SL2 Version 1.78(a~c)

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SL2 Version 1.78(a~c)

Postby Neus » Wed May 17, 2017 2:32 am

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
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New Weapon Potentials - Added weapon potentials for the following weapons:
  • Hisen
  • Rexys
  • Forgrint
  • Grandovyn
  • Monk-Priest's Staff
  • Tamaki Shuriken
  • Touyaa Shuriken
  • Bakaga Shuriken
- Verglas' Ice Point Greaves ice magic damage on kick changed to 5 per Rank (from 2 per Rank).
- Effects that remove from battle, such as Grandupper, will now knock away anyone standing on the tile upon returning to battle.
- Improvised Weapon and Weapon Change can no longer be removed by dispell effects (such as Null Shell).
- Graality's on-hit effect property updated to reflect what the status actually does.
- Nighthunt's on-hit effect changed to -20% SKI for 2 rounds (from -10 Hit).
- Huge Blade has gained an additional effect; +5 Power.
- Pink's starting chest now gives 10 Rusty Pickaxes (non-tradeable).
* Bug Reports
- Golden Eyes was still providing unconditional immunity to Blind.
- Overworld scaling wasn't being updated when dropping into a battle on the overworld map.
- Waraji item description wasn't updated.
- You could walk off into the abyss at a certain point in the dinosaur graveyard.
- Shine Knights had an aura that hit everyone on the battlefield.
- Asago's Race Boards could not be used to view races.
- Heron Feather wasn't working against certain special silence status effects.
- Lucky Shell's status level was not being halved upon triggering Lucky Fortune.
- Arcane minibosses were not dealing magic damage with their attacks.
- Winged Serpent range was 1 tile too short.
- Kouenjin's weapon potential skill, Crimson Lotus, was not functioning.
- Lead Storm wasn't respecting Ambidexterity settings.
- Protective Paper Charms were not dropping.
- Weapon shifting tomes were counting as projectile attacks even when changed to a non-Tome form.

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