SL2 Version 1.47(a~d)

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SL2 Version 1.47(a~d)

Post by Neus » Wed Feb 01, 2017 5:45 am

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Monk Rework - Monk has received a rework to many of its class skills and gotten several new skills.
- Naga have a new footstep sound effect and no longer leave footsteps in the sand/snow.
- Jammers have a new footstep sound effect.
- Food regen now applies when the hour changes, when it decreases the duration, while outside of battle.
- Battle rings now appear greyed out if the unit is KO'd.
- Dense Thunder's new interaction will now turn you to face the target after teleporting.
- Shaitans are now immune to getting splinters.
- Boxer's Orkam Drehen now requires at least 2 Schwarz Sturm to use, and reduces it by 2 (instead of increasing it).
- Curate's Holy Arrow can now use Bows as casting tools.
- Hexer's Earthbound Vengeance damage increased to 10*Rank (from 5*Rank).
- Hexer's skills, Noskha's Famine, Crippling Muysig, Frailty of Credwa: +1 Duration per Rank.
- Hexer's skills, Plisfa's Masochism, Fellel's Fumble: FP cost now 30 (from 10), 3 round cooldown imposed.
- Hexer's Black Bubble now creates its Dark Water tiles after dealing damage and the Silence check.
- Hexer's Enma's Summons effect changed to deal Dark magic damage to all enemies.
- Lantern Bearer's Fenrir now inflicts Celsius instead of its own unique movement slowing status.
- Made some changes to the movement drawing procedure to reduce its impact on server performance.
- Changed the name of the Abandoned Village to Voilgard to match IC events.
- Leather Material Kits did not exist, and have been added.
- 10* torso items no longer function with Mutation.
- Dispell effects like Null Shell can no longer remove prayer statuses and food bonuses.
- The elemental gi effects (Frosttouch, etc.) now last for 2 rounds.
- Firefall's Cinder LV is now equal to 10 + 10% of Fire ATK.
- Backflip and Winged Serpent now qualify as movement skills.
- Will now grants 1 of all elemental ATKs per 4 points.
- Mythslayer's scaling changed from 15% STR and 85% DEF -> 55% STR and 45% DEF.
- Ensui's scaling changed from 50% STR and 50% VIT -> 75% STR and 25% VIT.
- Riversword's scaling changed from 50% STR and 50% VIT -> 70% STR and 30% VIT.
- Hymn, Well, Blacksand tomes scaling changed from 60% WIL and 60% RES/VIT/DEF respectively -> 80% WIL and 40% RES/VIT/DEF respectively.
- Hymnta, Wellweg, Blackmount tomes scaling changed from 50% WIL and 60% RES/VIT/DEF respectively -> 60% WIL, 10% GUI, and 40% RES/VIT/DEF respectively.
- Lockpicking and trap disarm success EXP rewards increased from 5 * trap/lock level to 15 * trap/lock level.
- Kadouha's scaling changed from 80+5% per Rank Light ATK and 50+10% per Rank Scaled Weapon Attack, to 100+5% Light ATK and 60+10% per Rank Scaled Weapon Attack.
* Bug Reports
- Law's End reputation was not being displayed properly on the reputation panel.
- Newly created player maps that were not modified at least once before being unloaded would cause the floor tiles inside of it to disappear.
- Status effects that stack could be overwritten by lower leveled versions.
- Electro Shield wasn't using the proper display name for the user when activated.
- Terra Strike was not removing special effect tiles. Clarified its wording.
- Arena NPCs would never shut off Ki Awoken.
- Sky Chariot would cause icon displacement errors.
- Setting Sun was having difficulties in size when used by NPCs.
- Serpent Strikes was using the incorrect damage type for its Acid effect.
- Dense Thunder was not using the strict version of knockback (that only lets it move in a specific direction.)
- Golden Glow was not applying when using Power Up.
- Dense Thunder was not knocking back and was applying its Sound damage to the wrong targets.
- Aid could not target yourself.
- Infected wounds were never inflicting fevers.
- Lunar Lunatism inflicted Charm had too high of a status LV.
- Silence immunity wasn't protecting from the Dancing Lantern's Strangle silence.
- Examining monsters and youkai could show the incorrect description.
- White spirits now give bonus scaling to Buster Cannon at max rank.
- Bloodhunt was giving too much Hit.
- Horned Black Beasts weren't counting for 'defeat black beasts' quests.
- Errant pop-ups for chests were still occurring for gold bar chests.
- Those with farming permissions couldn't dig holes in houses.
- Flanking bonus was not being halved if no allies were in range as intended.
- Fixed some typos.
- Negotiate wasn't displaying the name of the targeted enemy in its battle output.
- Schwarz Sturm could increase even with 0 ranks in the skill.
- Black Beast defeated animation was playing even if you had the 'skip defeat animations' turned on.
- Movement arrows were sometimes being left behind.
- Naga sound effects for footsteps were not playing.
- Bamboo Bo and Bands of the Chimera had improper material types.
- Battle rings weren't moving when using Aliagmato.
- Several item effects were applying HP/FP regen as separate entries instead of as a lump sum at the start of a round.
- Golden Glow did not have its aura effect active.
- Trades could not be initiated if the target was under level 10, even if they had Legend Extended before.
- Hunted LV increased by special effects such as Prayer status effects were not re-applying the status.
- Setting Sun could be blocked by Sanctuary.
- Fighting Pace wasn't working if the user was a Dullahan.
- Rituals were being consumed even if you selected cancel when selecting a spirit.
- Material kits crafting was all messed up.
- Failsafe wasn't working for random chests armed with traps.
- Kadouha's damaged was not being increased by the ki consumed.

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