SL2 Version 1.69

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SL2 Version 1.69

Post by Neus » Tue Dec 06, 2016 11:45 am

Archery Minigame - You can now interact with archery targets to play an archery minigame.
New DISCer - Added the Darkwood DISCer to Matsuri's CD shop. (I added the Fashionable CD too, which I don't know if it was available before now but there it is?)
New Furniture - Added about 20 new furniture items to various merchants, as well as a new caravan merchant to the Fashionable Man's caravan group.
- Rotatable furniture can now be turned clockwise or counter-clockwise.
- Custom parts that modify weight have been moved to the beginning of the weight calculation, affecting things like percentage increases.
- Boxing Gloves and Wrenches can now be bought in the arena.
- Gigantys now drops with Dragon Remains as its default material.
- Ghost's Dark Imbue now deals magic damage.
- The Guile flanking bonus was applying in odd circumstances when you weren't actually flanking them.
* Bug Reports
- The wrong sound effect was being used for Winged Serpent.
- Disarm wasn't applying its full bonus to disarm trap chances.
- Digging and farming is now possible in the Abandoned Village.

Material Change Kits - Added Alchemy recipes for material changing kits. Requires a new crafting material called Magic Mud, which can drop from minibosses and aspected enemies (more common from minibosses).
- Hireable mercenaries now have the Tactician trait by default.
- Editor permissions now also let you rotate furniture in houses.
* Bug Reports
- The duration for Electro Shield was incorrect.
- Chaotic Key's interface had a few errors.
- Item properties weren't always working for hired mercenaries.
- Squall somehow managed to sneak his way into item description windows.
- NPCs were not receiving the size bonus for Nerhaven charged Sears.
- Trap Dismantler wasn't applying to disarms of chest traps.

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