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SL2 Version 1.08

Post by Neus » Tue Dec 30, 2014 8:05 pm

1.08 was the update I worked on over the holidays, and it marks the first update that step away from being 'combat focused' and more into the realm of RP and such. Not that all RP-focused updates need to completely exclude 'combat', since combat can be a part of RP, but some of my bigger ideas regarding that are still in the works and thus under wraps, but I figured I'd let you know that I am working on it.

In the mean time, let's enjoy some updates to the world and mood, starting with Cellsvich. There's also dicebags and coin flips, which were much requested. And lore blurbs, which is a suggestion that was also made that I liked; a lot of the lore it spits out hasn't been mentioned anywhere else before, so I suggest leaving it on for now. You might learn something new. The adjustments I've made to NPC dialogue are going to be a trend in the next few updates, most likely. NPCs react to your race, which in theory, should help with immersion and 'RP' by setting the mood better. You can even simplify the lost cat quest... if your character's willing to meow.

Anyway, like I said; bigger things in the background. Let me know what you think about the update on the forums (or in game, if I see you). Adieu.

Added - 2 new medals for Hexer have been added. If you've already fulfilled the conditions to unlock them, talk to Medaru Jiisan in Oniga.
Added - 2 new buttons have been added to the interface above the chat bar; the Coin Flip button and the Dice button. The coin flip button will flip a coin that everyone nearby can see, and the dice bag similarly rolls a number of dice with a number of sides.
Added - The game will now spit out lore every so often, just like it does Tips. Like tips, this feature can be turned off in the preferences menu.
Adjusted - Made adjustments to NPC dialogue. (see above)
  • Air now has responses to her interview for Glykin, Wyverntouched, Hyattr, Redtails, Doriads, Zerans, Liches, Elves, and Oracles.
  • Zeo's greeting is now different if you're a Lich.
  • Michelle's greeting is now (slightly) different if you're a Lich.
  • Maria's greeting is now slightly different if you're a Lupine or Felidae.
  • Maria's greeting is now different if you're a Lich.
  • Crying Little Girl's pre-quest greeting is now slightly different if you're a Lich.
  • Erin's greeting is now different if you're a Lich, and you can talk to her about being a Lich if you are a Lich.
Adjusted - You can now emote meowing. If Fluffles is in an earshot, they'll stop moving briefly.
* Bug Fixes
- Fixed a bug where Doriad's Forest Family was applying to Light damage instead of Earth damage.
- Fixed a bug where newly claimed houses weren't saving their entrance locations.
- Fixed a bug where Hexer curses were not transfering with the correct status LV.
- Fixed a bug where Raging Flame wasn't being treated as magic damage (although it is still unresistable.)
- Fixed a bug where Spirit Pain could cause you to trigger Riposte on yourself.

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