SL2 Version 1.80 (a~c)

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SL2 Version 1.80 (a~c)

Post by Neus » Mon Jun 19, 2017 6:39 pm

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New Race - A new Ancients race, the Reaper, has been added.
Soul Mass - Sometimes spirits now spawn as a mass of souls that have several unique properties and give more EXP compared to their normal versions.
- Added a button to the character stat screen that toggles between showing the distributed value and the scaled value.
- Grand Summoner's Youkai Tamer now changed from 2 Power per Rank to 5 Power per Rank.
- Ghost's Wraithguard cooldown set to 5 rounds.
- Bullet Barrier and Blade Barrier are now Deflection Skills. Only one can apply at a time; if you have both equipped, it will first check Bullet Barrier and try to use that before Blade Barrier.
- Elemental Augment and Elemental Overtime will now apply if either the causer of the elemental status or the person receiving it has the skill; the bonus damage is based on the highest skill level of the two.
- Stylish battles now have a damage reduction of 25% instead of 50%.
- PvP Spars now come with the Leave Battle skill that custom arenas have.
- Increased the life span of fully grown crops by a lot. (2 real time hours -> 20 real time hours)
- Knocking on doors now plays a sound effect (and has a 1 second cooldown to prevent spamming).
- When mousing over a player character, if the player has been idle for 5 or more minutes, it will say they are Idle.
- Changed Jammer Alpha icon to be more obvious which direction it's facing.
* Bug Reports
- Spectre Knight now is properly tagged as having a head.
- Darkwood Manor had no density on the right side of its exterior.
- Some windows could get stuck if you were disconnected/reconnected without closing them.
- Enchantment talent's Whimsy subtalent was giving the incorrect bonus to Status Inflicton.
- Grandovyn's Swordsmith Rain potential skill now functions properly.
- Cinder tiles created by Flame Jetwing and Fire Jet are now treated as being made by the youkai's master regardless of if the youkai is using it or not.
- Fully grown alchemy plants were invisible.
- Made adjustments to the new item belt that allowed you to put the same Staff in multiple slots. (Wasn't really a big deal but it wasn't intended and did give bonuses with a certain skill, so.)
- Slithering Earth's Poison Pools were always level 5 instead of caster's level / 2 or 5, whichever was higher.
- Lunar Lunatism's charm level was Scaled SAN instead of half of that.
- Kilkenny's Cat Claw was reducing FP by its level instead of half of that.
- Reaper's Affinity was checking SAN/8 instead of the correct value of SAN/7.
- Shael has been moved to his proper starting position so he can actually run around the area he's in now.
- Damage instances were showing type paths instead of object instances in some cases.

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