SL2 Version 1.81

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SL2 Version 1.81

Postby Neus » Mon Jun 26, 2017 9:43 am

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!

New Item Materials - Added several new item materials of the Remains type.
New Material Kit Recipes - Added several new material kits to be crafted.
New Tool Creation Recipe (Bonesaw) - Added a new tool that is used with a new system.
New Cooking Subpath (Butcher) - Added a new subpath that is used with a new system.
Enemy Corpses - Enemies will spawn a corpse when defeated. You can use Bonesaws to collect remains from these corpses. (There will also be some thematic items added for each monster in a hotfix/next update.)
- Curate's Holy Arrow is now a 4-8 Range line that can be resized.
* Bug Reports
- Alchemy plants had an invisible stage in their growth.
- Tarnell's Power would not show up in item descriptions in some cases.
- Stylish mode's damage reduction modifier was incorrect.
- Fast Offense was applying its bonus momentum for Bonded Youkai to non-Bonded Youkai in some cases.
- Dinosaur Graveyard had a few mapping errors on the bottom level.
- Leporidae ear positioning when facing south has been adjusted a little.

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