 1.68

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SL2 Version 1.68

Post by Neus » Tue Nov 29, 2016 8:28 pm

Engineer Update - Engineer has received an overhaul of skills and received several new ones.
- Nachbeben now behaves differently when triggered by Orkam Drehen and Felsmanege. Instead of triggering on all enemies damaged, it will be triggered on the enemy that took the most damage.
- Install will no longer replace your SAN or APT.
- Stillness, Darkness now gives 1% Darkness resistance per 6 Essence. Light weakness unchanged.
- Wild Grass's duration increase changed to +1 round per 16 Scaled SAN (from 8). Now has a 3 round cooldown.
- Boxer's Geist Schritt skills FP cost changed to 20 (minus 2 per rank) from 10 (minus 2 per rank).
- Boxer's Regenschauer FP cost changed to 15 (plus 1 per rank) from 20 (plus 2 per rank). Now modifies Schwarz Sturm by 2 (from 1).
- Legend extended characters can now trade even if they're under level 10.
- Quest stamps that grant elemental resistance now only grant 1% (instead of 5%.)
* Bug Reports
- Fortune Wind would hit and knockback enemies multiple times.
- Varon had the wrong Retaliate skill in his level list.
- Cleanse Body can no longer remove status effects that are made uncurable due to hexes.
- Fixed a few typos.

- Lance de Lion can no longer be avoided by Cobra Stance's Snake Dancer.
- You can no longer damage enemies who are at 0 HP.
- Crystal Rose (Talvyd) now knocks enemies away from the center of the skill.
- Quaking Roundtrip can now only pull a Player Character 5 tiles in one direction per use.
- Thunder Hooves now gains 1 charge when you inflict Lightning damage (Instead of half the amount dealt.)
- Ghosthand will now ignore status effects that activate on hit.
* Bug Reports
- The character display panel was sometimes showing the incorrect value for elemental defense.
- Electro Shield was applying to ranged weapon attacks.
- Overclock's status overlay was remaining when the status expired.
- Overclock has a duration that was not permanent.
- Overclock was not doing any HP damage to robots.
- Fixed an issue where you could go over the maximum of 12 mercenaries via converting prisoners and ritual scrolls.

- Custom alerts and inputs triggered from the inventory will now properly hide the window until complete.
- Invite Insanity's and Aposemagika's costs are now reduced by the Blessing of Bai Kai.
- Verglas' Insulate now heals and provides immunity to Frostbite.
- Verglas' Icicle Spear can now inflict Frostbite.
- Kensei's Hidden Cut now scales off of Scaled Weapon ATK instead of Scaled STR.
- Bandit Leaders have stolen a shipment of hats to make them more identifiable.
- Made optimization adjustments for certain house related procedures, which were severely outdated and very inefficient.
-- The game will no longer redundantly compile and save the layout of the house if it hasn't changed.
-- The game will no longer redundantly compile and save the furniture of the house if they haven't been changed or interacted with in a way that would require doing so.
-- The game will no longer setup borders redundantly and will simply skip changing border turfs instead of overwritting them afterwards.
-- The game will now cache the location of border turfs for faster lookups/changing.
-- The game will cache the current house the player is in instead of reacquiring it every time it needs to be checked.
-- The game will no longer save border tiles (which it shouldn't have done in the first place, since it wasn't necessary at all, as the wall type was already saved.)
-- Locations like the entrance, exit, etc. are cached for faster lookups.
- Re-enabled automatic house backups.
* Bug Reports
- The Holy enchant was not functioning properly.
- Snake Shot was functioning incorrectly with Ambidexterity.
- Status icons were not showing up after loading your character or leaving a party.