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SL2 Version 1.72

Postby Neus » Thu Dec 29, 2016 1:17 am

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Reputation System - Added a new system for reputations with various locations. Currently this has a few effects, most noticeably that you may pay slightly more or less at inns, blacksmiths, and shops depending on your reputation, but may also prevent you from using certain services if your reputation is too low. This system will be expanded in the future.
- Tannis now has a town marshall.
- Hexer's Wretched Oil Earth and Darkness scaling reduced to 20% + 5% per Rank (from 50% + 5% per Rank).
- Ghost's Ghostwind spell FP cost changed to 20 + 1 per Rank (from 12 + 2 per Rank). Swords and axes are now valid casting tools for this spell.
- Demon Hunter's Matador skills now deal magic damage (otherwise unchanged).
- Wound infliction notifications are now in a slightly red text to help them standout.
- Optimizations to skill selection and action list generation/lookup. (Let me know if you experience any issues with battling, skill selection, your skill lists or missing skills, etc.)
- Self-Service in the Maintenance talent now applies fully to the main hand weapon if the sub-weapon has no durability damage.
- Randomly generated battlefields are now slightly smaller to help facilitate faster battles.
* Bug Reports
- Landmarker sub-talent was not applying for the full duration.
- Activating skills from the battle bar was inconsistent with skills like Copy spells and should be have uniformly now.
- Flame Jetwing was behaving incorrectly when used by Jhunn itself.
- Mayelia was proccing way too many times when removed from battle.

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