SL2 Version 1.77 (a~d)

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SL2 Version 1.77 (a~d)

Post by Neus » Mon Apr 03, 2017 7:49 am

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Black Beast Raid - Added a new event that occurs if a Black Beast attack is finished with at least 60 packs defeated. This event contains high level enemies and a new unique reward; Chimeric Eyes. This raid event may be expanded in the future, and more raid events will be added over time.
Weapon Potentials - Added a new system. Weapon potentials are unique skills that weapon items can have; if it has one, it will be shown in the item description. To unlock this skill, you must first fill up its EXP gauge. Once it is full, you can take it to any Blacksmith for unlocking. To do so, you require a number of Chimeric Eyes equal to its Rarity. The potential skill will then be considered as active in your skill pool if the weapon is equipped in your main hand. Currently, 13 weapons have potentials. More will be added over the next few updates.
- Deadly Smile scaling changed to 50% STR and 50% WIL.
- Priest's Divine Judgment range increased to 8 (from 6).
- Martial Artist's Weathered Body restriction of armor + magic armor now only applies to the base armor and magic armor (so upgrades, etc. no longer count.)
- Martial Artist's Phoenix Talon now does magic damage.
- Boxer's Schwarz Sturm bonus damage per level reduced to 5% per level (from 10%).
- Boxer's Korkenzieher minimum range increased to 2 (from 1). (1.77d)
- Hyattr's Fire Breath now deals additional damage equal to 100% of Fire ATK if you have Destruction Energy active.
- Arbalest's Buster Cannon now reduces Phys. Def to 0% (instead of DEF to 0).
- Verglas's Ice Point Greaves now do magic damage.
- Battles that do not inflict wounds (IE spars) are now designated by battle indicators showing two wooden swords.
- Character Destiny for classes now acts as an unlock condition for all promoted classes of that base class. (Meaning, at class level 20, you'll unlock all promoted classes for it without needing to do anything else.)
- Raijin stat scaling changed to 30% STR, 30% SKI, 40% LUC (from 60% SKI, 40% LUC)
- If your player debug is turned on, you can now fight a prinny at the Statue of Memories. (This option added to make it easier to test certain things, at request.)
- Black Beast's defeat animation sped up.
* Bug Reports
- Aerial Razor's Defense reduction LV was incorrect.
- Eviter can no longer be used with bare fists.
- Weapons could fall below 1 durability minimum.
- Non-category religions weren't resetting upon praying to a new god.
- Cinder LVs were not being boosted by Hyattr's blessing.
- Hikari's quests could be unlocked in parties without completing the previous quests.
- Caravan speed was messed up.
- Danger zone displays were only showing one tile.
- Ankle Bite, the Sliding Zombie monster weapon, was dealing Blunt damage instead of Pierce damage.
- Quickness was a little too quick, giving more Move than intended.
- Negotiate wasn't checking to make sure the status effects it removed were negative, only if they were caused by an enemy.
- Ice Point Guard's changes didn't stick.
- Horned Black Beasts weren't counting for defeat black beast requests on lnet.
- Rare red treasure chests were a bit too easy to unlock and detrap.
- Staff of Forging wasn't showing the name of the target in chat.
- Max HP was being determined by your base SAN rather than your scaled SAN.
- Withdrawing items from banks could cause issues with item use/etc.
- Fox and Bird Coin's prayer description was blank.

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