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SL2 Version 1.75

Postby Neus » Mon Feb 20, 2017 5:07 pm

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

Pixel Movement - The pixel movement system has been implemented on live for some serious testing. Please see this topic for all the details.
- Random dungeon chests are now separated into categories.
-- Wooden chests have crafting materials or various items, but are rarely locked and/or trapped.
-- Crown chests (with the crown mark on the lid) can be gold bar chests, or equip only chests. They are locked and/or trapped around 50% of the time.
-- Runed chests (with the triangular lids) are 'rare' chests, and have a crafting material, equipment, and various items inside of them. They are always locked and usually trapped.
-- Red chests are very rare chests, and can only spawn in level 60 or higher dungeons. They contain rare crafting materials, rare potions, and an equipment item of rarity 8 to 10.
- Newyen Seeds can now be crafted.
- Automated Shopkeeper's greetings can now be customized.
- Mirror Knight can be fought at the Statue of Memories if you've completed his boss fight.
- Archer's Fortune Wind changed to: 24 FP (-1 per Rank), Evade bonus is equal to 5 + 50% of Scaled LUC, secondary effect range changed to 4, secondary effect damage changed to (status LV * 3) + Wind ATK.
- Magic Gunner's Lucky Shell's Lucky Fortune effect (that avoids damage) will now halve the level of Lucky Shell after triggering.
- Ghost's Rebound now heals for 150% of Scaled RES per enemy (from 100%).
- Monk's Setting Sun changed to; creates a sun at the location for up to 3 rounds. When the skill is used again or the duration expires, it sets, dealing its effects.
- Wind Slasher now lists its Talvyd enchant bonus.
- Haunted Soul enchantment now reduces your status resist by 25% when equipped.
- Armor of Nails now deals damage equal to 25% of your level, or 5, whichever is higher.
- Campfire lighting has been adjusted a bit to look more natural.
- Using a special arrows skill while already having the same arrows active now refreshes the status instead of clearing it.
- Air Shafts, when created, will now knock anyone on that spot airborne.
- Rebelling enchantment changed from +2 Power for every 1 Rarity below 9* and -5 Accuracy to; +1.5 Power and -3 Accuracy per 1 Rarity below 9*.
- Sanguine Crest's STR bonus to battle weight now applies outside of battle (to prevent metagaming).
- Spine Leash's Ice ATK bonus has been changed to a non-stacking effect. (Meaning, it won't stack with other Spine Leashes you have equipped.)
- Release All on the spirit management screen now has a second confirmation window to make sure you want to do that.
- Skip now has a 2 round cooldown.
- You can now swap skills in the class board by dragging/dropping them.
- Prayer Tools now display what prayer status it gives, and what the status does.
- During back attacks, the status phase will take effect.
- ci-close-new will close new interfaces and the new quest log, provided it can. (No real change except for heavy macro users.)
- Some enemies are now treated as having a specific armor type (all others default to Unarmored as usual);
-- Heavy Armor; Snakeman Knight, Forgery, Spectre Knight, Soldier Kraboid, Mirror Knight, Gold Beetle, Headless Knight, Animated Sword, Critter, Spatial Ravager, Delver
-- Light Armor; Snakeman Sniper, Goblin Spear, all Bandits, Spatial Terror, Sand Kraboid
* Bug Reports
- Lunar Lunatism's Charm LV was being inflicted at a higher level than intended.
- Raging Flame was not covering all of the tiles it should be when applying its effect.
- There are no longer two Fluffles running around.
- Camera Flash no longer blinds you instead of the enemy. (I also changed the flash effect to the new, more efficient version.)
- Hellspike and Glowing were sticking around between battles when used by monsters.
- Wretched Oil can no longer hit enemies who are removed from the battle temporarily.
- Ignis now properly gives the 3% per Rank bonus to Burn infliction that it should (it was only giving 1%).
- Layouts were not being saved when door status was changed in houses.
- Races weren't being validated after changing from one race to another via Legend Extend.
- Ice Sheets had a layer higher than normal.
- Spatial Ravager no longer leaves his battle ring behind after completing Ravage Rampage.
- Moonlight Mercy's headshot effect should only play once, as intended.
- Steel Blood says it targetted enemies only, which wasn't true.
- Final Flare was breaking daggers/etc. if it wasn't used before a battle ended.
- Improvised Weapon could be used even if you already had an Improvised Weapon.
- Yenten cards were not appearing in most cases. Status icons are no longer shown while playing.
- The battle bar optimization caused incorrect look-ups on skills cached, resulting in Attack and Subattack using the wrong pattern/etc.
- Skills with HP costs were mistakenly showing up as FP on the battle bar.
- Imperialist race icon in the character panel was incorrect.
- Geist Schritt now expires when you are defeated, as intended.
- Treated wounds could still become infected.

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